Mr. Bob appreciation thread

What is a Mr. Bob? A mister bob is a neighbor or friend who always wears either shorts or kahkis with tucked in collared shirts. Mr. Bob also happens to be a fucking pussy slayer and a genius when it comes to diy shit. Mr. Bobs are skilled in all fields of car modding, alarm going off fixing, fixing up a broken down, and replacing fucking anything. If you have a Mr. Bob be sure to thank him the next time you see him for fucking everything he's done for you.

RIP Mr Bob

miss u

How can I become a Mr Bob?

I used to be that "Mister Bob" and I fucking hated it because my neighbors wouldn't stop bothering me about their car problems. And of course I had to help them because having pissed off neighbors makes your life miserable so I ended up moving away instead.

You are not mister Bob if you don't live for tinkering

Not that guy, but, tinkering is one thing.. fixing stuff other people screw up or damage do to neglect is another. Not to mention the number of last stay at home mom's that let their kids run wild to break crap all the time.

Then there is the general contempt and lothing for 'men' that can't figure out how to fix the simplest things.

>How can I become a Mr Bob?
No thanks. I hide my power levels, and thus other people I barely know don't bring their problems to me to fix. And if I don't fix it for them for free, they start a never-ending character assassination gossip about me. There have been times when they are reluctant to buy parts and they use the "I'll pay you back later for the parts you bought" and of course they don't pay back.

These people are always checking with their acquantances and looking for nice people to lean on. They deliberately use up the nice people as a free resource and then move on. They are opportunists using up all the leeway in the world and making it a tougher place.

I meant having skills like those

You have to train with the ancient Mad Max wizards on the mountaintops.

>Know Mr. Bob
>Talked with him, he's a cool guy.
>Too afraid to ask him to help me with my car, since that would bother him.

>I meant having skills like those
These are self-sufficiency skills. You have to attempt to use them in order to start learning how to do it better. There are past threads about learning how to work on cars as well as downloading auto books.

Online, some of the automobile trade school books have been scanned and are available for download.

Another characteristic of Mr Bob is that he usually doesn't sit down in front of the TV until all the chores are done for the day. If there is something to be maintained, he works on it. This type of "get it done" attitude results in him knowing how to do things and do them better because he actually works on things instead of putting it off until it totally breaks down and needs a real professional shop with major tools to fix it.

Do you know how to change oil? You don't have to have done it, but do you at least know how it's done? If not, find out. Then go about getting the parts to do the oil change yourself. While the savings are not that much, the purpose of learning oil changes is to get over the fear and worry of working on your car. After that, you can work on bigger things with a car. If dirt and grime scare you off, then it will be hard to be Mr Bob.

A journey begins with the first step.

Mr. Bob never watches Tv.

He'd watch PBS
He'd watch the History Channel
He'd watch SCI and shows like "How It's Made" and "How Do They Do That".
He'd watch shows like "Impossible Engineering"

Mr Bob has no need to Rev UP Your Engines though.

only after dinner though

Ask if he is fond of boipussi. If yes, you know what to do.

>Ask if he is fond of boipussi.
He's not fond of the "Boipussi for All" liberal movement. Mr Bob has always been a meritocracy type of guy willing to help others who are willing to help themselves. He's a classic part of Americana lore and caring for society.

Live next door to mr bob. I can't be outside without him coming over to see if I need help with a project that he always has the specific tool for. I let him borrow my tiller once, the only tool he didn't have, and he ordered parts for it and fixed it up before returning it.

That sounds awesome.

Which he made/helped make

>He'd watch PBS

Not any more. PBS is all Depak Chopra and Suzie Orman marketing video reruns.

Fug. tfw you realize you are Mr. Bob.

hey bob do you mind coming over and helping with my lawn tractor? It caught on fire when I ran over Mr Noseberg's dog, but I think it just needs a new fuel filter or spark plugs. I'll pay you back next week

>you realize you are Mr. Bob
I'm only about 1/3 Mr Bob. But that is good enough for me to still be helpful to other decent people in my neighborhood. For example, I built a soil screener with handles and support. You shovel dirt into it and shake with the handles. The rocks are retained but the dirt falls out. Various sized screens can be easily used and I have two sizes available.

