>Be Burger
>Muh best bank for the buck vette
>Muh flat plane crank V8
>Both (((Sports cars))) weight atleast 1600kg.

The true king of the sports car is back lads.

>1200kg kerb weight
>400hp per tonne
>5 litre Coyoto V8 breathed on by Cosworth
>Designed by Gordon Murray
>Starting at £65,000

8-10 of September, remember the date.

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No more Speed Six and Speed Eight engines?

Hope they're fuckin mad cunt widowmakers with impossible to find door handles and insane ergonomics.

this, if they make TVR tamed for mere mortals they're a dead brand.

Oh yes, I am diamonds already.

Remake the Speed12 but with more power you sick cunts

>coyote tuned by Cosworth

Now I'm excited, still 65k pounds is a fuck ton in American. Think about 80k give or take

Lol he thinks 80k is a lot. Poorfags are hilarious

will burgers (like myself) be able to buy them?

>5 litre Coyoto V8 breathed on by Cosworth
I would have loved a sports-car like this from Ford as a sort of GT86/BRZ collaboration to give Ford a competitor to the Corvette over that lame carbon fiber tub V6 edition shit selling itself off a dead legend.

Guess it took the brits to give us a Ford powered V8 sports car since Ford would never do it. i hope this is sold in the states. if not then fuck me!

>same price as a Quadrifoglio

fuuuuuuuuuuuuck that would be such a hard choice

Don't worry lads it's TVR we're talking about here

>A six-speed manual gearbox, sidepipes and minimal driving aids, all with an off button

>480hp in a 2645 lb. two-seater

Can't wait, there's 400 preorders already.

Yes, how do you want to breakdown today?

Electric for alfa
Mechanic for tvr

Ford should really make a Miata competitor. Just slap some 1.6 Ecobosst out of a Focus in a small and light rwd car. I guess they don't want to fuck over their old partner

Don't remind me of that car

>TVR make car for utter lunatics, rumoured to have 1000bhp in 1997
>FIA wanted the power dialled back so settled at around 800bhp
>literally broke the dyno so had to test each bank of it's 7.7l V12 individually and add the numbers up
>weighed just over 1000kg
>0.60 in 2.9 seconds, 240mph top speed
>eight years before Bugatti would start work on their meme-machine
>dat power to weight
>dat performance
>on the cusp of making the italians look like little bitches
>on the brink of making the americans and their Viper look like a go kart.
>Peter Wheeler takes it for a test drive, cries at how manly it is and vetos it from being put into production as a road car
>Britains chance of BTFOing every country on earth at cars is lost forever

No wonder we're a laughing stock.

Even in GT-2 it was fucking madmax

Tbf to them killing your entire customer base usually isn't good for business

People have been putting themselves in wheelchairs via their litre bikes for years yet Yamaha/Honda/Kawasaki etc are still going. Besides, the Speed 12 was going to be at least £100k so it's not like it was going to be driven by some 18 year old whos just passed their test.

Peter Wheeler wasnt even a race driver, he was a chemical engineer who lucked out and bought TVR after owning one. Going back to the bike analogy, can you imagine if the R1/ZX10R etc was going to be released to the general public, who have already put deposits down ensuring your shekels but was pulled at the last second because Andrew Cucksberg from finance wobbled around the car park on it and said it was "too dangerous"?

Why is that? The Viper, particularly early models, were notorious for being telephone-pole-seeking-missles.

And look how good the 2018 model looks.

>The Viper, particularly early models, were notorious for being telephone-pole-seeking-missles.
That was great for business actually. The Viper still has a reputation for being a man's car, one that can kill you at any second. The Corvette doesn't get anywhere near close to that rep.

Meanwhile, a Z06 is pretty sketchy at the limit, while the Viper has been tamed with a great suspension package and more rubber on one wheel than a Euro cuckbox has on all four.

Imagine a Viper with twice the power and three-quarters the weight

To be fair, if THE BOSS OF TVR tells you the car is too insane to be put into production, you know you've made something beyond the limits of this world.

If the boss is question is a pussy who just bankrolled his way into the position? Nah, dgaf and continue development.
Peter Wheeler was a fucking madman though.

It's been made m8. Hennessey gt


All the American companies should make a small sports car. That style seems to be more popular these days.

Can you imagine a new generation of small RWD sports cars in America? Alongside the big highway monsters? It would allow Rustangs and Bromaros to actually return to being cheap RWD straightline power.

>The distinctive intakes below the headlamps on the Chimaera, were purely accidental and the result of his dog 'Ned' biting the prototype bodyshell.

There are plans to bring it to the USA, yes.

>mfw Ford won't make an Ecoboost manual only RWD sports coupe
>mfw they won't reuse the Maverick name

>>Both ((Sports Cars))
what did he mean by this

1600kg is a saloon (sedan). Sports cars should never be over 1350kg.

>TVR BlackHound confirmed

It sucks if you depend on repeat customers but there's a sizable crowd of madmen who do things that all but ensure sudden horrible deaths from which only a few chunks of their bodies can be recovered. And if they don't get killed quickly enough, they move on to something more dangerous, like base jumpers who move to those fucking flightsuits and then to going up in a rocket and doing an orbital re-entry naked or whatever the christ.

>>mfw they won't reuse the Maverick name
IIRC, the Maverick was a compact SUV in the UK about 20 years ago.

muh dik

The Dart was a muscle car but look what that's been turned into.

Anything is possible.