What engine is this?

what engine is this?

Subaru i6.

V8 engine.

4age i'd assume?

One that makes no power with some simple mods

Miata dohc turd

Forgot image

Miata 1.6 bored to 1.8 to make ~180HP

Forgot picture...

>from 80 to 95 HP
I take it this show takes place in the smog era?

>15 HP increase

wouldnt JUST boring out to 1.8 increase at least 20HP?

Hudson "Twin-H Power" 308ci I6

I don't know much about cars so I can't answer that question.

What aminu

wangan midnight

at least, all that might close to double the horsepower if it was really as cucked as that, could see it running 160

>4 throttle bodies
u wot m8



siamesed intake ports

No idea. If they didn't make the valves bigger, I'd imagine it would increase low end torque, but would reach choked flow sooner, meaning not a lot of gained power.

I'm assuming they mean they increased the power figure by 80-95 hp.
i.e. [stock engine] + [listed mods] = [stock hp figure] + [80-95hp].
This is based off the fact that the 4AGE in Japan made around 110hp in it's stock DOHC form.
However the argument can be made that 80 was a reasonable estimate for wheel horspower, in which the 95 is the dyno result, but this assumption means you think all that work only brought a 15hp increase, which is fucking retarded.

Must have siamesed sparkplugs as well since it only has 4 leads.

I forgot. Niga claims its a v6 swap but thats no v6

Memes aside, a Mazda B6.

Bored out to 1.8 because someone fucked up and didn't just buy an NA with the B8 in it.


DOC Veeeeight


The Mazda BP engine used in miatas. The mods of the engine in pic related are: Strut tower brace, Individual throttle bodies and a cut timing cover

>bored and stroked his engine
>new pistons and rods
>forgets to put taller cams in

I fucking hate when people do this

This. It's definitely supposed to be a Toyota A series engine. I was going to ask if this was not from Initial D but I guess the cars are all rendered in the anime.

It's supposed to be a Formula Atlantic series 4A

4age 20v

>wouldnt JUST boring out to 1.8 increase at least 20HP?
Not if the camshaft doesn't allow the valves to open up large enough to fill the combustion chamber. This is a problem with a lot of carb'd engines that take stroker cranks.
All of a sudden the engine is idling like a turd and the owner can't figure out that whatever carb is on there can't breathe that deeply.

Technically a B6, not the 1.8L BP.

The orientation of the coil suggests the CAS is on the intake cam, meaning it's a 1.6L. BP is on the exhaust.

Looks as though they did a coolant re-route as well, moving the thermostat to its' original location, in the rear. A carry over from the B6 being used in FWDcars, the miata thermostat placement in the front waterneck is less than ideal.

What's odd is that the picture shows the coolant pipe running on the exhaust side, where-as most kits run it on the intake side for better thermal protection.

You do realize that that's what's his fuck's Miata, not Dagumi's 86 right?

It's a B6ZE not the BP, they even say in the show it's been bored out to 1.8 from 1.6 the BP is the one that starts out at 1.8.

Can't be a 4A. 710 cap on the wrong side.

>710 cap


Ah yeah the rare 1420 option for double the 710.

Wait, this joke exists in the English language too?

That would be 3s-ge or something in toyota s engine line

>t. triggered weeb


Oh cool a twin cap engine

you all are retarded. it's a miata so presumably it's the mazda inline 4. the scene is from wangan midnight

numbers are universal

That looks like the NA Miata from Intitial D

Forgot pic