Fuck, I buy parts at Autozone so much now that the guys there recognize me by name now...

Fuck, I buy parts at Autozone so much now that the guys there recognize me by name now. Now I have to go to the next Autozone store in the other town to avoid this!

Fuck. I know this feel.

>not rotating between autozone, advance, pep boys, and napa to avoid this

You brought this upon yourself, user

>buy parts
>buy one wrong part
>have to go to other store to buy correct part
>slowly collecting pile of misc hardware because my autism prevents me from returning 2 or 3 times to a store

You people need buried alive.

>mfw I go to autozone for a part AND THEY HAVE IT
I'm so used to waiting a week for parts in the mail, breaking something and then waiting another week (80s mercedes)

Thank you based 2002 Ford Taurus.

I know that feel too user

>go to o'reilys once/twice a week for the last few months working on project car
>everyone knows me by name
>laugh about how much I come in
>stopped going there because I felt pathetic
>go to local mom and pop engine store
>same thing is starting to happen

I was gunna make fun of you, but then i realized i do this...

There is a gas station i always go to, but wont go inside because someone from highschool recognises me and acts too chummy, like we were friends.
Maybe because its like 6am when i see him, and im too tired for that kind of shit.

Other than that i dont give a fuck if people recognise me. Tbh its a good thing the advanced auto recognises us, we always get that lifetime warrenty shit done, havent had to buy an alternator or a power steering for like, 10 years.

Order parts online
>Takes longer but at least I don't have to deal with the autoparts store
>Same delivery driver the last few times
>'Hey user your I've got your parts"
>REEEEE Inside
>Stop ordering parts and curl up into a ball

I rotate between 6 barber shops so the people don't get to know me, one I have to drive an hour to.

Started doing this when a girl who worked there recognized me and asked me about stuff we talked about last time.

Fuck this, I had to take 2mg of xanax just to come here, I don't need you remembering who I am

You people make me less sad about being me, as I'm thankfully no where near this fucked. I do understand though, avoiding idiots from High School is understandable.

>go to a place
>people remember you from the last time you were there

What is the actual problem with this?

because then they talk to you?

fuck man why are you here

I am known in the auto parts stores.

I knew it was getting bad when they started recognizing me in fucking tractor supply

HECK off normie

>tfw rotating between 6 liquor stores
>they still recognize me from coming in once a week

Haven't gotten a haircut in nearly 2 years because the haircut person interrogates me

NAPA is shit tier but for some reason they tend to carry specialty things.

>been going to the same mechanic for years
>get chummy
>learn to quell the autism
>enjoy discounts
>last time I brought my beater for repairs he even tuned the suspension and carburetor for free
>mention one day I was looking for a new car, tell him the model and the prices I found so far
>"give me a few days user, I could find it for less"
>mfw all of the above

But yea Its just that one gas station. I always go to the same places and dont mind talking to anyone.

Working in a tool crib at a tech school is awesome, its like the service industry but you only work with mechanics.

Only bad part is the punk ass kids straight outta highschool.

9 stores down and now my gf wants to change sexes because she cant buy tampons anymore.

Same here, it's a gas station even. Thankfully there's another a block away with some old dude who is cool.

Aside from that yeah I always use the same places if I can. Service gets better when they know who you are. Plus it's comfy.

Grow the fuck up

>tfw 15-20% discount all the time because manager of only local parts/accessory stord is sisters ex

>I rotate between 6 barber shops so the people don't get to know me, one I have to drive an hour to.
>Started doing this when a girl who worked there recognized me and asked me about stuff we talked about last time.
>Fuck this, I had to take 2mg of xanax just to come here, I don't need you remembering who I am

>this entire thread

>be me
>go grab stuff (oil, filters tools etc) at car store because fuck motorcycle stores marking up prices
>get to know people working there
>known by name
>getting oil at cost price
>free tire inflation whenever I want (inb4 muh hot tires, the store is 700 meters from my house)
>offered job for this summer to earn some cash to pay for medicine books weekends afterwards
What are you guys sperging about? This is how I get reduced prices literally everywhere. Stores will throw discounts at you if it means you'll come back


>order parts on Amazon
>save lots of money
>don't have to deal with the cunts at Vatozone/O'really's

Do you guys even into autism?

>always go to autozone because it's closer
>big black manager knows me by name
>always recommends I get some lotion because my hands are so dry
>used to laugh it off but now it's every single time
>scarred to stop going

Also wonder if I wore the same shirt last time I was there.
By the time I get to my car I don't care anymore.

