Could I dd an 80's supra?

Could I dd an 80's supra?

1986.5 Toyota Supr

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according to the stuff the guy says it needs it'd cost you like another 1500 bucks at least and who knows what else it could need. You'd have to re-torque the head bolts too assuming it's not already leaking.

you could DD it though, I DD a 92 mk3 supra. Just be aware of what you could be getting yourself into because they are not cheap to maintain.

Not worth your time, sounds like a money pit. Look for one that hasn't been sitting long (longer than a year and even then thats too long), isn't burning oil if its a turbo, and the owner is willing to let the engine idle for 5 minutes with no gas. Also get a manual.

I do it. It's a bad idea though.



>sports car
>slower than a v6 accord

LS swapped maybe. Silverado mowtors are bulletproof if not boosted and you will never have problems finding cheap parts for it. You may wanna get a blower if you want to squeeze some extra horse juice, and build some proper sturdy mounts so you . 1/2JZ swap is also feasible but you'll end spending 10x more than if you go LS way.

Why's that?

You can dd it for sure. They are pretty comfy. Just don't get that specific one. Watch for head gaskets

I have one. Their nice. Fun to work on, and looks nice driving down the road

They're terrible cars. Money pits for sure. Honestly, the only Toyota that isn't reliable. I had a buddy with one and he had to replace a ton of shit AND swap the head bolts with studs to keep it from blowing gaskets. Toyota didn't torque the heads to the right tightness by mistake on all of those cars and it's extremely risky to tighten the head down on stretched out 25+ year old bolts. Look for a different car, unless you're rich. In that case, get an M3. Both money pits, but at least the M3 is kinda quick.

>1/2JZ swap is also feasible but you'll end spending 10x more than if you go LS way

false. Swapping in a mkiii supra 1jz is a direct drop in. Can be done very easily for 5k including r154 if your supra doesn't already have one.

Right. I read that thinking " how the fuck you gonna get an ls into a mk3 for 600 bucks"?

Don't get that one. Get an 89-92 turbo. Find the best taken care of example you can find. If you can't afford a turbo and must get an N/A, get one with a 5 speed, as it will be that much easier when you inevitably want to put a JZ and an R154 in it.
Are you implying the JZA70 wasn't at one point the fastest car in the Mid Night Club? Because it was

Not op but before buying one how can you tell if it has the r154 tranny in it other than the guy telling you "yea that's the one"

R154s were in 5 speed turbos ONLY. there was a weaker and unappealing 5 speed in the N/A cars called the W58. R154s are getting more and more expensive now.

>sports car
>shit all steering angle and heavy as shit

but fucked if they arnt some of the best looking cars around

Does anyone have this picture in 1080p? I need a new background.

If you can look underneath, the 154 has a big access panel bolted on either side of the bellhousing

>can I daily it?
I did for years, but I'm an experienced wrench. It was comfy and relatively quick, but parts were expensive and sometimes hard to find. Also, it's automatic...

This. It concerns me about the "needs a new radiator". 7M's blowing head gaskets isn't a meme

This also

It's a 30 year old GT, not a sports car. It's also likely more comfortable and much better equipped. MK3's are a technophile's dream car

Owning a MK3 is like having an ex girlfriend with big set of knockers and a risky sex fetish on the back burner. She's sexy, does a lot of shit that will annoy you, and will let you go balls deep in her with no condom. She's down and she'll make it worth your while, but you better be ready for whatever happens

>and it's extremely risky to tighten the head down on stretched out 25+ year old bolts

What's the risk with this exactly? I have my mk3 in the shop right now getting the turbo repaired and I was gonna ask them if they could tighten down the head bolts while it was in since my car has never blown a head gasket yet.

Or slamshift that cunt into 5th. If the input shaft snaps like a brittle twig it's a w58.

So all the 5 speed turbos have the r154 for each production year?

Yes, Toyota first made the MK3 Supra Turbo in 1987 and they all had the R154 transmission.
If you want to be sure though, compare these pics with the bellhousing of the transmission on the car you're looking at

Hope that helps!