Other neighbors used it to make their garden and flower beds rock and pebble-free. It really is a joy to handle dirt that doesn't even have pebbles. And the plants grow much better. Importantly, gardeners with root vegetables no longer have crooked or deformed roots from rocks or pebbles. And the roots also grow bigger and longer because they no longer "bounce" off a big rock when they are prevented from going deeper.

>implying Mr. Bob isn't no-till
>destroying the structure of a developed soil
>removing the opportunity of micropores in the soil
get fucked anti-Bob

>tfw Mr. Bob is your grandfather

>no till
>must leave all rocks in soil
You just sound like some lazy jerk rationalizing why you don't believe in planting gardens, having a yard, preparing ground to plant trees, or even planting flower beds. You're the anti-bob that doesn't produce or make use of whatever merits you have. It's people like Mr Bob who put in taxes all their lives to pay for all these non-productive people who live on social welfare most of their lives.

Thank goodness for Mr Bob. He's one of the pillars of society that keeps it going.

>my neighbors wouldn't stop bothering me about their car problems

Thankfully, my garage is large enough I can close the doors before working on the car. If people see me working on the car, they'd probably start asking me to look at their cars to see what's wrong. It just snowballs from there because some people are too cheap to go to a service shop if they can convince someone else to work on their car for one cheap meal.

I need to find a mr bob to fuck, its a huge fetish of mine for some reason

>tfw Mr. Bob was your grandfather
>exceptionally talented woodworker, owns an Austin Healey 3000 MK3 (it made him slightly deaf in his left ear lol)
>tfw your grandfather suffered a stroke and can no longer into Mr. Bob
>tfw this was before you got into cars
>tfw you can't talk to him about his various japanese shitboxes he had as DDs that rusted away before you were even born

why must I feel

wtf this was my childhood, minus mythbusters
modern marvels was the shit

didn't watch too much PBS tho

Fucking this!

Next house will be in the country with trees shielding freeloading fuckhead neighbors.

That would make you isolated too. I get along with my neighbors and we all help each other. In return, they are able to watch my house just like I watch everyone else on the street. So if someone starts to prowl around a house or goes into their backyard, there is a chance a neighbor sees that and reports it.

If you are isolated, then no one is there to help defend your house. You can have an alarm, but no one hears it. They've cut your phone and cable wires so your house doesn't send out alerts unless you subscribe to the advanced radio pager alarms which cost extra so most people with alarm subscriptions don't pay extra for that.

It might be rewarding if you got the house in a better neighborhood instead. Imagine if the neighbors on both sides of you were Mr Bob types. And the neighbor across the street was Taylor Swift.

This but skip the Taylor Swift. Mr Bob has better more entertaining stories about life.

Mr Bob has to have some kink!

>live in small neighborhood where everyone knows each other
>everyone but me is old people or families
>I work on my car with the garage door open, or in my driveway, all the time
>people know I have all kinds of tools and knowledge, as well as a welder
>nobody ever asks me for anything because they're well-off enough to pay a real mechanic if they have problems
>occasionally someone will stand around and shoot the shit while I work
>3 people in the neighborhood are law enforcement of some kind so it's super safe
>don't shit where I eat, so they like me instead of hating me for my loud, questionably legal pieces of crap

>was 70 degrees and sunny yesterday
>put a new rocker panel on my rustbucket
>smell of hamburgers and classic rock wafting from a few houses down
>kids happily biking up and down the street
>somebody mowing a lawn in the distance
>my cat lying on the hood watching me work
>next door neighbor just paid me $60 and gave me a key to his house to feed his pets for a week while he's on vacation
>tfw my little slice of America never stopped being great

>Hey these poor blacks won the lottery and are moving into your nieghboorhood!!! Isn't that exciting Mr. user??

