Why don't you own the coolest car on the planet?

Why don't you own the coolest car on the planet?

>Fake JP plates
>Kei Car plates at that
>On a car never sold in Japan

JDM brah.

At the same time with some of the weird westabo's that import USDM versions of JP cars over there and shit, I can see some of them digging these since they never did get them.

That steering wheel cover is radical!

Because I own the coolest bike on the planet

A 2015 Honda Grom

>Own a 2007 tC that I bought new
>Been the best vehicle I've ever owned
>Has a poor reputation due to Fast & Furious tryhards and young women drivers
This car deserves better.

No one cares about your shitty 2 door corolla

I do, though.

My car is cooler than a fucking Scion tC

I hope that's desmogged.

The Red Dragon isn't exactly "street legal"

Keep that on the down low


Cause I already own the most X-TREME car on the planet.

>not yellow
It's like you don't watch redline

Second gen is better

*two door camry

Is that the top floor of the JTCC parking deck?

Nah my dude. Its Towne Center in Virginia Beach


reee RVA fags get out

Fuck off tidewater
This here's my land

Is the first gen blue also called nautical blue?

To be fair, I prefer the parts of Virginia with mountains rather than the brain dead flat lands

You mean an M4?

Could be worse...

Portsmouth represent

That looks familiar, where is it?

Ayy P-Town
Im actually curious if any Veeky Forums fags in nearby cities came to springfest last weekend. I saw a lot of /osg/ stickers

Some hiking place near Virginia Tech.
It has a waterfall in it. I forgot what it was called

Cascade Falls

I see those a lot on Craigslist. Are they any good?

Damn, I thought it was northern valley

Parking garages is the same

I just moved to P-town from Cleveland. The hell is spring fest? And why the he'll does everyone pronounce Norfolk as "No Fuck"?

Tidewater accent, it's more like Nah-folk
Spring fest is some gay event

Fuck you

Rva up in this bitch

wow what a high bar you set for yourself

"Nah fuck" is just easier to say
Also springfest is kinda cool besides the stancefaggotry.

>not reading the OP
Why are you here?

the joke being, both cars are incredibly uncool garbage

your car looks like a pair of Sketchers, and so does his

The thing is I know my car is a shitbox, what do you drive?

2 door camry/ 10
It's a fun little car for the poor boyracer in you.

SHIT thats badass

Relax my dude, anyone who drives a tC knows what they have isn't impressive and if they say otherwise they are just messing with you

Well, shit. I wish I'd known about that. Would have been something fun to do besides work, sleep, and shitposting on a Myanmari necklace-making forum.

Well every month the same club has a meet called night moves. Its pretty big, the next one is saturday June 17th if you're bored that night and want to see cool cars
Its at a different location though, princess anne sportsplex.

Oh cool! Thanks user! I'm going to go hit that up.

Its 5 dollars cash if you want to park in the main lot with everyone showing off their cars but you can park nearby and just walk around the lot for free.