Got off with a warning

Tell us of the times you got off with a verbal warning

>drive 160 km/h on 100 km/h road at night in 1.2l shitbox
>zero traffic except 1 inconspicuous car behind
>undercover police turn siren on, pull over
>"Do you know how fast you were going?"
>"Not exactly but it was too fast :("
>"You probably got all out of this little car that's possible"
>"My girlfriend and I just got back together and I was so excited, ..."
>Alcohol test, negative
>They look at each other
>OK, drive carefully now
They could have revoked my license.

>driving speed limit on local road
>registration out
>license expired
>brake light out
>riding dirty (2 oz bud in texas)
>unpaid speeding ticket (warrant out for arrest)
>hot boxing
>see police lights
>shit my pants
>roll windows down to air out FJ but attempt is futile because not enough air flow
>cop walks up asks for license and insurance
>cop eyes widen and asks if there's any weed in the car
>i say yes because no shit he already knows and has reasonable cause for search
>tell him i have 2 oz. in my backpack
>tells me to get out of car, handcuffs me, puts me in back of his SUV
>mom dying, christmas is days away, start thinking about never seeing her again
>cop comes back and asks why i have 2 oz.
>decide to be honest and tell him i'm selling it to my friends
>he says that's a lot to try and cover for me
>mfw decriminalization under 1 oz. but not 2
>calls tow truck
>this is it i'm going to jail
>hear laughing from outside
>cop banter with tow truck driver, think that he gave him my weed and is going to let me go
>comes back to SUV and tells me to get out, tells me thanks for being honest and to be more discrete about my business
>mfw no ticket, no jail, drive away and get to keep my weed

>get hektik on right turn
>*party lights*
>most beautiful 9/10 blonde cop comes out
>"you were coming out of that corner like a bat outta hell wtf"
>"sorry officer my gf had bad day and i wanted to get her a treat but all the stores were closed, just letting off steam"
>checks license
>"ok you're free to go, drive more safely next time"
Still don't know if my sob story hit a soft cord or the paper work wasn't worth.

The only time I've gotten pulled over for something I had control over.

>1 week from 21st birthday
>Driving home from grandma's after helping her with something dumb
>back roads to my parents' place, 40 mph limit
>doing 65 at least in my CR-V
>crest a hill, come around slight bend, see motorcycle cop on side of road
>aggressively gestures to side of road
>try to stay cool, keep hands on wheel, be polite and courteous
>"do you know how fast you were going?"
>Think I said something noncommittal like "no comment" or something similar, try to just be as polite and compliant as possible since I know I fucked up
>give him license and registration, the normal motions
>after a while, he comes back, writes ticket for basically just running a stop sign, ~$150 all said and done
>"This is the luckiest day you'll probably get"
>could've suspended my license
>drive home, pay ticket asap, never tell parents

dunno if it was the clean record, the proximity to my birthday, or just being nice in general that did it but either way I won't complain.

>leaving party shit faced
>line of cars also leaving party
>floor it and pass them
>probably hit 120mph
>see cop lights a mile behind me
>pull into ransom persons driveway
>cop pulls in behind
>tell him we have been here all night listening to the radio
>lets us go

How could he have suspended your license for going 15 over?

25 over at least my dude. I was probably closer to 70 anyway, the details are fuzzy anymore

>being a literal nigger

>be white teenager that wears dress shirt tie and khakis to work
>Get out at 11 every night in eastwestbumfuck MA
>Roll through every stopsign that's ever existed because all two people in town are asleep
>Different cip pulls me over at least 3 times a month, never more than a verbal warning
>At least 30 verbal warnings
Thank God I'm not black

I had the same cop pull me over twice over a year apart in two completely different jurisdictions (he worked part-time for each or some shit).

