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Should I buy one?

H3/Wrangler hybrid?

Just a gussied up Wrangler.

I'd like to thank our official sponsor, user's shop cat.

Looks dumb. Get two.

Considering getting that OM602 swapped into my Land cruiser
>inb4 consider suicide

Spent 8 hrs today on the front axle and dropped a bearing into the front differential. I literally haven't eaten anything today and need to wake up in 6 hrs. Probably just delerious from the Diff fluid and brake cleaner smells

The first time I smelled gear oil, it was the worst smell I had ever experienced. Now I find it comforting.



Out of curiosity, how many Canucks or Americans, living on the west coast and the Pacific northwest. Who are on here?

Could have spent less on an older Tahoe with the same amount of miles. And wouldnt have to look at all that beergut body trim that denali has.


My 2 TJ's

>not yellow
>not YJs
What are you even doing with your life?

Yellow YJ'S are for faggots
Sorry not a faggot....... Though, this is my other car

>2 jeeps that aren't yellow
>Both marked "Infidel"
>I-im not a faggot!!!
You cant fool us.

Am i welcome here?

75 series landcruiser 4.2l diesel

Fucking, ausie. Jump in the fucking discord!

1kz hilux. Goes alright for a 14 year old utility.

Huh, you guys got the 1KZ for that model of Hilux? We only had the 2KD 2.5 litre

Would've preferred the 1KZ

Hate pls. I just like it because I have never seen another diesel GM truck of this generation driving around.

Has insane low end torque though

have a house in portland
i can't even recognize what portland has turned into
been living in commiefornia for the past 5years

gear oil's alright. used gear oil is weird. used gear oil mixed with mud / mouldy pond water is horrendous

thoughts on OM602s?

I thought you guys got banned because of that?

Eh... clunky, heavy and low ouput, but durable as all hell, widely available and takes turbocharging nicely

A bit too many chains for my liking, but it works and you rarely have to do anything with them

I kinda prefer the OM617 as I have more experience with it, the simple reason being that there are more of them here

80 HP, 130 torque. Heard of someone putting it in a 3rd gen 4runner.

I'm looking at the OM602 for the FJ80 as a possibility especially with the turbocharging. However, OM617 alternative fuel would be nice because I can just keep 5 gallons of bacon grease in my vehicle instead of spare diesel.

That hilux is also a non intercooled turbo diesel whereas the prados for whatever reason had the intercooled version.
No clue why they were different.

You poor bastards were robbed if you didn't get the 1kz. They're bulletproof

Those flares are disgusting.

6.5 diesel more than doubles those figures even with it's pathetic factory turbo and no intercooler.

We ran/run the G240's in our military on F34 multifuel/JP-8 jet fuel; which is just kerosene mixed with a little bit of diesel. All the diesel engines, fuel stoves and jet engines in our armed forces run the fuel. You lose a good bit of power and throttle response, but it never freezes and you can use it to poison an annoying company member, as two drops of it on a slice of bread will give him diarrhea for two days straight

I imagine bacon grease/veggie oil would work quite similar, minus the poison part

Tell me about it - we had the first iteration of the 1KZ in the 4Runner up until 1995, when the 4Runner itself was discountinued

2KD is alright, but as mine is a first gen. with 102hp/240nm its still a tad too weak when you're doing the heaviest loads and towing over a tonne on anything but flats. I plan on switching to a 1KD 3.0l with 170hp/410nm when I get the chance

Us Canadians got the G270 with the 2.7 turbo. Been in them before and they sound fantastic That's an OM612 that they use for the Dodge / Mercedes Sprinters which I kinda want to buy off some scrapper for cheap. Go slow and sip fuel?

When did you serve for Norway and why the hell did you feed people diesel? Geez I thought our MREs were bad [spoiler]omelette du fromage [/spoiler]

I'm going to iceland in July with bae bae the way. FJ150 time?

Berhaps. Vulcan swap idea but I haven't seen any.
Honestly, I like the low torque and slow speed range with the 25-35MPG possibility. I don't think torque is an issue on these old I-5 mercs. But then again I don't really know anything.