Heh, what do you think happens next?? :^)

Ive literally got a guy named bob, full garage with a lift, decked out wood working shop, and a mechanic for like 40 years, he has a flawless 1965 Dodge Coronet with the 426 in it.

Purely out of respect i try not to bother him too much, but hes taken interest in the 69 mustang ive been working on

Where do you live? Just out of curiosity. My dad recently started a new family and he's trying to make his neighborhood like yours. His new kids are always out running around playing ball while other kids are inside watching TV, and their young parents yell at my dad for trying to teach them things like how to throw a baseball. He's in a Seattle suburb though.

>next door neighbor just paid me $60 and gave me a key to his house
This is a sign of a solid reliable neighborhood. A key to a house is quite a bit. The neighbors across the street have an advanced outdoor scanning intruder system. One of the sensor platforms is mounted high up on the 2nd story and they have an abundance of sensors. So they told me they aimed one sensor at my front door (because I have glass by the door). They put a custom scanner time of 12:30AM to 4:00AM for it and the side of my house in case someone goes to the backyard on the side path.

Being deliberately solitary and avoiding neighbors can send the wrong message. It also creates a weak link in the neighborhood ecosystem. I think neighbors looking out for each other makes the whole place much stronger against crime. It also is nice knowing that at the least, my neighbors are not against me or even neutral, but they appreciate my existence there.

Mr. Bob was the man who saved my motorcycle from a shitty oil filter swap job by lending me pic related

I'm like 10 miles outside of Plattsburgh NY in one of those towns that's so small you don't even realize you've passed through it. We have a post office, a couple churches, and a fire station. That's it. There used to be an elementary school but it shut down because there weren't enough kids and there's another one like 8 miles away. The building is being remodeled but I don't know for what. We also had a gulf station/convenience store but that went out of business because they wouldn't keep their prices competitive and nobody bought gas there.

Plattsburgh sucks because the SUNY attracts liberal shitstains, but the small towns west of it are great. Usually the libtard college kids leave town once they're educated, or get stuck there sharing an apartment downtown and working at one of the many retail or fast food establishments.

i know this feel
>was total badass, genius too
>hard as nails, could build anything
>hardest worker you'll meet
>train conductor for many years
>died before we could meet
>dad gave away his '73 Jeep J20 that I loved to play in because neither of us could really get it going at the time, was in 5th grade

>get stuck there sharing an apartment downtown and working at one of the many retail or fast food establishments.
Doesn't sound like a good taxbase to fund infrastructure and repairs for it. The police, fire, teachers, and government officials have huge benefits, retirement pensions, and 401K matching all at taxpayer expense. So when you just have minimum wage cucks, it's hard to pay for that kind of expensive exployees. And when they retire, they keep on draining taxpayers due to pensions.

If Mr Bob came to our meet, we'd drive so fast we'd leave him in the dust. What a slow driving cuck.

I'm glad for you user

>smell of hamburgers and classic rock wafting from a few houses down

what does classic rock smell like?

It's too bad your neighborhood doesn't have it.

>tfw my dad is Mr.Bob
>Makes me do all the work on the cars while he instructs me cuz he's old
>Trying my best to absorb the knowledge while he's around

His legacy is in your blood. Within you is a nascent Mr. Bob. Awaken.

Hair spray, hepatitis C.

Mr. Bob helped me. He drove a Saab

My battery was dead i tried jump starting it by pushing it down a hill, but it didnt work

After having been ignored by two VWs and one audi, Mr Bob arrived in a saab and gave me a jump, all while chuckling and said it had happened to him when he was young

>local kids sometimes watch from a respectable distance when you work on your car
I want this when im retired and own a "vintage" car.

>be 10-15
>friends and i would spend the summer biking between each other's houses and all over town.
>we would kinda leave our bikes wherever because all the neighbors were chill and would look after them while we were hiking in the woods
>old man Paisley once used his tractor to make some sweet jumps on an unused part of his farm for us.
>one friend had an old broken chainsaw that we were trying to attach to a bike

Man those were the days.

