Salt Belt

Do you live in the salt belt Veeky Forums? If so how do you deal with your car being eaten alive from underneath?

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Get a few oil leaks on your car. Don't fix 'em. Just keep adding oil.

I just don't look under there so I can pretend it doesn't exist

Buy shitty beaters for the winter only. Drive nice cars other times of year

Only buy well galvanized cars.

Yeah. You move out.

Nope, I live in AZ

Summer tires all year long.

why is KY not included?

Mah nigga.

Fuck winter and driving shitty all season tires

>bragging about being in shitty republican state
lol. the only thing texas does right is renewable energies.

Take it by a carwash that does underspray, and since I live in VA I don't have to do it all that often

Eric O did this to his daily driver:

I drink a lot.

This and having a winter shitbox.

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Cheap gas, easy inspections, high speed limits, guns, good food, and being the best god damn state in this shit hole of a nation. Oh, and independent power grid.


I live in Alaska and drive a Volvo, 20 years old and not a single rust bubble yet.

>tfw az craigslist
>gee user what is rust :^]
Our belts and rubber gaskets do wear quicker from what i hear though

>best state

Right now there's a bill in the Texas State Legislature to get rid of state inspections altogether. It passed the state senate back in May and right now it's sitting in the House to get voted on..................eventually?

I've seen higher speed limits in other places I've been too, though.

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Stupid moose, scram from sexy swedish steel box.


Oh thank god! I won't have to move to cuckafornia then!

Maintain my frame and keep the fox in the garage during the winter.

Fuck cuckifornia, tehas my dude.

>Doesn't have all season tires
>hydroplanes every time it rains.
You have problems

My town in Illinois uses beat juice mixed with salt so it's not as bad.

I own a truck, those things are meant to last even if they spend their whole lives in snow.
Plus I think my town uses a mix of salt and sand.

Saltbelt life is shit, having a garage helps a lot.
Life got a lot better after getting a dedicated winter beater. best plan ever.

Mesa here. Sup nig?

>how do you deal with your car being eaten alive from underneath
You see, I do this thing called "wash" my car every so often. That typically gets rid of any salt.

North Dakota doesn't salt

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I can't tell if you are baiting or just this stupid. Summer tires actually offer superior performance in rain and wet driving conditions over all season tires. Literally the only reason most people in winterless areas like Phoenix and Houston still use all season is because they last longer than summer tires, are cheaper, and they drive so slow that summer tires won't make a noticeable difference.

Only a dumbass whose never been there would say that.

What is washing the underside of your car

You could just be like 80 years old but it's much more likely you're a mexinigger who has to go back.

>cowboy scared of a little ice.
only steers and queers come from Texas, and I doubt there is a cow/ur mom typing your messages on Veeky Forums.

Undercoating and an occasional car wash

I have a dedicated winter beater which I fluid film every fall.

Texas Republicans are nothing like what you been brainwashed into thinking. Only thing is they hate the gays and transgenders more due to being moral-christfags.


>Texans aren't flag waving, gun-toting, capital punishing, fossil fuel burning right-wingers
I'm so glad that it's the urban centers that will burn when the time comes.

No one will respond because no one lives there except for me but North Dakota doesn't use salt. It gets so cold that salt is ineffective and they use sand for traction instead.

Also, the winter isn't like "Let's build a snow man" weather it's "You will die if you go outside for more than 20 minutes" weather. Exhaust from cars lingers and becomes blinding, your car engine needs to be plugged in to start and everyone keep emergency blankets in their cars.

It's a weird place

Tundra. I'm sure they still use tons of salt in like November and March though.

Oh fuck off.

This actually works, oil leak in my focus valve cover coated the underside of my car for years. 250,000 miles and its just start to get a hint of fender rust despite going through 17 PA winters.

>live in Montana
>time to start the car and go to work
>engine heater plugged in
>oil heater also plugged in
>car won't start
>oil froze
I got a nice 3 day weekend.

Back seat big enough for your mom

You can just spray your used oil right onto the undercarriage after you drain it. Hillbilly undercoating.


Even in the coldest montana winters my shitbox truck starts up second try.

No block heater at all

My 2002 Avalon has lived half of it's life in Anchorage, Alaska.

No rust at all. Idk what I did to prevent it, probably just Toyota being Toyota.

Scottsdale asshole here.

All my rubber shit in my engine bay gets absolutely destroyed in this heat.

But that's literally the only thing I have to worry about in this glorious state.

why doesn't this include kansas and nebraska?

fucking TON of salt on the roads in both states

Ontario Canada
>Krown sprayed every other year

You can move out but it's already too late for my car...

i try my hardest not to think about it.

also this

I put my car on stands, fill a harbor freight paint gun with used oil, and coat the underside. It's kind of a pain in the ass because of how the gun is gravity fed and the weird angles i have to get at with the car being only 2 feet off the ground, but it's better than rot. If I wasn't poor I could pay a shop to do it.

In the last couple years they switched from rock salt to brine, which is the absolute worst because it's like driving your car through the fucking ocean. There's no crack or crevice it cannot reach. I know in my heart there's some hidden spot the brine finds its way into that's slowly rotting and I won't find out until it's too late.

Iktf about the brine, fucking VA has been using it for at least 15 years now

I live in the DMV region and this has never happened to me nor anyone I know

So, do you even know where you are right now...?

>mfw I took a hammer and whacked over 60+ lbs of scale and rust off of my frame, rocker panels, and skid plates

>mfw illinois

Stage 4 weight reduction

>doesn't even fill in the UP

VT reporting, our winter don't get as cold, but that means wet snow and wet rocksalt/brine. After a good snow storm, it is not uncommon to see cars with salt built up on the body. Everyone who wants their car to last more than a couple of winters here either has it permanently undercoated or doesn't drive it for 6 months

Galvanized shitbox.

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Toyota is notorious for rust

So I guess you just got lucky there

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Rust undercoating. Only do it every two/three years tho.

Man I hate this state.

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