Your dubs are the truth. Sadly they were there when I got it and it is the last thing on my list to do. New plugs and injectors this weekend and turbo rebuild soon after. Then egt, boost, and tach gauges. Then maybe worry about aesthetics.

D4D a shit. Not really but we had recalls due to injector seals shitting themselves for absolutely no reason.

Also fuck EGR delete that shit as soon as you can if you do go with the 1KD

With the 612 turbo? Alright engines with ok output, but they were always kinda in the "middle" and forgotten, sadly

I had my mandatory service in Brigade North, our main force which is located up north. Served in the SBBN, or "communications battalion". Communications, setting up com-camps, equipment, repeaters and whatnot... nothing particularly interesting, but it could've been worse

And I never said I poisoned anyone... more that there were dumbasses who were tending to the fuel-powered tent heater while also eating lunch or something, spilling drops onto their food and not noticing/not thinking about it.

Our MRE's aren't bad, plenty of variety and it feeds well. I'll admit that I truly hated the oatmeal & berry-mix that I often got in the breakfast package

Enjoy Iceland.... I wanna go at one point too, but that'll be some time as I currently wanna spend the money on more important life stuff/my own Toyota

Bleh, didn't see your response until

They had issues with that here too - plenty of injectors going to shit and fucking up the engine. I'm always paying attention to my fuel usage incase it ever happens to mine, but its holding up

As for EGR delete - nah, don't wanna have to enable that again for every inspection, plus it'll suck ass if I am ever caught. I'm also very careful about running my engine to a good operating temperature, using my engine heater and so on

25MPG in anything lighter than a Suburban with a 6.5 should be no problem, I doubt you'd see close to the 35 mark though.
But again, more than double the HP and triple the torque of the old I-5s. 6.5s were great for low end power and even in stock form make better low end than the Duramax.

You can be as careful as you want but that shitty emissions EGR will clog up eventually.

>taytay sprinter
y tho

Banned for what?

>diarrhea for two days straight

Indistinguishable from mess hall chow

'the fuck kinda shit do they feed you?

Here the problem was opposite; too many guys coming from eating nothing but junk food, candy, potato chips, going to quite solid, "healthy" food with tons of fibre, and meals very regularly plus MRE's that are even tougher on the stomach

People were shitting solid logs for the first two weeks

Thoughts on newer Toyota Tacoma to be use as a daily and overlander? I want something that can be easily transformed whenever I feel the need to get out of the city.

Most likely some faggot that never served making shit up. Or slim chance, a pussy with shit guts that got clear eyes in his coffee for being a piece of shit.

You're not going over landing, you Pinterest faggot. Fucking kill yourself.

I would like to. I already take my shitty HHR to the camping grounds. I would want to do this as well you nigger.

>Hopefully a Wagoneer
FSJs are unironically the best Jeeps

Like a 60 series except better in every way

Am I crazy for wanting to buy a square body in a county with emissions testing?

My first truck was an 1989 GMC 4th gen Sierra 2500 with the SM465 shit-stick manual. Are there any serious long term issues with that terrible transmission? I've heard shit about pins or something backing out and locking it up.

My niggers.

Best Jeeps.

>tfw no m715

How much money to lift this. Its 4x4 and 5speed.

Offer 2700...no more, and if they take it..your golden...

After 20 hours of labour, the axles were rebuilt (four times because of differential issues over and over again). The best way to learn how to rebuild something is to do it four fucking times.

Anyway, good shit.

>tfw probably ate a bit of gear oil today
>cancer when?
>mutant arms when?
>LS swap when?

Coms is probably one of my favourite parts of the military, actually. Good for you for doing that.

Come to iceland. Late july and we'll explore the ice shelves and fjords, heh.

Did they ever make the 6.5 diesel? If I were to do an engine swap, I'd want a full electric shutoff if possible and I think that's only possible with the diesel.