>stuck behind car doing 30mph in a 35 on some mostly empty country road
>car finally turns
>downshift to 3rd and floor it up a long hill
>driving a loud FR-S because I'm a faggot
>3-4 miles later I see a cop behind me
>engine braking at 35mph or so in a 25mph on some windy downhill section of road
>upshift and brake so I don't look like a dick because it was pretty loud
>cop puts his lights on and pulls me over
>"I clocked you doing 47 in a 35 then I couldn't see you, but I heard you romp on it up that hill so followed you. Then when you saw me behind you, you braked hard"
>definitely wasn't doing 47 where he claimed because I was annoyed at the car doing 30 in front of me
>asks me where I was going in such a hurry
>"sorry officer, I got caught up listening to my exhaust"
>"It does sound pretty good"
>lets me off with a warning

Second time

>driving on a completely empty backroad at night
>doing what I thought was 55 in a 45
>see lights behind me
>turns out the road is 45 in the opposite direction but 35 in the direction I was going
>35mph sign completely covered by overhanging tree branches
>"Haven't I pulled you over before on [road]?"
>"I think so"
>"well, this is strike two, but if I had your car I'd be doing the same thing."
>tells me my car still sounds good
>told me he was the only cop on duty and mentioned where he was going to set up his speedtrap if I wanted to "continue enjoying my night"
>only a verbal warning
>tfw having a loud exhaust got me out of a ticket

>13 years old
>first experience with mushrooms
>older friend just got his N license
>1 hour into trip, approaching peak
>"Let's drive to McDonald's!"
>Sure why not, I'm 13, I don't know shit about shit
>5 people pile into 90s Civic
>N license only allows for 1 passenger
>drive one block, slowly and carefully
>a wild Crown Vic appears
>party lights
>all of our trips are beginning to peak
>party lights and uncontrollable primal fear consuming our entire fading existence
>driver plays it surprisingly cool
>"Hi officer, sorry about the extra passengers, I only have my N"
>every single one of us sweating bullets, unable to speak, slipping deeper and deeper into a nightmarish all consuming psychedelic thought loop
>officer shines his flashlight into each of our eyes, all of our pupils are the size of dinner plates
>"All of your passengers must get out and walk home, I'll let you off with a warning"

>still driving with an N driver's license (zero tolerance for alcohol level)
>friend's birthday party, decide to risk it and have a couple of beers in celebration
>first vehicle, beat up old Chevy Scottsdale
>everybody seems to love throwing their empty beer cans into the back of pickup trucks
>driving home late at night, sticking to back roads
>come to a 4 way stop, slow to a crawl but fail to stop
>notice unmarked Crown Vic rolling up on the right
>follows me
>party lights
>remember empties in the bed, remember breath
>scramble to consume the first smelly object in my proximity to mask my breath
>scarf down entire pepperoni stick in 3 seconds
>have my interior light on, window down, license and regi in hands, both hands up on the steering wheel, ready to play good boy
>jolly Canadian female officer walks up
>"Heya, do you know why I pulled you over?"
>"Yes, rolling stop, my mistake."
>"That's right, I'm going to go check your documents now"
>1 minute passes
>"Thank you for being honest sir, please don't do it again, have a good night"

idk i didn't go to jail so, white privilege. i'm past it now. was just in a shitty place.

here's another

>road trip to northern arizona to trip and hike
>bring two handles of whiskey
>trip goes great, experienced the magic of the outdoors
>driving back with half empty handle and shrooms that were left
>dumbass so driving 100mph on texas interstate
>state trooper pulls me over, tells me i was going 25mph over
>sees my face, skin is ashy and flakey (side effect from acne medicine)
>asks where i am coming from
>mfw passing through meth country (cop prob thinks my skin is fucked from meth)
>tells me to get out of the car, asks if there are any drugs in the car
>say no and let him search the vehicle
>rummages through the car, asks why my face is ashy, tell him about medication
>handle of whiskey is in back seat in plain view
>doesn't arrest me for open container or underage possession, doesn't find shrooms, lets me off with a warning, tells me to slow down

>Saturday morning a few years back
>part of cast for an anime convention and I woke up late for rehearsals
>get in my car and go
>only three cars on the road
>speedometer didn't work so I had no idea how fast I was going
>get pulled over by a cop hiding behind a building
>he told me I was going 60 in a 35
>cop asks me for my info and why I was speeding
>despite the shitty morning, I was still polite and courteous and just being honest about everything
>he runs my info and comes back
>he told me it was going to be a $367 ticket but since I was honest about everything he decides to give me a warning
>thought for sure I was fucked cause im black

I got fucking lucky.

I mean no disrespect to you, but am I just going to get this out of the way.


And I'm not racist or anything.

