Veeky Forums reporting in. What lambo should I get?

I dont know much about cars, maybe you noncoiners can help me.

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Ford Pinto

kek enjoy driving from one highly secured car park to another, do you?

Get yourself a car that isn't going to be broken into or destroyed out of jealousy if you decide to grab a coffee from somewhere and don't need to supervise at all times.

E.g. BMW M3-M6 or Merc AMG series, or a Porsche 911 something or another.

I hear you can get a really nice one from the 90s for about 300k, but why own a lambo when you could get a true italian thoroughbred car, like a Ferrari?

Pic related, my '05 F430 Spyder

500 twingos

no one will ever touch a lambo because eyes are ALWAYS on it.
a amg or 911 on the other hand...

Anybody who calls a Lamborghini a "Lambo" needs to be castrated

Babby's first expensive sports car. Gaudy garbage for newly rich with no taste whatsoever. The Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS, Aston Martin V8/V12 Vantage and DB9 and - if you insist on muh mid-engine supercar appeal - McLaren 540C and 570S are all more tasteful choices in the same price range, usually cheaper.

>polishing his katana this hard
Actual lambo owners call them lambos.
you need to get out more poorfag

Where do you live m8
There's an AM rapide about 400 meters from my home. The owner of the car always goes to park it at a regular road to stop at Subway for lunch. I'd upload a pic but firefox is dicking around on my phone today
>rapide styling
>muh dicc


>choosing generic McLaren over an almighty Aventador


You mean Huarghacan. For less than the price of an Abortador I can have a superior McLaren 720S.

Pic related, samsung browser seems to work

Op said he had money.
Only poorfag get the huracan.
poorfags with no taste get mclaren
ballers get the real deal Aventador.

>getting a slower car

no surprise, Prezo preffers slower cars

I'm convinced he's simply completely tasteless and approximately 16 years old.

>I am literally abusing a kid

it seems my superior opinion has triggered the autists again

Any McLaren that's not a LMP or an F1 is garbage, fuck off.

>Prezo just represses his anger and purposely ignores this post


what is his autist sperging about exactly??


Check 'em



Even better with the hurracan lights, and widebody.

The huracan is actually a great car though

Who would spend $400k on a 40 year old Lamborghini to bolt on a body kit and nigger-rig some ebay tail lights? There's a reason that picture is a render.

Countaches are widebody from the factory anyways

>not taking up the entire lane
But pop up lights...

A 2012 Honda Civic