Turbocharging the OM6xx (I-5) seems like a good idea for the time being but I'm still never opposed to the vulcan head swap

What happened to all the $3-4k Wagoneers?
I bought an XJ last year and they were everywhere and now that I want to upgrade my options are either non-running/stripped for $1.5-2k or fully restored for $25k minimum.

fucking boomers

What year and what is the IFS in the front? TTBs?

With all the modern fads, people have started buying $25 000 crossovers and $60 000 SUVs. Now with financing and other bullshit people are willing to pay $30 000 for a guaranteed Wagoneer or even defender

Ttb 1995

Southern Oregon here

Sup Veeky Forums, not from round these parts but this thread is exactly my question.

I want to buy a three row SUV for hauling the senpai. Looking to stay under $10k, which mostly gets me 2000-2006 Tahoes/Suburbans/Expeditions wth ~150k miles, with the odd Armada here and there. I don't know much about these trucks but I'm assuming they're built to run a fairly long time.

Before you tell me to go fuck my self and get a minivan or whatever the fuck, I'd like to take my kids camping and it'd be nice to tow a little trailer along.

So, any years/generations to avoid? Issues to look out for? What would you buy?

dont get an armada unless you want your brakes to fail

>Did they ever make the 6.5 diesel?
Did who ever make the 6.5 diesel?

>I'd want a full electric shutoff if possible and I think that's only possible with the diesel.
The 6.5 diesel was mechanical up to 93 in pickups, 96 in NA vans, and as far as I know is still mechanical in the HMMWV, if that's what you're asking.

>What happened to all the $3-4k Wagoneers?
When did those exist? They've consistently been $7-10k for clean examples for the past ten years or so.

I bought mine for 1200 in 2012. Not super clean but rust free and it ran great.

Avoid the Expedition at all costs. They're cheaper than similar GMs but for very good reason. The GM is cheaper in the long run even if you only own it for two years.
Armada I can't really speak on but the GMs are tried and true, and perfect for what you're describing.

If you don't mind a small hit to fuel economy, seek out a 2500 Suburban with the 8.1l. Fuckton of torque and should be a 400k motor if you top the oil off once every few months.

I'm not looking for clean, just complete-ish and driveable. Everything around me is either broken, has a shit interior (shredded upholstery/stripped/moldy/etc.) or looks like it just rolled off the assembly line with a price to match.
I've found some that fit what I'm looking for but they're 200+ miles away and I doubt they'll be around when I have time to drive that far.
Whatever, I still need to sell the XJ first anyway.

Werd. Out of curiosity, are there any things that are prone to breaking on the expeditions? Or are they just generally shitty?

An 8.1L seems like overkill for me, and the selection for 3/4 tons is a lot smaller. Seems like I'd be more likely to find a clean 1500?

They're just generally shitty, and a pain to work on.

>An 8.1L seems like overkill for me
Would you turn down a job making $200/hr because it's "overkill"? A 1500 would for sure be easier to find but it shouldn't be hard to locate a clean 8.1l well within your budget.

Take what this guy says with a grain of salt. He's the resident suburban shill.

Resident Suburban Shill here.

I'd recommend you buy a 96-99 2500 with the 454 for ~$3500.
Cheaper, simpler, drinks less oil, and just as comfy.

If you want the same longevity and space without being labeled a Suburban shill on /ORG/, you can instead buy an Excursion. They're good too.
Just not the Explorer or Expedition.

Why not explorer?

Reliable SUVs do not develop the nickname "exploder"

Interior plastics fall apart, they're plagued by door lock issues, and they're cramped.

I don't know what you're comparing them to, but compared to other known better SUVs I don't see an Explorer being worth purchasing. You're still free to like them if you do, but to consider them a good SUV would be to consider all SUVs good, and at that point, the "good" loses it's meaning.

There's literally nothing wrong with pre 2002 explorers.

>literally the most shit SUV you can buy

buy a 4runner instead ffs

there's something wrong with even the best automobile. None is without fault. Like I said, you're free to like them. You do not have to defend them to excuse your love for them. They do not define you or represent you.

