Most dissapointing supercars and or sportscar

Most dissapointing supercars and or sportscar

First ones that come to mind are

The R35
The GT86
The Acura NSX

(No I'm not some 'merica fancunt it's just that a lot of latest Japanese cars have been dissapointing)

the Aventador is pretty underwhelming

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The other two are trash but the R35 is in no way, shape, or forn even minutely disappointing.

Ugly, cheap plastic, stock is slow against most cars of it's stature (NISMO excluded of course) heavy as shit, the list goes on

It's pretty disappointing that it hasn't undergone any big changes in a decade. Ignoring the limited production Nismo (which make up

Ferrari 812 - looks like a viper, which isnt bad, but coming from the F12 its practically ugly
All AMGs that arent the GT and SL

Sports cars and super cars should get you exicted just at the thought of them, i have no interest in any of these

I hope you mean the new NSX right?

Didn't nissan announce the r36 last year? I remember seeing it somewhere. It's lighter than the r35 but just as ugly and with other minor improvements


Of course

The BM-

Oh wait, they are too shitty to have a supercar lmao

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I would've taken you seriously if you didn't post Lavar pepe

Corvette c7
Hyped to infinity and back, touted by gm and all reviewers as the most capable track corvette ever

Unreliable piece of shit that can't turn two laps of a 3 mile track without overheating and going into limp mode
Fails in every media test

GT86 only manual car on that list
calls it trash.
Why don't you end yourself?? Oh wait, you hate it cause you can't buy it.

It's great. But didn't meet Veeky Forums's autistic specs. >2000 lbs

Nismo makes less than 5% of the GTR sales

nice quality bait post op. i'm happy to see 4chin culture live on and op is still a massive faggot.
keep on dreaming to ever drive (not even gonna say own because lets be serious lmao) one of those cars you posted.
feels good to see newfriends trying to fit in

everything but the miata and v6 camaro is disappointing

>zl1 is disappointing

you should have bought a mustang, shit you probably could have bought 2

The audience is what disappointing. People don't need some "sports coupe" anymore. If you're rich you get exotic coupe like Ferrari, Lambo etc. If you want something cheaper in coupe body - you get BMW, Audi, Mercedes. And even then, there's very small amount of coupes sold under German automakers. Sport cars and coupe just got out of style, especially in Europe.

The 2017 GTR interior is widely considered to be fine.

The GTR got way faster from 2007 to 2013. After Mizuno was ousted from Nissan and the plan for the Nismo GTR came together the GTR started to get softer and slower.

The R35 could use some updates but I wouldn't be surprised if it is replaced by an R36 in a few years.

You mean the Vision Gran Turismo that was a thinly veiled R36 design concept?

It's funny to me that people here get mad about how electric power steering and brakes is the end of the world but still consider the R35 to be a soulless car with its RWD default AWD and hydraulic power steering.

I don't think you know why Nissan added that weight.
the NSX was more pure than other cars in that range right now, it's not too gimicky in terms of non-driving shit.
the 86 is fine, its the sports car without the sport power, which you really don't need the extra power unless you're looking for lap times.

Weight > Power
I live in a mountain area. Power serves me no benefit. I need nimbleness.

Obviously a downhill specialist


not a fair comparison. Corvette has 8 cylinders GT-R only has 6.

track is irrelevant, and that vette is not the base. So if it were fair, Nismo wins.


>The GT86
Faster round the ring than a $100k super fast Tesla.

NISSAN !!! NO !!!!!!!! Not like this !!! please !!!

>not even the right bhp
get the hell out of here

>actually has the word "bait" in title
>people still get baited

Weight is better than power. The only people who think otherwise are burgers. Hence why you have challenger, mustang, Camaro.

Honestly this. I hear that the SV is the only aventador worth buying, but let's be real here any SV is worth buying.

>GTR has 60 more hp, but 800 more lbs
Gee makes you wonder. Stop this bait.


>most track capable corvette ever
>overheats after a lap

I think it speaks by itself

They're already being listed below 15k, what the fuck makes you think price is the problem?