Battle of the shitboxes

Unfortunately due to limited parking space at my new place I have to sell my CTS-V coupe and mk6 GTI to combine them into one car.
I'm torn between the 2018 Golf R refresh and a Focus RS. Which one would you guys get?

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For a daily?
Focus would be more fun, though.
Then again, so would a mustang.

>CTS-V coupe and mk6 GTI
CTS-V Wagon

this, dont be a bitch

get the CTS-V Wagon

Golf R is just a GTI with a tune that launches better due to Haldex AWD (the car acts and feels like a FWD car under the vast majority of conditions). It's the more comfortable daily, but if you want an a proper performance car that can't be mistaken for a base model, get the RS.

Inb4 people think that the rear clutches overheating after hard driving on the track in drift mode = being possible to go into "limp mode" on the street.

>Focus RS

>40+k cars

I'd go for the focus because fun

The Focus may get you there the Golf will defiantly get you back. I wouldn't touch the RS due to the fact it has already earned the nickname Reliability, Shit.

sell the gti and move to place with plenty of space.

Wrx sti

These are econo cars that have turbos and AWD. That's it. They're glorified shit boxes.

but why do you HAVE to sell them? just keep them faggot.

Have you seen the interior?

Golfs are fucking shit. Don't be a retard vaper, get the RS.

Well he has to get rid of one. He wants something that has better performance than his current gti. And I'm assuming the CTS-V is automatic so no point of keeping it if it is. And having one car that is still fun.

A new late-model car with less than 100k miles isn't a "shitbox" really.

Daily beat this car with no issues. Research and buy one with v5 engine it is in later production with a beefier engine. Slightly stiff ride in normal, awd has only turned off once on me and came right back on. Pretty much covered all gripes and if this is your thing here is a tune and intercooler that ive had stable for over 10,000 miles.

>Don't be a retard vaper
>get the RS.
What did he mean by this?

Golf Drivers are Vapers...thats what he was saying.

But I wouldnt make such a decision based on the cars "community".

Get the Golf btw, way more space on the inside, the FocusĀ“ interior is weirdly shaped and the dashboard is just huge/ugly.

>this is what welfare queens actually believe

Both car communities have their shitty members. However I find the Golf crowd to be more tolerable as their vehicle is generally a bit more refined in terms build quality and appearance. Not knocking the RS at all, but it's got that fuccboi manbun ricer look to it that is meant to target a younger crowd of drivers.

If I had to choose I'd go with the golf. Better ride and build quality, plenty fast for daily, and cops won't be up your ass near as much due to it blending in.

>choose between boyracer car #1 and boyracer car #2

how old are you OP, 16? get a mans car, not something a insecure faggot would drive to impress people who really dont care.

>Golf Drivers are Vapers...thats what he was saying.

Yet 95% of Focuses seem to be driven by Vapers.

buy the bmw 140i xdrive.

A fully trimmed MKVII Golf has a better quality than most """"""""""""""luxury"""""""""""""" vehicles, I would stop calling them shitboxes tbqh

Why not get a 70's landbarge?

CTS-V wagon is ugly as fuck. Plus I've had my coupe for a few years now so I'm ready for something new anyway.
It's not about cost. The best places in my town have limited parking. I'd rather deal with one parking space and have a nice place
What? RS is way more vapenation which is one of the main reasons I'm leaning towards the golf.
CTS-V is a manual. I would love to keep it but with a single car I need something more practical to bring my dog around and have room for friends and stuff.
The GTI just isn't fun or exciting enough to be my only car.
How is the interior holding up? Pretty worried about that since its not typically Fords strong suite.

What about the new Fusion Sport?

That's the slowest of anything mentioned in this thread.

Lexus ISF?

Not hatchbacks and neither are very fun/fast. The only other thing I can think of to consider is a GLA45 AMG, but I struck that off my list due to lack of a manual.

When it comes to practical, fast, spacious 5 door manuals you pretty much get to choose between a Focus RS and a Golf R.

Buy a Chevy SS.

What about a Mazdaspeed 3? Or go used and get a Caliber SRT4, Lancer Ralliart Sport back, or go new and wait for the Civic Type-R

Why user?

None of those choices have a single benefit over a focus rs or golf r other than being cheaper.

Because thinking either the FoRS or the R will be reliable is hilarious, you'll actually prefer the Mazdaspeed3 or Civic Type-R over those

They stopped making the 2 door golf after 2016

just saying

>how old are you OP, 16? get a mans car, not something a insecure faggot would drive to impress people who really dont care.

y-you think people buy a ford focus to impress people?