I love Esprits and hate Veyrons. Has nothing to do with how good or bad they are. You like what you like.

>pay 4x as much for 1.25x the truck
Fuck off yotacuck.
Just because an SUV isn't a suburban doesn't make it bad.

sometimes it seems like I'm the only guy on Veeky Forums that drives a 2nd gen xterra.

>Just because an SUV isn't a suburban doesn't make it bad.
I literally recommended buying an Excursion.
But l'll play along. What DOES make an SUV bad? If there is truly nothing wrong with pre-2002 Explorers, that would make them the best. That would make all other SUVs their lesser. But surely you don't honestly believe that, do you? Can you name some SUVs you at least think of as average compared to the good Explorer? Or name some SUVs you think are genuinely bad?

I doubt it. There's probably plenty of people here that drive xterras, they're just all lurkers because nobody wants to brag about owning a rig that's ugly as shit, even if it is super practical.

>what is hyperbole

Where at in straya cunt?

>even if it is super practical.
The entire point behind a "practical" vehicle is that you pay just enough to get a vehicle that does what you need it to regardless of whether or not you can afford more.
The low price is the pro, it's limits are the cons. It's a trade off.

Somehow hipsters have confused that for buying a vehicle that just does what you need it to regardless of what it costs.

paying more for less utility is not practical.

>implying xterras provide less utility than they're worth

If you can get more utility for less money, then they do indeed provide less utility than they are worth.

Open your mind, not your wallet.

Probably a long shot but has anyone here used a memefeng with a car antennae? Debating whether to invest in a good UHF radio setup or just buy a cheap antennae with magnetic mount for the Cruiser and use it for the memefeng. Radio gets fairly decent range with the standard antennae as it is but given the size of the car ones, the extra range it would get seems worth it. Don't know how useless the magnet would be though once you start hitting a few bumps or having branches graze it.

I have a baofeng with a nagoya mag mount for my truck. It's really sticky and doesnt budge off road.

Didn't even know what Nagoya was until you posted that, thought you had to buy a Baofeng one. Cheers though, will look it up.

I'm surprised people think they are ugly. IMO it has a definitively masculine look.

nice quads btw

If you are up to it, dont be afraid to look at older models. The TBI motors are stupid simple. I bought my 94 suburban in great condition for $2000. Had 146k miles on it if i remember correctly. Havent had any issues. I would trust this thing to bring me and the kiddos anywhere.

That mileage fucking blows. 1500 would suit him just fine. Or a 2500 with a 5.7 but those arent comon.

I have this very baofeng, only with big battery. Small one will die rather quickly. Its useful at the short distances.

In Adelaide at the moment. In a few months will be in northern SA shooting.

Mah nigga. Original battery has lasted fucking ages, but 9 months of using it for 8 hours a day for work and recharging it all the time has taken its toll on the battery, how much extra life do you get out of the larger battery? Used to get at least 2 days out of it when new (occasionally using the torch and FM radio as well) before I had to recharge. What aerial is that?

They've come a long way since the 70s. 454 Suburbans can easily achieve 14-15 combined compared to the 16-17 combined of the 350.

Noice, I'm in the Riverland. You shooting on private property I assume? What you shooting up there besides rabbits? Want to go fishing around Spalding but it's almost all private property up that way and the locals don't like to share. Shame because there are some huge Murray Cod and Trout hiding in the Broughton river.

My old suburban wheeling it hard like God intended.

Hopefully just kangaroos. Trying to get into pro roo shooting. Mainly on stations
And dogs or foxes to help the farmers out. Im still considering going over to vic for a few months to try and get some dogs. Pretty sure they still have the $110 bounty on them

And yeah unfortunately the guys up there dont like to share at all. The amount of rejections is like 50ish to 1 agreeing to let you on

In my area at least, while wagoneers are high in price, FSJ cherokees have yet to be hit with the boomer tax. One upside is that they can fit bigger tires with the wide track fender flares.

More suburban goodness

One more for the night