>be 21
>just got done getting drunk and finger blasting this qt at our local mountaintop fingering spot
>go to drive home
>cop stops us halfway down the mountain
>smells like pucci and bailey's in the car
>you been drinking, boi?
>n-not me, but her yes
>license, pls
>he looks at my license and back at my wallet, spots my common access card
>Lel are you in the army, kid?
>uhhhh yeah, 29th MPs
>top kek, fucking blue falcons, go home kid
Very lucky

>stop at stop sign
>see cop
>think cop leaves and try to pull a handbrake skid to impress grillfriend because I'm a retarded, horny 17 year old
>cop did not leave, puts party lights on
>pulls me over, bitches me out after sitting behind my car in his cruiser for like 15 minutes
>he accuses me of rolling the stopsign, even though there was a van between us so he couldn't have even seen
>explain I haven't seen my girlfriend in a month and was anxious to see her
>no dice, $600 reckless driving ticket
>"officer, is it too late to mention my uncle is a cop?"
>"it's a little late, but I'll write my number on the ticket, have him call me"
>call uncle
>uncle calls back 20 minutes later
>"you're fine, just slow down"
They're from jurisdictions 5 hours away from each other, but it still worked. I love corruption.

MA? Thank god you don't live in Plymouth like I do. The department is staffed well and they pull for anything b/c it's mostly quiet and they're bored. On the plus side they are pretty chill people and won't really be assholes to you. They just do their jobs.
Got a story too
>Pull up to next to cammed stang with exhaust
>He's turning left I'm not
>Wv I'll just hit it when the light turns to prove to him the guy driving a Milan is more immature than him
>Milan is straight piped, obnoxiously loud and sound like ass. Only redeeming quality is that it crackles and pops
>Light turns
>Fucking nail it thru first and half of second get to 40-45
>Look in rear view
>Blacked out Taurus
>Oh shit
>He pops his lights pulls me
>Comes up next to me, massive grin
>Holding back laughs
>"Know why I pulled you over today?"
>Yeah, I nailed by the mustang
>"It's only a mustang man. License and registration."
>Goes back to the cruiser, at this point the mustang is rolling by, driver laughing his ass off
>Cop comes back says it's my lucky day and let's me off with a verbal
All in all pretty good day

>17 years old
>bought a beat up '89 Cruststang 5.Slow
>later at night, nobody on the streets and stopped at a red light
>spin those tires out as much as I can as soon as it turns green
>eventually start going, see lights and hear sirens, look at speedo and I'm 20 over
>pull over thinking the worst
>this hardened navy seal looking motorcycle cop taps my glass and my heart just sank
>"what the hell was that?"
>tell the cop I had just bought the car after saving up as much lunch, birthday, and Christmas money as I could to afford my own car and I was just being stupid
>"yeah I remember my first V-8 too, you've had your fun so take it easy from now on and go home"

I don't know if he was just a cool cop, sympathized with me for admitting stupidity or really did remember what it was like to experience some power for the first time as a kid. Years later I ran into him at a Carl's Jr. and told him about how cool he was to me that night. He asked if I had got in trouble since, which I honestly responded no to, and he said he did his job then. I bought him and his partner lunch that day and will always remember how chill he was the entire time

Only been pulled over twice, got tickets both times. First time the cop said I was doing 107 in a 70 zone. Second time they said I was doing 141 in a 100 zone.

Second matter is still pending, taking it to court. Hopefully he doesn't show up, or the JP doesn't believe his horseshit story about training his laser on my car in pitch black with rain and fog and cars in front and beside me driving on a fucking curve.

He was clearly targeting the truck in front (which would have been going at least as fast as me, if not faster), but because I was the only one who made an effort to pull over, he just went for me. Lazy fucking cunt.

>Night before Thanksgiving
>Weaving in and out of traffic at a high speed on a two lane road
>Guy behind me is doing the same thing and I just assume it's another driver being an asshole trying to cut thru the riff raff like me
>Couple lights later he turns on his lights and I find out it was a cop the whole time.
>Tell him I was speeding because I just got off work and have to help my mom setup for Thanksgiving tomorrow cause the family is coming over.
>Asks where I work, right after I tell him he just says get out of here and lets me go

When I started working there everyone told me it would get you outta shit with the cops in your car but I already got one speeding ticket in my work pants so this was a nice.

