Wtf! I hate Subaru now!

Wtf! I hate Subaru now!

Wtf this is crazy I can't believe this I'm never going to a dealership ever again

Why are you idiots surprised? Dealer sees a modded car they won't want to do any type of warranty work on it. With that said they are incompetent as fuck with their work and had no business lurking her social media

This is why you never buy a Subaru.

Any other dealer would have denied the warranty work too ya fool


I’m sorry but every time I see one of these “customer takes their car on track and warranty is voided” posts I am in complete and utter shock and disbelief. I am a dealer master tech for BMW and we have MANY customers who track their cars. If the failure is not directly related to an “incident” such as a money shift (which I personally have been instructed to warranty before anyways as a “don’t ever do this again” kind of deal) going off track and picking up some kind of damage in a gravel pit or striking a tire wall or other object there or damage as a result of using aftermarket parts on the car, there is NO REASON to void the warranty or refuse to do the repair. Even on a track the engine and vehicle is operating within its design limits. Also there is NO FUCKING WAY you’re going to damage a fuel pump or level sender by hitting a rumble strip. This Subaru dealership is crooked as fuck and that service manager should be kicked out onto the fucking street. That kind of shit might fly at Subaru but I don’t even want to imagine the kind of hell that would be raised here if my service manager or service writer contacted a customer and told them we weren’t going to replace their fuel pump because of their track pictures on Facebook, but I can imagine that the unemployment line would be at least one person longer if not more.

I wonder which reputable Subaru dealership is behind this post.

>female driver

I don't say because track use, I say because it looks heavily modded. They had no business on her social media too. This is me too

>it looks heavily modded
It has some decals on it, a wing and some bodykit. I can't see a mention of any performance mods.

Most likely does, at the very least a tune I'd bet.

I thought not being a lesbian voided your Subaru warranty.

It's just a BRZ, who cares

>We see you racing your car and that’s clearly abuse to your engine. We’re going to put a note here to void your warranty and never service your vehicle again. You need to take that shit down. You think you look cool but you’re not doing yourself any favours.

He's not wrong.

>"Software engineer"
>Attention whores
>Mods car
>Makes money off her car

She should be grateful they even tried to keep doing warranty work on it for so long. They probably just did so because she was hot. But coming in repeatedly for little shit and pushing their buttons was going to far.

We see you racing your car and that’s clearly abuse to your engine. We’re going to put a note here to void your warranty and never service your vehicle again. You need to take that shit down. You think you look cool but you're actually driving a slow Subaru.

fucking this.
I did read through the article.. and the phone conversation was transcribed.. not recorded.. so its all fucking hearsay and jalopnik/bitchebel/gawker is all shit anyway.

Subaru is shit though.. so it all may be true, honestly the best thing would be to kill the car owner, the article writer, most everyone with a subaru.

>posting on social media

Will millennials ever learn?

>female software engineer


Why are all Subaru owners cancerous entitled millennials

Because they pay a huge premium to get buttfucked by dealer


Reading her posts this place sounds like it's run by shitbags.
>replace fuel pump
>reuse old seals
>trip evap code
>she brings it right back
>replace half the seals, fuck up the old ones more
>major evap code
>replace rest of seals
>throws another CEL
>fuel level sensor broken
What ape do they have working on the cars? Probably trying to double bill her because they've had to spend so much time on the car.

Doesn't matter. They're going to see all that retarded shit and assume you're racing too. It's their word against her's in the end.

>had no business lurking her social media
Bullshit! That's how you catch fraudulent warranty claims.
I worked in a GM service department for a short time. We had a customer bring in his vehicle multiple times for transmission damage. And by Damage I mean COMPLETELY fucked up, transmission gravel in the transmission oil pan fucked up. But the vehicle was under factory warranty so they replaced the transmission every time. The Boss, who is a fat disgusting sheckle hoarder of a Jew that could squeeze a dollar out of a penny, finally had enough of that shit and looked the Customer up on face book. The car in question was a brand new 2013 impala, the customer (Black) put ridiculously big ass rims on the car. In case you didn't know if you don't have the car properly re geared putting gigantic ass rims on your car can fuck your transmission. but every time he would come in to get his free replacement transmission he would put the stock wheels back on to "cover his tracks". When he came back in for his 4th transmission we showed him the face book posts and told him his car would no longer be covered under warranty and a new transmission would be 5 grand.

Pretty much this. Social media is a retards paradise. You got people who riot and then they post their face on their FB page. And then they wonder how police found out it was them

Can he go to any other dealer for free transmissions? Or is there record from all local?

Car is flagged in GMs system, dude is fucked

>shitbaru stealership
>in leafistan

She's basically asking for it.

When a warranty is voided, it is voided world wide.

>warranty repair for moneyshifting on the track
u wot m8