Life can be good,mon.
psst... You can save my pic if I can save yours,deal?

It's anxiety and being socially inept. For some it's literally the end of the world to connect with another human being cause they've alienated themselves watching Chinese cartoons and shitposting frogs and anime on here.

>cheap fast food shop recognizes me even tho they have thousands customers a day

>same happens with all other fast foods in my city...yes ALL

>same happens with all liquer stores

>i am known by over half a million people that i am the village drunkard (in my case city)

Yoi guys will never get on my level

>have the intentional to make friends who have possibly have common interests

Slit your wrists.This is why you have no friends.

>went to AutoZone
>bought new suspension struts
is it really so fucking hard?

She likes you you sperg, cool your jets get back in there and give her your phone number and within a few date-nights you will be raw-dogging that sloot.

>find a really good Chinese food place
>go there 5 days a week for lunch
>they already know what I want when I go to the counter
>start calling me by my name
Fuck me, I guess I gotta find a new Chinese food place now. I can't deal with this shit.

Sooner or later they will also start making fun of your tastes or behavoour even tho you are a paying customer (happened to me with several shops)


I think you win user

It's okay bro, we understand.

>what do you for a living?
>got any plans today?
>where were you born?
>first time here?
>maggie is almost done with her women's studies degree
>billy usually comes in here every monday but I haven't seen him in a few weeks
>marsha likes billy but billy isn't that bright
>my mother in law is coming in for the weekend
>do you want a shampoo?

This is what's happened to my race. You faggots I guarantee are mostly white and this is why your not happy you need to put yourselves out there.
>mfw move to well populated NW city from southern cali
>all the men here are either weird cucks or rich assholes.
White men need to be men again

Or you know, we're a bunch of NEETS that enjoy cars.

Go back to /pol/

All of that applies to me.
I have had that happen in another time zone.
And my base of operation is Orlando,not even close to Central Time.
My power level is incalculable by frogs.
my face when I dispense wisdom doggly.

Shit man, try living in San Marcos. I go get Thai take out like once a week and they know me by name.

thats only gonna scare him away, congrats now he needs a new hairdresser.

Some of my high school classmates from school work at the autozone and recognize me.
Shit's wack, i think that they've forgotten me but without blinking an eye they'll refer to me by my front name.

the fuck is wrong with you boy? this is why black people are able to take advantage of poor low self esteem white cucks

>be me 6'5 long haired bearded spicc user wearing some random high school 'metalcore' shirt because I don't want to stain my cuccboi dunlop racing shirts and pants
>be at O rielly seeking for CG ricebox parts.
>dude at register asks me make and model, tfw "Ohh I too have a honda shitbox too br0, it's an Si" *giggles
>tfw EG d15 "racecar", *user pukes inside his mouth a little bit
>Can't stop stares at my shirt, asks me if I like Tool
>tfw "this idiot wants to friend me", answers "What tool? Oh the bolt remover I want to rent!"
>actually don't need bcoz 120psi pump and a good assortment of hidraulic tools & pistols at home
>cashier br0 stumbles in silence while comes back with the shitty tool... shy "It's 378.95 sir"
>Swipes card and lefts avoiding eye contact
>tfw I actually like tool and have seen them live twice
>tfw ordering solely from Hondaparts.com since 2015

Fuck retail


>be me
>know employees at guitar center on a first name basis
>come in every once and a while to get strings
>chill af
How can someone's autism be so powerful they don't wanna make friends?

What language is your post in? Seems really interesting.

Can't relate. Where I get haircuts, all they ask is how I want my hair cut. The worker usually has a language barrier.

>get lotion
>no longer have dry hands

Engrish is not my 1st language :^)

I just buy my parts from the dealership I used to work for.
>my name is still in the system for employee discounts

>just shave my head every week by myself because I don't like talking to barbers or spending ~$10 plus tip

>not having everyone know you by name

I don't see what's so bad about this.

>go to pay rego
>Hey user, how's it going

>go to buy groceries
>sup user, how's things?

>book car in for a service
>banter with the mechanics

>tfw I feel the same way and its not even due to me needing parts but having to be associated with having to give my brother a ride to the nearest autozone and o'rielys by our house.
This shit has even spilled over to fast food places where if I fuck up and forget my wallet I won't return for a month.



Yeah there is a touch of autism associated with any hobby but come on what's a nice car without some qt 3.14 to enjoy it with?
Not an argument.