Why haven't you purchased a Corvette™ yet Veeky Forums?

Why haven't you purchased a Corvetteā„¢ yet Veeky Forums?

>3x more warranty than any other supercar
>Faster than GT-R for half price
>Pulls more G's than a million dollar Porsche 918
>Looks as good or better than [insert latest model] Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin
>Delicious FI variably timed V8 power
>Honda-Civic-tier 37 MPG
>Dat sweet exhaust note perfection
>Starts at only $50k

By far the best performance value in automotive history ever.

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>Dat sweet exhaust note perfection
They don't sound good at all

I prefer when oil stays in my car.

>posted 3 minutes after the gtr bait thread
Lmao someone triggered him again

ZL1 is a better value.

If i were spending 100k on a vette id get a Viper TA which is more exotic imo.

>projecting this assmad

>zl1 better value
nope, grand sport is tho

>100k viper
discontinued, all sold out plus an equipped viper that can actually keep up is +$150k

>an equipped viper that can actually keep up is +$150k
TA and Z06 run times within a second of each other on laguna.

how much is the t/a

the corvette starts at $49k

i think its like 110k z07 is 100k

Have they fixed the overheating problem? And what about that midengine version that's in the works? Might want to wait for that one.

yea they fixed it years ago
mid engine will be released in 2019, numerous weebs have already committed suicide over this news

it is of sub-par quality

>they have fixed it
citation needed

we don't want to put pressure on you Prezo, we know it simly can't lap the ring without overheating

Never wanted one desu...worked as a cabinetmaker the last 26 odd years, Army for almost 2...trucks are my thing...got a 2005 Chev with a 4.8 LT1...

Can't really take a vette in the mud or snow...

projecting n gay

Why are you geting angry at me Prezo, I didn't design the Corvett, I am just making fun of it

You might aswell sperg at Nissan since the GTR is better in every way

37 MPG? More like 27 MPG - and that's only on the highway with the engine tached all the way down in cylinder shutdown mode.

>autistic rage


40mpg actually


Is that all? I was hoping to see you sperg harder, have you finally let it go?



what about 2160p ?

>Doesn't mention the terrible reliability issues

The crowd that buys GM products already knows they're going to be working on them. That's why they always say "GM products are the easiest to work on"



i'd buy one in a heartbeat but i'm european and poor at the same time.
i'd legit buy a toyobaru for the technical mountain roads I have in my area and a corvette for highway driving and whenever I wanna blast past anyone and anything in a straight line, plus I legit like how the corvette looks not even memeing.
I wish more people on Veeky Forums would love cars and most of you americans here should realize how good you have it for being able to buy almost any car you want. a bit jelly desu

yes, everyone loves the vette (except for weebs who have a complex over it since the toc loss (kek))

It's literally the most stylish car of 2017

>designed by the same autist who designed the Aztec

lol how delusional


lol OK kid


case in point


>Prezo will defend this



I would have to pull off to the shoulder when I see a gtr to cry

>I didn't get a boat

this. tears of laughter tend to obstruct ones vision especially after raping the pride of japan for half price

kek, fucking called it

>it's another soviet abuses prezo's autism thread

I just can't help myself lol

Pick one

why not? it is an unreliable as any ferrari

gm fangirls btfo