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>What is this thread for?
A thread to discuss, post, create, and review anything related to Automotive Decals and Stickers

>Currently looking for:
>An internet lawyer ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)
Idea Guys (Come up with Sticker Ideas, Veeky Forums club names, etc.)
Anons with artistic talent willing to make decals for free.
Anons with decal production equipment (Specifically Vinyl Printer Equipment)

Stickers are stupid, tasteless and childish.
>inb4 furfag
Doesn't change a singe thing you manchildren are still manchildren, grow up.

Bad day on the bus?

Also when are we getting the Bad Decisions stickers back?

Why would I ride the bus?

Because when you do drive you nearly kill yourself with your piss poor driving skill.

Been driving for 11 years, never been in an accident

Shit car senpai. Also is that a Trump sticker I spot?

It's a great car, and yep that's a trump sticker in the window

The contradiction is real. Also does a gt500 with stripes look bad even though they can be stickers? Dumb fuck

Gotta show my support fur trump during the election
>thinks stripes are the same thing as an 8 year old flat chested girl in a bikini
lmfao your dissonance is palpable

Last time I checked stickers are stickers? Your logic is of a five year old. Also I showed my friends your car and they agreed it looks like trash.

>stickers are stickers!
I posted my car on instagram and got 1300 likes, so somebody likes it.
The only people that would like your car are kid fucking pedophile weaboos, they aren't people lmao
Enjoy advertising that you're a pedophile neckbeard loser everywhere you go, hopefully somebody keys your car.

Fucking weeaboos I fucking hate you fuck you I hope you fucking die, faggots.

I ordered a Migumin sticker and I forgot who I ordered it from.

>Doesn't change a singe thing you manchildren are still manchildren, grow up.
Kettle, meet pot.

>replies with weebshit
let's play spot the virgin

>t. tripfag lost his assginitiy to a dog

How are any of you actually this stupid to reply to a literal furry?

I just find it fun.

Is that what the stickers are designed to do?
attract little kids?
I guess it makes sense.

Geez dude 1300 likes you must get so much pussy with that.

Fyi your car wouldn't be shit tier if you didn't put those ricer rims on.

my car has won awards...soo?

>attract little kids?
From what part of your peanut butter covered ass did you pull that from?

>those headlights
>those wheels
Chip Foose?
Is that you?
You appear to be going for the opposite crowd here, everybody with the stickers is trying to get kiddie pussy and here you are trying to get 70 year old black cherries


Damn shame you're practically at the other side of the country. Maybe one day I'll drive across the country in my /osg/'d out HACHIROKU and chase you down the mountain passes you seem to like driving on.

Lulz bitches literally flock towards this car on campus. It's because it has a v8 and wasn't made by the Sweds. How dilussional are you?

Nevada has no good roads, I drive all the way to LA to drive

Mine has a V8 as well, and a ford 8.8 axle, the same one that's in your car lol

Shitting up the entire thread is fun?

The spinout road is Red Box road near Mt. Wilson Observatory here in CA. You should come out though, it's a fun cruise.


How long does it usually take for Yummy to ship?


I somehow don't believe you. But even if I did what an absolute waste of a v8.

Banter is fun, m8.
Bantz aside, what wheels are these? Is Volvo bolt pattern 5x114.3? Looks good desu, reminds me of the W123 lowered on the OG bottlecaps I used to have.

Why would you not believe me?

John didn't like my answer I guess. ;_;

>Bantz aside, what wheels are these?
Crown vic, the ford axle in the back is 114.3 since it's ford, the front has 15mm thick 108 to 114.3 adapters on it

>furfag is sperging again

lol delicious tears

Why would you come in a thread you don't like and then complain about things you don't like?

Congrats now it's only half shit. You should find a sticker that says wasted potential and put it next to your dump sticker.


what redneck dialogue is this?

Because I'm trying to stop you from making poor decisions, stickers are childish and ruin the look of your car, anime weeb stickers are downright cringe and they are literally pedophilic 80% of the time.
Why would you even consider putting this stuff on your car unless you're literally autistic.

>wasted potential
It'll be faster than your mustang shortly lol

Fucking dogs is a poor life choice isn't it?