Where do you work?


>doing 80km/h in an 80km/h zone
>get pulled over by cop that literally walks into the middle of the street while I'm driving
>wonder what the fuck is going on
>told I was doing 30 over and it was a 50
>ask why and he says it's a residential area
>we're across the street from a steel factory and a shitton of automotive businesses
>somehow a residential area since there's a sidestreet with some houses in this ghetto ass shithole
>legit gonna get a 30 over ticket
>cop feels this is a good way to spend his time despite the fact we're in an area where someone's probably being shot as he's doing this
>out of nowhere he says he recognizes me as his old college roomate's friend
>am not actually his college roomate's friend
>make up shit about how I'm actually college roomate's friend
>learn my nickname was "The Turge" back in college
>don't get ticket
>continue on my merry way to buy car parts from sketchy brown people in the ghetto

In N Out. Thought pic related was enough but I guess I forgot to put it somewhere in the post.

They're probably afraid you'll spit in their coke/coffee/burgers if they give you a ticket.

I would start spitting in all of their meals preemptively, in case they give you a ticket later on. Maybe shit in the deep fryer for good measure.

>one of the jacks gave up

fuck you jack what a fuckin pussy

Ha, yeah right. He made that up because he was wrong. He probably realized it wasn't residential, or he fucked up the area. If it's not a POSTED limit, there are usually by-laws that stipulate what the expected limit is in that city.

However, if it's implied to be residential, there needs to be a clear bias that would be obvious to a reasonable person. Industrial park areas made of smaller streets are usually 50-70kmh from my experience, rarely ever 80kmh.

I'm Canadian, I'm not that familiar with a lot of fast food places or niggers.

Was working second shift, got off at 10pm. At this point the highway is like 6 miles of straight and empty so I'm just casually doing 80 in a 60 like I do every night. This night I see lights coming up on me fast and didn't think anything other than "what the fuck is this assholes problem?". I almost sped up but I'm glad I didn't because it was a cop. When he pulled me over and asked why I was going so fast I straight face told him I had no reason, so he let me off.

i drive a white 2003 mustang gt, I mention it because I feel like its relevant since its a douchebag car

Nothing of value was lost

>towing friend's dune buggy through Cajon pass on I-15
>going 70
>highway patrol pulls up alongside and tells me with his PA speaker to watch my speed and that 55 is the max for vehicles towing
>slow down
>cop drives away
It's the best I got.

>tfw you recognize this in-n-out
>tfw you see Dennis Rodman at your work all the time.
Basketball players love Newport Beach.

That fucking self-promotion at the end

>Through some mutual friends end up hanging out one evening with 15 or so Chads I barely knew. Two of them had their own cars and were transporting the group
>It's 11 PM, they couldn't find a party to attend to, and they have no house available to make one they're bored, and of course they start driving like retards
>Naturally, I follow them
>Part of it was because I had gotten my license just a year or so prior, and I already had a reputation in my circle of friends for being a psycho, especially when it rained (really I just powerslide when there's a chance)
>They have their relatively nimble, generally anonymous 5 door hatchbacks
>I'm driving the old beater SUV, one of two like it in the city. Dark red; the other one was green. EVERYBODY knew who was driving that SUV
>Powering it's 3600 lbs is the fury of two liters of turbodiesel madness, pumping out the outrageous sum of 87(!) horsepower
>Drive around downtown (small city) like a mad fucking cunt. It's been raining so I'm right at home, sliding all over the place. Chads riding with me are going crazy because I can keep the sideways attitude, I find it almost cute
>Keep this for about 20 minutes, guys are getting bored and worried about police
>The 3 cars disperse and agree to meet at a bar to have a pizza
>Chatting with Chads in car, waiting for others to show up
>Der frendly boliceman taps on me window! Chads look scared! Here we go!
>Officer tells me that a vehicle similar to the one I'm driving was seen "driving dangerously"
>I try to keep a confused look while looking at Chad besides me and just responding "okay" in an incredulous tone
>Pic related, me on the inside
>Hand over license, ID, etc to police
>Takes a quick look, then just hands everything back and tells me "Okay, drive safe!"

And that's how people found out that apparently I'm a relative of Walter Röhrl or Sébastien Loeb, and that I can keep my cool under stress

If only they knew the truth...Still, good fun!

