Roast the key(chain) above you

Roast the key(chain) above you

That would be about on-par with the auto aspect of driving shown from sticker threads.



Robbed a Home Depots key section.

>Euro government simulator
Key to da city DLC pack

sticker threads atleast have pictures of cars desu senpai

"Kyaa~ Sempai, don't look at my keyring with no CAR KEYS!"

Shibox fiat, ruined shitbox keys, no bully.


But user, my car key is always in my car!
>I'll get a new ignition one day


Guess my car baby 8-)

How's the bus?


>Going to vatozone

>Having Twingo keychain when driving Toyota
And why do the two keys on your keyring have such similar blade patterns?

>Carabiner clip

Rental car

One is for the trunk. Locks got swapped out.



Who puts their house keys on a rental fob?



I became every honda fuccboi

Keeping a log of how many milliseconds you last, I see?


Staying out late tonight. Bingo at 5pm, followed by reruns of MacGuyver at 6:30.


Sharks are mad gay.

It's a bottle opener from Cabo that I took off someones lost and found keys at my first job. Took it cause I thought it was a pretty cool bottle opener desu.

Holy fuck, why are there so many weebs ITT?
> Inb4 "Hur dur Veeky Forums is an Animay board"
Yeah. But being a weeb and carrying around animay in your pocket is just autism.

better return your mom's forester key

>S-stop doing things I don't like gise!
>Calles other people autistic

>bottle opener
>bragging about driving a manual like you're hot shit because of it
You disgust me

Never said stop, Just how you have your right to have weeb as fuck keys, i have my right to criticize them, and disagree with your decision. Doesn't make you look any less autistic damn what to people say about those keys when they see them in person?

>"what is that?"
>good luck charm.


>haha no my sister got this for me what's a rub rife?

>implying I'd willingly hang around people who judge me for harmless shit like that.

>minimalist & simple
I like it user. Not a fan of those 'survival' paracord things by w/e, it's serving a purpose I guess.

Ugh. Your Honda is the epitome of cancer.

Riding the hypebeast "Hondas are easy to steal" of the early 90s and ruining your car by installing a viper alarm.

Absolutely disgusting

>calling anyone autistic

pot calling the kettle black

this lmao
I love when someone makes a comment about the FLCL "P!" sticker on my laptop, asking me about my thoughts on the show, new upcoming season, blah blah blah, and I just reply with
>What? I just got it because my name's Paul.

>Lego man missing a hand

I used to have a "Remove Before Flight" keytag in pink, and my younger brother asked me where he could get one, so I just mailed it to him.
Waiting on some /osg/ dude's Good Luck Club keytag at the moment.

I plan on getting an OEM Honda blank key cut for my Civic because the one the seller gave me is ugly.

>handless lego dude
It's a Jango Fett, all the paints worn and shits missing, I'd replace it but it was a gift from my wife, had it 3 years now.

those can openers suck

How do you get into your house?

I thought my keychain was getting too big with the .308 round.

How is a fuckin bomber comfy in your pocket??

I don't wear tight pants?

Neither do I, but that looks at least 5in across. You must not have a very active lifestyle friendo

Eat shit maggots

>those can openers suck
Yeah, it gets used more as a letter opener/box opener dess.
I have used it as a can opener before, but it unfortunately doesn't open bottles.

>not a based B-17

Nice mousepad

Fugg getting meme'd by file size

Bottle opener looks familiar, whats printed on it

need one of those for my supra


That flashlight looks cumbersome being so long.

It's a kubotan.

I like to keep it simple; two house keys and the leather strap I've been using for about 5 years now. Rubber end broke off my shivvy's key about a year ago. RIP.

How long have you had that WAT tag? I like it.

Fug, forgot pic

3 months, from bad decisions vinyl. I need to clean it, I'm a technician so everything gets filthy quick.


That key deserves a better tag.

like what? I don't want to scratch up my tank, and this one matches the colors

Better off ziplining to locations than driving a Ford


my nigga

Spare piston in case you blow one?


Bloody hate this type of key. Always gunked up.

That's p long

This is sleep inducing


>graph paper
what a nerd