Do I need to reinforce you have a Trump sticker? You should take your own advice kiddo

I fucking did it. Thanks Notori, imouto, yummy, & waifusquad.

I'm going to do the bottom line too, just waiting on more slaps to come in. Almost put all of the ones I currently own up there. Now I don't know what to do with my die cuts.

Why would you even consider putting your dick in a dog unless you're literally autistic?

Good thing I don't eh?
Enjoy fantasizing about fucking kids tho

>the furfag WILL kill himself the next time he does a canyon run

lol nice


>I fucking did it.
Congrats on being the worlds biggest faggot holy shit lol

MrCummy's anger is delicious lol

These are pretty cool, look like an SSR Mesh kinda.

Lmaooo I really hope your shitbox smacks a cliff wall

Kys Trump furfag

20 bucks each at a junk yard, get good

Good thing I don't eh?

Then why cover your car with dozens of images of scantily clad little girls?

>cant find any working peeks

I think I'm pretty low on the totem pole, but I think I make it just above Trump furfag. ;)

to make you sperg

Also subtle stickers are nice

I don't.

>i spent 100 dollars on stickers to make a furfag on the internet mad!
>look how mad he is!
>sure all my friends think i'm a faggot loser but look how mad that furfag is!

Too bad I don't have anything with 5x114.3.
I'd do spacer/adapters but I was riding in a car where the bolts sheared off once and that's cemented "I don't like spacers" for me. Just another thing to break.

>look how mad he is!
spot on! now sperg some more

Life is truly suffering.

cry more faggot lol

>not even on the same angles

Ya fucked it, tear em all off and start again

Is that your wife?

I'm surprised there's not a bigger bed in that shelter for you two

Did you just assume zir gender?

lol he is indeed sperging

If Drakebro was here, he'd say that he's having a meltdown.

lmao look at this weaboo having a meltdown

I tried my best. Most of them are okay. I did tear one off to reapply, but it stretched and so I gave up. I'll live.

"ARGH Pls stop triggering me with anime!!"

lol sperg some more

That's my line.

>weeb getting btfo'd
>literally can't stop replying
Dance for me puppet! dance!

lol called it, he sperged some more

its just as easy as fiddling a kid while watching my animemes :v)

>still having a meltdown
>still replying

holy shit the furfag is going nuclear with the assmad lol, he even begs me to stop replying

holy shit he's going fukushima

"Lolvo". Looks like something a fuckin weeb would put on their car

I stole an L at the junk yard and gave it to my car

lol, sperg is going mental, he even has to post dogs he wish to fuck to ease the pain

>replies yet again
dance for me puppet, dance!


he is even kneeling down on all fours, like the dogs he likes to molest lol

>he's still begging for my (you)s
Beg like a good dog, I expect you to continue, just as you're trained to.
Good boy.

It sounds like you have experience sodomizing and abusing dogs, is this true?

why do you abuse those poor creatures? what did they do to you?

Dude, don't post my smug sawako stolen from /c/.
>captcha: Georgia Bush
This is fucking weird, I just made a post about 9/11 in a different thread.

>replies yet again
I should get some chinks to reply for like 5 cents each, would be worth it to keep busy.

saved this yui too

Where the fuck are the mods


probably the same place black fathers go

Don't the chinks also abuse dogs and eat them? Is that why you hang with them?

why are you thinking of ragequitting anyway? is the desire of fucking a dog getting too strong after posting those images?

I don't fuck with any asians, they're all robots and not interesting to talk to or be around.
Imma go get some wings with my friends desu, it's half off at buffalo wild wings.
I'll be back with a belly full of wings and beer later to keep this going.
I'm sure you'll be waiting here for master to turn and give you more attention, like a good boy.

>I don't fuck with any asians
of course not, you only forcefully fuck dogs lol

as expected, if you want another spanking, just ask

Crab fits surprisingly well next to Rory.

Can you two stop?
We're at 97 posts already and its just been the two of you pointlessly shitflinging.

Scroll up and look at how autistic the both of you look.

I'll be back darling, don't worry, master will return.
>weeb complaining about autism in a sticker thread
Fucking hell, is this a TV show?