>trying to catch up to a car so i can call the driver a faggot for pulling out in front of me
>kinda swerving between cars
>suddenly cop
>73 in a 35
>be fully honest about the situation
>takes license, goes to car and sits in it for 15 minutes
>comes back out, no ticket in hand, stands and stares at me for a full minute silently
>tells me not to do that anymore

so lucky, lol

Was at a strip club with my buddy...we did the strip club rounds quite, in at about 8pm, drinking beers and shooters till close...DJ says watch out for the boys in blue...pull out of club, my 85 Tercel...road check 300 ft down the road, and everyone coming out of the bar pulled over...I'm waiting on the side, see a car a few behind me peal out, do a 180, and fuck off outta there...cop approaches, asks if I'm ok to drive...I say yes, cause I'm so fucking drunk I can barely speak...he says have a nice night...

Then you sucked his dick.


>driving down 40mph road in the city, going speed limit
>zone out thinking about work
>snap out of it when I realize I'm approaching a red light
>slam brakes, but I was too late. If I continue, I'll definitely cause a wreck
>find a gap in cross traffic, gun it through the intersection
>see DPD cruiser directly to my right as I'm blasting through the gap
>I just cut off a cop
>without hesitation, flip ndicator on, turn into closest parking lot faster than they can turn on flashers/siren
>two middle aged black cops
>ask me wtf happened
>tell the truth
>"Please be more careful"
The end

No...actually, did the 400lbs gripon the steering wheal...had some Pink Floyd on loud...dropped buddy off and and made it home fine...

This is how old people type... always with unnecessary ellipses...

Why are old men on Veeky Forums? You don't learn that syntax here, why migrate

>be me, 18 years old
>first car, a 1985 Volvo 245DL
>just got my license, so excited
>I live in a "city" but we're really close to farms and shit like that
>there's the one road by some farms that the old railroad tracks cross
>where the tracks cross the road it has a huge hump, they never bothered getting the road and tracks level since so few people drive there
>one night in my Volvo, driving around
>turn down that road and pin the gas
>speedometer needle climbing... slowly
>eventually hit like 75-80mph
>it's a 35mph road
>hit the railroad crossing, launch car over the tracks
>car lands no problem, little bit of a wobble but that stock Volvo suspension though
>think to myself this is great fun, do it a few more times
>cop shows up off of a side street, lights and sirens, comes at me fucking quick
>i pull over, cop walks up
>sees I've had my license for like a month or so
>sees i'm in a shit 80's Volvo
>i'm convinced i'm about to lost my fucking license or something
>tells me to slow down and be careful
>t-thanks officer

>getting off with the warning when cops can issue a ticket
you live in a good countries guys, I've literally had no cases of cop letting me off with a warning when he coul dtake my money

This was about a month ago

>Be Friday
>Getting off work eager to get home
>Doing 77 on a 55
>See undercover cop on side of road
>Hit the brakes but know it's too late
>Cop instantly follows me and turns on lights
>"Do you know why I pulled you over?"
>Yes I was going a little faster than I should have
>Shitting bricks because I didn't have insurance
>Almost sure I'm getting car towed
>Cop asks for license and registration
>10 mins later he comes over and hands me a ticket
>Slow down or next time it could be worse

Got real lucky, couldn't afford to have my car towed. Also got put onto a deferrement probation period so the ticket won't go on my record and I won't receive any points on my license. Just gotta drive clean for 6 months.

>driving home from friends house
>taking the backroad between our neighborhoods
>no other cars
>suddenly headlights on the horizon
>"wouldnt it be funny if that was a cop?" (i was baked and had drank a couple beers)
>cross eachother at a light intersection
>as im turning into my neighborhood i check my mirror
>brakelights suddenly headlights
>start flying down my street
>headlights gaining
>stop at stop sign
>disco lights
>why are you in such a hurry tonight son?
>point to my house which is literally 50ft away
>"i have a curfew"
>cop takes my info
>"well i followed you because your license plate light is out, do you want me to check it for you?"
>no thanks
>"have a good night"
>get home
>open trunk
>apparently friend had snuck the case of beer in my trunk when i wasnt looking


