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Real men only
Limp wristed liberals stay out

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you deserve to get lung cancer, stop trying to compensate for your small penis.



>/thread-ing your own posts
At least respond to yourself user

KYS, I drive a Tacoma and you people give truck drivers a bad name.

These are Diesel race cars. could you roll coal in them? could you imagine a race where these or something like these are blasting around 200mph on a track for 24 hours in a endurance race constantly pumping out black smoke?

Fucking killer!

what the fuck is even happening when you roll coal?

The truck emits harmless soot that gets liberal faggots all riled up. It's hilarious

The funny thing is rolling coal is actually a great way to get lung cancer.
diesel fumes are bad enough without adding more of those fine particles into it.

>could you roll coal in them?
No, since the teams don't employ retarded people as mechanics.

Youre not burning your fuel completly.

Makes a shit ton of heat and youre activly wasting power.

Its how you melt shit.
-a former performance diesel owner who melted a piston and turbo from exhaust temps that went over 2.4k before i got a good cam

I own a 2006 F250. Ask me anything

Your fuel mixture is tuned to be super rich so that you don't burn all the fuel. As the other user said, it makes a ton of heat and absolutely kills gas mileage.

Poor bait 2/10 made me reply.

Soot is not harmless. Soot is carcinogenic and highly toxic at that.

Please stop taking the bait.

How do I set up a diesel truck to road coal? Cyclists in my area don't stay single file, I'll fix that

>OP makes a bait thread with a wiggly tempting bait title
>every day
And every day Veeky Forumsthat's fall for it instead of [--] and moving on

Pouches or loose?

Set it up to run richer

do you even get more power when you roll coal? or is it just to annoy the libtards and nu males?

why would you buy a regular cab?

Pouches because he's a rent-a-redneck

because it's better than a crewcab, but not as great as a supercab.

I cant imaging a racecar that willingly wastes power and performance.

How poor are you to think buying a 6.0 was a good idea

Smoke is waste and a sign that you are likely going to prematurely damage parts.

So, no, you wouldn't see it at an endurance race.

You would see it at a tractor pull.

>kids with learners permits learn to open the fuel screw
>not even driving a real truck

Why does this guy keep making this garbage thread?

Why have all liberals had experimental surgery to have their balls removed?

Grow a pair spineless fags


Those are fake

I'm referring to actual testicles

unless you're driving a fuckhuge semi you cant into "muh big truck"

>soot is carcinogenic


>you're a GAY!


>Brake check
>Fake testicles smash rear diff

So are the grill marks on your burgers...


not him but 6.7 is not 6.0

8 foot box eh?

At least it's pointed upwards, and not into someone's windows

Black smoke is fuel that could've propelled the car but didn't, and fuel that doesn't propel the car means more pit stops. Therefore it would be absolutely fucking retarded.

>Grow a pair spineless fags
And you grow a tumor, you yokel shitface. No wait, you're going to anyway.


Shit like this is why no one likes you Americans.

>tfw you'll be bankrupted by medical bills and have to sell the same semi which gave you lung cancer

>spending 5k in work and parts to polish your Turd to look less shitty
>went from diarrhea to constipated

Goddamn chromosome hoarders.

People who post this kind of shit or actually 'roll coal' are fucking retarded and a stain on the human race. This has literally nothing to do with politics. They're just retarded.

Are you going to expand on why you feel that way or just start and finish with 'stop liking what I don't like' and stomp off in a huff?

Plenty of other people already pointed out why it's retarded. No need to do it again. But I will add that there is an obvious intellectual deficit present in people who find it entertaining to 'roll coal.'

Look im a DUNIN' oakley wearin baseball cap tapout shirt kinda guy. But dont be a fucking idiot

It's a subculture of waste. You're intentionally tuning your fuel map to be less powerful and less economical for the sole purpose of making ecofags butthurt.

>Stop liking what i don't like

Jesus christ, at least what i like doesn't fuck up the enviornment for everybody else

>Inb4 climate change deniers like its 1998.

>ecofags butthurt.
It really is one of the most selfish 'enthusiast' groups in that regards.
>Fuck the fact that I'm adding chemicals to the air making life worse for everyone around me, I think it's funny so I do it anyway
Spoiled children, the lot of them.

What if i just want to save money?

friendly reminder that this has more torque, better dynamics, and less faggotry than your brotruck

You can literally see the 6.7 power stroke badge in the photo.

lol this

big trucks are for limp-wristed nu-males that feel emasculated by modern society and choose to reject these notions instead of being a real man and adapting to society in order to master it.

>when you see some lifted POS duramax chebby on the side of the road billowing smoke because lolrunaway
>mfw the concrete cowboy is standing behind it screaming and jumping around because his truck is killing itself and there's nothing he can do

Devils advocate here, why then have I seen high performance 10 to 12 sec trucks blasting black smoke down the quarter mile? Are you saying they were running slower , on purpose, for looks?

>high performance
>quarter mile

who cares when my 138 hp shitbox with a few mawds will smoke any truck on the touge

But it's okay for you to straight pipe your oil burning 80hp shitbox and cut it's springs?

A straight piped gas engine pollutes a fuckload more than a straight piped diesel.

Here in Europe if you roll coal your car gets crushed by the environment agency.


Can't you just stuff a rag in the intake?

Reminder to report coal rollers.

Take a picture of the license plate and the smoke. Fines are up to $5000, depending on the state.

Nevada: smogspotter.com/
California: arb.ca.gov/enf/complaints/smoke.htm
Texas: tceq.texas.gov/airquality/mobilesource/vetech/smokingvehicles.html
Utah: deq.utah.gov/ProgramsServices/programs/air/mobilesource/smokingcar.htm
New Mexico: cabq.gov/environmentalhealth/vehicle-emissions-testing/report-smoking-vehicle
Colorado: colorado.gov/pacific/cdphe/smoking-vehicle-hotline

Bonus points for dressing up as a dudebro, establishing rapport with the coal roller, express awe for his soot machine, and let him demonstrate it while you film it :^)

Yeah if you wan't to get close to a 6+ liter engine that's in the process of revving it's self to death.

Confirmed for American false flag because neither does any environmental agency crush cars, nor is there harmonized legislation across Europe. Worst case you get fined and lose your road registration until the situation is fixed.

No, but they were burning fuel unnecessarily because they were too lazy for an actual decent tune and went the "just dump fuel in there, the excess portion will simply get ejected" route.

It works though... It may be belching smoke but a brotruck will still destroy 90% of the cars on Veeky Forums.

those are pretty weak memes, OP.

i thought lean conditions increase heat. shouldnt too much fuel cool it down?

Most brotrucks have shit for gearing and lack turbos or serious boost if they are turbo. And there's the weight issue, both in terms of distribution and power/weight.

They have low gearing for towing and off roading which helps them pull so hard from the line. Even something like a stock or lightly tuned 7000lb f350 is pretty damn quick. Getting traction is a bigger issue.


diesel does not behave like gasoline