>tfw once used a ride on lawnmower to jumpstart a car

Mr. Bob hated everyone on our street except for me and my neighbor, since all 3 of us did regular work on our cars. Mr. Bob, rather than buying an MG in good shape, bought 3 in shitty shape and ended up with 1 in pristine shape and original parts. he even got a second one running as a shitbox beater to thrash around in.

Mr Bob isn't anti-social like that. You're just talking about a self-sufficient coot.

he was just angry that everyone sent complaints about him working on his cars and making noise, even when the 75 year old man shoveled their driveways for free every time it snowed. Bob became sour after people perpetually shat on his one hobby.

My first job was at a retirement home and the groundskeeper there was a Mr. Bob.

He was one of the greatest men I have ever met.


white "culture" lol

It's not limited to any one culture to want to have prosperity and stability along with core family values. Culture instead is more like how different groups of people go about getting it.

Dont forget that Mr. Bob probably served in vietnam so he is perfectly capable of killing a man

>Mr. Bob probably served
>he is perfectly capable of killing a man
Nope, we've had big strong 16-year old dindus overpower veterans here in muggings. One vet fought back and enraged the muggers who then killed the veteran by hitting his face with a blunt instrument that it was unrecognizable. They were so angry at resistance they pulped the front of the veteran's face.

>How can I become a Mr Bob?
A lot of that is a combination of positive attitude and the willingness to learn to do things he doesn't already know. All the Mr Bob types I've seen thru the years were also non-procrastinators.

>white "culture"
It's unfortunate that when blacks behave nicely and become prosperous without criminal activity, get a house and mow the lawn, they get called "Oreo" by the other blacks.

>If there is something to be maintained, he works on it. This type of "get it done"
Mr Bob likes to stay busy. If he isn't doing something his mind will go back to the faces of the young men he killed in Korea and Vietnam or Iraq and Afghanistan.

I hope one day to feel love like this

So he was once Mr Bob but retired from that.

my dad is a mr bob. a while ago he noticed the hood on my Grand marquis didn't pop up when I pulled the latch. He investigated and deduced the issue was the spring in the latch mechanism, which is supposed to be stiff, had lost some tension. His solution was to pull the outer end out of the hole it was hooked around, jam a bolt in there, (tight enough so it never falls out) and wrap it around the bolt instead.

it worked like a charm and my hood now pops up like it was factory fresh

thanks Bobdad

>Man those were the days.
Mr Bob types seem more "out of place" in today's consumerism society full of isolated individuals than 30 years ago.

Companies make more money by preventing Mr Bob from servicing the vehicles. As long as servicing needs the engine to be dropped or lifted, that takes Mr Bob out of the picture.

>white "culture" lol
Mr Bob is not limited to whites. I've seen plenty of asian Mr Bobs. Industrious, hard working, and busy. But they stop to help others around them.

a good amount of people in my neighborhood (myself included) work on their cars in the driveway or on the street

Yeah, white culture. You know, any modern environment where you don't have to fear death on a daily basis. You shitskins think whites have no culture because you're living in it. Everything you experience that you don't consider a specific culture is white culture. You're welcome.

>white culture

The problem right now is that many negroes blame white culture for having stability and prosperity. This racism from the black community must stop. Prosperity and stability are not unique to whites or other people of color. Of note is the large numbers of black muslim immigrants who come in and make success stories. Their children are in school and studying as well as learning vocational skills. It's not white culture when most of the blacks doing well in school are recent immigrants from Africa and other places whereas the american blacks do not bother with learning at school. If they go to school, it is to victimize infrastructure or other students or to pick up the free lunch before they leave early for the day.

>Everything you experience that you don't consider a specific culture is white culture.
When I was in high school, lots of blacks would pull down other blacks if they became successful students. There seems to be some dark side of the force at work here.