>20 in college
>driving across town to get groceries
>cop ends up behind me
>follows me into parking lot
>walks up and the first thing he asks "is this your car?"
>me, having lived in the small ass town for 3 years, visually confused
>show him paperwork
>hes obviously embarrassed
>pulls excuse out of his ass
>"your plate cover is too dark"
>even though ive never had an issue with it before
>tell him thanks and i go in the store
>another cop there when i come out
>they watch me leave then drive off

this dumbfuck really thought i stole my own fucking car

This happened today
>flying through turn lane in neighborhood 15+ over
>see yellow Florida state vehicle plate but its too late
>Merge in behind the cop
>can see him looking at me through his mirror
>literally stops to let someone jaywalk
>cop still staring at me
>take the next turn off and signal late because of my previous asshattery
already have points on my license this year

I am up to 3 so far.
>1st was going 75mph in a 70 zone. Played dumb and was respectful, DPS told me where the 70 zone started and told me to drive safe.

>2nd was at 2am on University campus. Was doing deer telemetry survey and was tired as fuck. Rolled up to a stop sign, kinda a blind corner but didn't see any headlights so I rolled through. Campus cop waiting on other side of blind corner pulled me over. 8/10 cutie, explained to her that I was dropping off telemetry equipment, pointed it out in back of truck, was respectful. Thought I'd get the ticket anyway cause they are usually hardasses. Got a small lecture about stopping at every stop sign and was told to have a nice night, no ticket.
>3rd was leaving a small town, speed limit incrementally increased 40>55>70. Guy ahead of me jumps instantly from 40 to ~75. I speed up entering 55 zone because its like only 100yrd to the 70 zone, realize too late DPS passing by. Get pulled over, told I was doing 65 in a 55 zone. Play dumb but still respectful. DPS goes back to his car to run my information, after like 10min finally walks back up and tells me I'm only getting a warning but that I need to be more observant of the speed zones.

All pretty boring but its funny cause my sister has never gotten a warning, always the ticket. Her default mode is bitch though and she sucks at keeping it from showing on her face.

>driving home from gf's late at night
>65 and accelerating in a 55
>blues and twos
>explain to cop i'm going home from gfs, too tired to notice speed
>he chuckles, gives me stern warning and lets me go

>driving home from court bullshit
>70+ in a 60
>recognize the sheriff deputy from a frat i party at
>namedrop a few of the bros i knew
>he lets me go
>dat white privilege boys club feel

>day drinking during summer break
>friend wants some weed
>hop on shitbox moped with a half buzz and eighth of weed
>no muffler, no side mirrors, paint taped over, broken speedo
>cop pulls me over literally 30 seconds from my friends apt.
>gives me shit because he heard me before he saw me (no muffler=open header)
>pulled me over because i used the wrong indicator on my last turn
>said he would feel bad giving a kid on a taped-up moped a ticket
>he lets me go
>tfw delicious white privilege and ability to remain calm while intoxicated come in handy yet again

>recently purchased new daily
>title not transferred, still registered in original owners name, not the seller i purchased from
>expired tabs
>drive to work anyways like a shithead
>cop pops me right outside of work, pulls me over in the fucking parking lot
>coworkers are looking outside to see whose dumbass is getting arrested
>explain to very professional black policewoman my situation
>she ALMOST doesn't believe me
>runs my info while I tell her we are right outside of my work which is why i was driving
>she lets me go, but not before putting a hold on my license and threatening to impound with no legal recourse if i drive it again before getting it registered
>tfw white privilege even works on black policewomen

>Just finished drivers ed
>Getting in driving hours with my parent
>Be driving back from a family gathering at 1AM
>Pull up to dark intersection that is light controlled
>Me and other car in left lane on opposite ends
>Have turn signal on to indicate I want to go left
>Other car doesn't
>All I can see is the headlights of the other car
>Light turns green
>We both sit there for a solid 10-15 seconds
>Waiting for him to go since he has right away
>Decide to just take it since he sitting there and because near hoodish area before my neighborhood
>Cop lights immediately turns on when I make the left turn
>Its a fucking constable
>Ask me why I dangerously cut in front of him
>Told him he was just sitting there
>Goes back to his car and makes us wait for 20 minutes
>Home is 4 minutes away
>Comes back and apologizes
>Get pissed off because I realize my first time getting pulled over was due to an incompetent cop.

