If money was no object, would Veeky Forums have a racetrack on their land?

If money was no object, would Veeky Forums have a racetrack on their land?

No, I would just use a real one more often.

That race track looks really shitty to be honest

The one in the picture, or the one in the videos? The video one is not the same.

Is that a race course, or a fucking golf course?

if you had money, why not both?

Not him, but OP here. Golf sucks ass. It's only redeeming qualities is driving a cart thru the twisties and eating at the halfway house.
t. played golf from age 5-20

>Played golf from 5-20
I actually feel bad for you

I'd prevent a historic one from being torn down, and renovate it. New tracks have no soul, and you'd probably never get a permit for it.

>fresh air, a spot of nature (inb4 someone assumes that every golf course in the world is a finely groomed lawn), some light hiking and physical exercise
>sucks ass
You're just too young and overstimulated to appreciate it.

You can have fresh air, a spot of nature, and some light hiking, and all without the addition of golf in-between that, thus making all of it infinitely more enjoyable.

It's infinitely more enjoyable when combined with an activity that sparks your ambition for improvement and refines your motor skills.

you stopped playing before you could enjoy the best part nigger, drunk driving the golf carts to practice for the drive home is why i fuckin golf at all.

I'd just have a convoluted hillside driveway

Yes but I wouldn't have trees so close to it wtf

I'd have a kart track in the shape of the nurburgring

>Accuses people of being overstimulated
>Needs a game (stimulation) to enjoy a nature walk

Walking in itself is very unsatisfying. I prefer cycling or rowing.

Thanks, I appreciate it.
So add hunting. Get to shoot shit.
Fuck, guess I have to get back into it then.
>tfw no qt hillclimb driveway with no speed limit

I guess I'm weird, but walking is one of my favorite things on the planet. Early morning, get my lamborfeeties reved up, and walk around town while it's empty and the sun is just rising.

It is the best feeling, in the history of feelings maybe ever, especially this time of year.

I've had fantasies where I had a big mansion and the entire premises was smack in the middle of a beautiful private racetrack I could drive on whenever I wanted.

Grand Valley Speedway is my choice for the track.

ya I want to get maybe a miat and work out a rally course on my land

I would build my own in the foothills of a mountain. Turn the area into a resort/nature preserve. Pull in all the YouTube videos of drives striking animals dumb enough to go onto the track during race day.

>tfw no qt hillclimb driveway with no speed limit

I've delivered to some houses with driveways that take almost 5 minutes to drive up. They got to be a few miles long and would be fun as shit in a fun car.

Even a short driveway can be over $100k to pave. Land is cheap and you could save a lot if you did the excavating yourself but paving would cost a fuckload.

Yes. I would then hire the right people and make it into a business with open track days daily. I'm pretty sure I would be able to make a profit.

Until some faggot in a stanced Miata comes along and kills himself on your property and you get your dick sued off.

With the right paper work and lawyers it'd be fine

Yeah in the first link in the OP, it said they spent 2.4 Million on asphalt alone, and about 10 million total.