Buying this car tomorrow for 1K. 2005 Impreza Outback 5 speed with 140k on it. Did I do good Veeky Forums?

Buying this car tomorrow for 1K. 2005 Impreza Outback 5 speed with 140k on it. Did I do good Veeky Forums?

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Can't believe it runs with 140k miles! If it lasts you a year, it's already worth $1k

Did you drive it first?

>$3 mesh from store to make a grille
>clean interior
>change oil and coolant immediately
>drive till it fucking dies

$1000 well spent user, good find.

Fuck no. It probably needs a trans or an engine rebuild or both. Buy a mint one poorfag.

Subarus seem notorious for head gasket failures. Everyone I've known who had one got to 150k and needed a replacement, and all the cheap imprezas on my local craigslist have blown head gaskets. It probably just BARELY runs and it'll die any day now. Did you test drive it, and if so, did you get it up to operating temp?

Drove it yesterday. Fell in love on the test drive.
Test drove yesterday. Really put it through its paces too, so I think the head gasket is fine.

Body work is the most expensive thing to fix on a car. Buy a clean one faggot.

100 bucks for a fender isnt bad. Go fuck yourself buddy.

>front bumper
>Rear bumper paint
It needs at least 1000 bucks in bodywork.

Have it inspected just to be safe.

It's probably an EJ25 so the headgaskets may be leaking, also wheel bearings are a common problem and it looks pretty banged up which can mean damage that's not obvious from the outside.

For 1k, I'd still probably buy it but I'd definitely want to know if there are any major problems lurking before going in. An "estimation" usually costs like $100.

Or if he's a poorfag and it's just bodywork he can just drive around without doing anything. As long as it doesn't impact the mechanical function of the car it's fine.

In fact, it's a Subie. Adds character.

This guy knows what's up.
How would I check if its leaking? I ran it pretty hard and then checked the fluids afterwards. Made sure there were no leaks afterwards as well.

Make sure the exhaust isn't blowing with a sweet smell or white steam when it's warmed up.

Make sure the coolant reservoir isn't bubbling.

Make sure the oil isn't milky.

I've got 280k KM on an 04 Impreza, original head gaskets.... just don't rev the piss out of it... keep it under 4500 rpm and I bet it will last a long time.

Fuck the body work, the $1000 body work guy is a fucktard... go to a pick and pull... I bet you can get away with $150 to replace all 4 of those things if you even care that it has dents and scratches.. I mean some cunt is going to ram their door into your door anyway, and park their shopping cart into it like a dipshit too, or reverse out of their spot and swing their front end into your car and leave.

What you should really be checking for, is in the rear wheel wells, check for rot in the area where the back seats are... most of them you can put your finger right through the wheel well and into the back seat foam.

I'd still buy it even if you can touch the seat foam from the outside, it'll last several more years if it's just at the corner of the panel in there.

driving around with a damaged vehicle just lets everyone else know you're a poorfag degenerate. If your shitbox is mint they might think you just like it.

Nobody cares what you think.

Poorfag degenerate detected. Kill yourself

>Man kills himself infront of computer with shotgun because of rude comment on Veeky Forums.

Some people either don't have the luxury or insecurity to gaf what others think.
I used to DD a 1992 Eagle Summit Wagon with mismatched panels and obnoxious cat knock. Driving into good neighborhoods and trolling fuckbois like you was a lot of fun. Used to bang chicks in the back too, even took it to an Veeky Forums meet once.

Sometimes the lowlife is where it's at.

>not driving around in a mechanically sound vehicle with a shit body so that you can bully everyone else on the road

no one ever cuts me off in this, nor do they challenge me when i switch lanes. plus its fun to scare the shit out of normies with it

Is this a joke? My acura has 300k on it.

acura reliability = / = subaru reliability

100% of 2.5's have the gasket problem. Despite that there are hundreds of thousands with 250k+ miles on them. Why do you think that is?

I love the older f series. Does it have bench seats?

>Buddy has a shitbox 2.2 s10 that's been t-boned
>Drives it like he stole it everyday
>Riding home with him heading north on i75 cruising along at 80mph before 75mph change
>Coming up on a Pontiac Solstice hanging in the left lane
>Some guy cruising in the left lane at 70mph doesn't get over
>Friend decides he'll just go around and pass on the right
>Mr. Solstice decides he'll get over after friend starts changing lanes
>Cool, thanks man
>Friend decides to get back up to speed as we had to slow down
>Mr. Solstice switches back into the left lane after accelerating and then slows us back down to 70
>Friend is getting frustrated as the 2.2 is gutless, so we go back to the right lane
>Mr. Solstice accelerates, switches lanes, and then proceeds to slow back down
>This goes on for at least two songs, I remember Piano Man playing on the radio
>This guy is literally enforcing the speed limit
>Friend is furious, drops down to third and rams into the guys bumper
>He keeps banging off the guy repeatedly bouncing off the limiter
>Mr. Solstice lays on the brakes and nearly completely stops us
>Friend is steaming; I've always known he had road rage but nothing like this
>Friend drops the s10 to first, does a one wheel peel off into the grass and through the mandatory barbed fence
>End up on some random dead end dirt road
>Steel bumper is completely fine, LED light bar is only holding on by the wires
>LH tire has extreme negative camber
>Whole way home the tire was just a screeching

You never know the state of someone behind the wheel. That wasn't the first time he's hit someone, either.

wtf I expect every car to make it to 200k.
Plus the 2.2 and 2.5 can regularly make it to 300k or even 400k with proper maintenance, and after promptly upgrading the headgasket once it inevitably blows.

usually cars that are too good to be true have many underlying issues

You paid money for a car that has been in an accident, will probably need further repairs, so no.

Insecure jew detected, oven yourself.

Not sure what people are talking about here. Have had 2 EJ25 subarus. Both to about 200k miles. One of them I replaced the head gasket at 190k and the other never needed it. No other problems.

Only lesbians drive outbacks

>laughing cause I drive an outback and I look like a dyke