>drive 200 km/h in a 110 km/h highway
>in mexico, so nobody gives a fuck about anything
>cop makes gestures to pull over
>tells me to get the fuck out of my car
>tell the cop that gf is preggers
>tell the cop that parents are divorcing
>lets me go after giving him like 50$ (1000 pesos)
>never drive over 160 km/h again


>be still 20
>me and 24yr friend spend hour walking around town looking for specific house party because we were way too shitfaced to drive
>notice city and college cops are all on the prowl
>give up the search and we go home
>10 mins later gf gets home from work
>offers to drive us
>we pile in
>as soon as we leave the apartment parking lot a cop follows us
>feel guilty that the cop is gonna follow us to the party, we do a loop around the neighborhood
>pulling back into the lot
>disco lights
>hothead newbie comes to the car
>tells friend in back seat to put hands up
>asks where we're going
>point to my apartment directly in front of us
>asks if theres anything in the car
>asks to check
>go for it
>looks mad
>"have a good night"
>storms off and drives away

5 minutes later he was at it again with someone else. Small town cops are retards in uniforms

Three so far here, too.

>Driving home at 1am from work, merging onto the highway that runs through town.
>Get in the left lane when I merge to turn left at the upcoming light. Some rando blows past me on the right going over the limit.
>Think that person's about to get pulled over.
>Lights stay behind me.
>Have to cross back form the left lane over ot the right shoulder.
>"Do you know why I pulled you over?"
>"No, honestly."
>"You were in the left lane and that car had to pass you on the right. Why were you in the left lane?"
>"I'm turning left at the light 50 feet ahead of us. My signal was on."
>"Next time just stay in the right lane until you need to turn."

I still don't get why she actually pulled me over. I was turning at the first intersection after my merging point. Second warning:

>Coming home from work during the day on some backroads.
>Speeding because hills feel noice when you come over the crest doing around 70
>Speed limit is 40
>Coming down a hill doing 65, see front end of a cop car pulling out of a convenience store lot hidden by trees.
>No time to slow down.
>Fly past cop going the other direction.
>Pull over further ahead and wait.
>Cop comes not 30 seconds later with his lights on, walks up to the door.
>"So you know why I pulled you over. Know how fast you were going?"
>"Fast enough to just pull it over and wait for you, Officer."
>"Damn fast. Be careful on those hills."

Nice guy.
Third warning:
>Leaving friend's B-day party, storm knocked out all the power in town.
>Accidentally go through an empty intersection on the way home without treating it as a four-way stop.
>Cop driving around in car with his lights off pulls me over.
>Gives me a warning because it was raining and he didn't want to get wet or get called out for his equally illegal prowling town on a rainy street-light-less night with his lights off.

All three times white cops and I'm a black guy; I really don't see what all the fuss is about.


Why shouldn't there be old men on here? You got a problem with that, you smart ass 20 year old know it all shithead? This ain't your private fucking club faggot. Don't forget you'll be old too someday.

Sounds like something my grandpa has said to me. LOL.


>driving E34 525TDS
>Go to pub with m8s, racing up the A1 all the way there
>copper starts following me
>all the way into the pub car park
>give him my licence
>"have you just bought this car mate?"
>"i swapped it with my dad a few months back but essentially yes"
>"previous owner was banned for drunk driving, i'll get the marker taken off your plate"
>fucks off
>mfw 4 balding tyres and racing two other cars in traffic
>doesnt care because i'm not a black woman (previous owner, who my dad bought it off)

this happened another two times. I could have been running half a ton of coke and had maddy mcann in the passenger seat but as long as i wasnt the black woman who had the car before us, they didnt care

>Mondeo ST24 V6
>straight piped
>sunday afternoon, driving like a total cunt on the way to see the gf as no one was about
>85+ in a 30 zone
>rip past a junction, suddenly a vauxhall astra is behind me with lots of flashing blue lights
>pull over outside GFs house, licence out, expecting a raping
>"your exhaust let me know how fast you were going (lolwut), there's a time and a place isnt there?"
>"yes officer"
>"ok then"
>he leaves
>gf gets 3 points and a £65 fine for doing 34 in a 30mph zone.

