Is a miata a girls car?

Is a miata a girls car?

From 1990 to 2006, it was.

It's a manlet's car, can't drive one if you are over six feet

>it was

What happend?

they're quite common here in shitcago, whenever i see a midget drive one i just lmao at his life bruh

t. nigga with a 2010 altima

I can count the number of girl Miata drivers I've seen in real life on one hand.

it stopped being a girls car

>t. Butthurt miata manlet

>it stopped being a girls car

How did it do that?

fucked a milf once who owns one.
But then again, i own one as well.

Nah m8. I'm 2-wheel master race.

>Are traps gay?

Angry headlights

The stigma died around 2006 for the older generations, then the 2015 model came out and completely killed any negative stigma the Miata might have had left.

>t. nigga with a 2010 altima

kill you'reself

Yes they are

Not exclusively, OP.

The Miata is for people who like cock.

Because at around 2006 racerboi poorfags who were 16 could finally afford them, and it took the role as the $3,000 craigslist race car.

>not changing the engine to something angrier like a 3.5L Nissan V6

>largest engine change recorded is a 6.2L LS

>missing this opportunity to have a sneaky sleeper

No, the mustang is

Are you a milf?

Nope its a god damned queers car

I think the Mustang is a girl's car.

I just watched the first season of Initial D and am whimsically considering learning to drive manual, taking aggressive driving lessons and getting a car to race at a local track. I was actually thinking a Miata would be good because of it's low curb weight and good handling. Please tell me I'm retarded for considering this.
[spoiler]I'm new to this, I don't know much about cars I just want to stop living like a NEET with a job and go outside[/spoiler]

no it's for fags

t. miata owner

better than riding the bus

In this day an age with caitlin jenner & national geographic putting a trap on the cover of its magazine.
I hear the even have a transgendered man whos pregnant with a transgenderd woman!?!?
So yeah in this day and age who is really to say the miata is no longer a car that is driven strictly by woman & manlets only & more a car driven by traps and bearded men with ovaries.


I literally only see old men driving FCs and young guys driving NA and NBs

Is a 2003 Xterra a woman's car?
I drive one and don't see why women would like it cuase the interior is boring and rides and drives like a truck

Now that you mention it, user an xterra is a womans car for some reason i do not understand. But the facts dont lie, it is a femmy dyke mobile.
Good Job i geuss

fuck all of you guys, the miata was the best starter car in Gran Turismo 3, and this car with a body kit and /dapper/ stance makes it look savage.

>best starter car in gran turismo 3
Fails to acknowledge the superior ae86