Fell for the 'putting the gas yourself' meme

>fell for the 'putting the gas yourself' meme

>'putting the gas yourself
American translation please


Holy fuck, make a fucking webm.


These photos are just routine chimp-outs.

>driving a car that uses natural gas

wow it's much worse and unavailable to icucks


That was a pressure explosion, there's no fire. What the fuck?

burgers can't put the fuel themselves, they have to pay a wetback to put it for them or they get fined.

if there's no spark, there's no fire. plus the pressure likely pushed the oxygen away from the car, where a spark could occur.

Wouldn't a gasoline fueled explosion actually ignite? That seems more like an actual bomb.

that's a hydrogen car, my dude

Okay but where did the explosion come from if there's no spark?

only a few states. at least learn the rules before making fun of them
looks like CNG, actually.

auto ignition due to pressure build up?

Looks like he lost his hand

Why didn't anyone say this prior to now? In the OP perhaps? Like any of us are supposed to recognize a third world shitbox running on alternative fuel

that's funny because the webm doesn't even have american license plates

pressurized gas. Gas as in the state of matter, not gas as in petroleum. in a hydrogen or CNG car, this is what happens when the tank fails

Compressed Natural Gas apparently from looking up articles. Sounds like literal bombs on wheels, why is that even a thing? Do car accidents with those have a higher fatality rate?


oh fug, yea he definitely lost his hand.

>must be americans
>non-american license plates
Holy fuck maybe if you pull your head out of your ass and stop being obessed with America


goddamn even the gas stations murder you in Brazil

did he died though?

nope, his wife in the passenger seat did.

CNG is very popular here and literally no CNG related car fatalities have occured within the past 20 years or so

>being this obsessed with America
Feels pretty good, I guess.


There's nothing unsafe about that. They wouldn't get shocked, the electricity would take the earth wire since it's the part of least resistance.

This image was the shit back in the day. Well meme'd.

Where in Wal-Mart can an American such as myself purchase one of those weird looking outlets with those kinds of plugs?

americans don't even use those plug ins


You don't put gas yourself in Brazil

holy shit look at all those (You)s

You know with the waterproof electronics coming out these days, wouldn't be that surprising if some company though of a way to make something like this properly.


Someone surely will have the correct pic to reply to this

No sane manufacturer would make this and put it in the hands of your average fuckstick. The liability would be astronomical.

Rule 1 of design: someone will always find a way to fuck with what you've done. It's your job to make sure it fails safely or can't fail in a way that will electrocute Bubba. Shit like this is why GFI outlets exist, but even then, holy hell.

No wonder Brazil is a poor shithole, people spend most of their days attempting to not get violently killed.

I have it...somewhere
>15433 images to sift through to find it (minus say, half, which are actually sorted properly)

You can readily tell the plugs are the Euro style though. Seems like a CEE 7 type, sunken-in hole with the ground pin sticking out

Those are Germans...Krombacher, V+...dont think you get that easily over there...

Not to mention those Adiletten, the electric grill...yep, germans...


All you have to do is look at that his face and you can tell he's stone short of eurotrash.
Also wrong plugs mate. Ours aren't embedded in things because we are edgy like that


not even once

North-west Germans, near the Dutch border.

VW gave out a warning about leaking fuel tanks for some models. A coworker has one of those cars (a golf). He has to notify the gas station employee that he wants to fill up his car and sometimes gets denied.

Vtec just kicked in bro

>amerilards are too dumb to fill their car up themselves


stupid dumb burger scum

I am guessing it was natural gas and he over filled the tank.

Is LPG a gas according to you?