I had tags that were over a year expired on my last car, but it was relatively new, I'm white as a ghost, and I live in the hippie capital of the south, so the cops usually don't give a single fuck as long as you aren't shooting up heroin.
Three times, a patrol car was behind my car, broad daylight, I even saw one run my tags, and never did they pull me over until one night, I'm heading back from work, and one is behind me again, and the lights come on. Pulled over at the next exit in a well-lit parking lot. Female officer, professional but perhaps too friendly.

>Do you know why I pulled you over tonight, sir?
> registration is expired?
>Yep, just letting you know you might get pulled over by another officer if you continue driving.
>Oh, uh, yes ma'am, I'll get it taken care of.
>Have a good night!

I went another month without getting pulled over again before I registered it.

couple more

>back in the ST24
>coming home one night about 1am after playing pool with some mates
>swing out to turn into a junction and floor it up the road towards my house
>notice too late, silver vectra VXR about an inch from my arse
>lift off but blue lights
>two (armed, no less) coppers step out
>"you took that corner rather precise didnt you?"
>swear on me mum i get asked the strangest questions by the police
>"er yeah, sorry"
>think he meant because i swung out into the other lane and basically took the corner full speed
>"yeah i only live up that hill officer" trying to make conversation
>they laugh and say they already know that
>not sure how to respond
>they drive off

don't know if this really counts but

>driving home from work in Z4
>blanket 40 limit in shithole i live in
>three large main roads connect the "residential" part of town to the town centre
>no one pays attention to the speed limits anyway
>straight past a police car coming the other way
>see him pull a three point turn in the road
>aint got time for this shit
>pin throttle, take first turn off the main road and sneak through the back streets
>join the other main road instead
>hide in traffic

there's three identical cars in this town to mine and he didnt get my plate. I wonder if they pulled any of them over.

>Out of the mouth of what might be a retiree
>As an insult to some random fuck on a Mongolian pizza critiquing forum
This site is fucking amazing

Two stories
>fathers day
>with dad and bro in my 300CE
>going to breakfast
>doing 75 in 65
>middle lane of 3
>accord passes in left lane at least 5 mph faster
>state trooper nails me
>gib papers
>real nice and everything just tells me to slow down and gives warning
>woo got my ass embarrassed in front of everyone for not even going that fast
>be with gf
>05 Focus zx3 hatch
>need place to fuck
>know of back road that isn't busy
>go there and pull on side of road and fuck in back seat
>few cars passed, one slows down as they pass. It's a pickup so I don't care too much because cops don't use pickups in this area
>few minutes later gf and I finish up and we're about to leave
>had found a metal spoon in back seat (had just bought the car) and threw it out in our trash bag
>it looks like it has some burn or chocolate marks on it
>headlights show up behind where I'm parked
>party lights
>Park ranger
>asks for ID and I make up some bushing story about how I ran out of gas here and was lost (lol) nervous as fuck
>he runs our IDs probably to make sure gf was 18 (only recently at that time)
>worry about the spoon if he wants to search car it might pass as heroin paraphernalia
>"were you guys making out?"
>"just so you know this is a drug prone area, stay away from here" (honestly had no idea)
>let's us go
>"Y yes sir have a nice N night..."


My point stands, dude. Trying to shut someone down just because they don't type the way you think they should is silly and shortsighted. You want some kind of hug box echo chamber with people who think and type just like you? Too bad, fuck off and make your own little private board. Folks that are willing to share their knowledge and experience should be appreciated, not condemned.

Remember this conversation later on in life when you look in the mirror and see the wrinkles and gray hairs. It's gonna happen, and sooner than you think.

>doing 40 in 35 in mom's car
>cop pulls 180 in traffic and lights me up
>u srs
>female cop with female partner
>she takes me license and shit
>different last name to mom (divorced, retook old name) and name not on insurance
>takes like 20 minutes to run it
>finally comes back and gives me a warning
>still speed on same road every day without issue
pretty uneventful

Maybe if you don't take care of yourself, my grandparents are in their 90s and just now starting to look old, like 60s old. While my parents are actually in their 60s looking 40s.
>being a genelet

In my experience, when the officer asks about the car's performance you're usually off the hook.

>Don't forget you'll be old too someday.
speak for yourself fagtron, I'm a 700-year old vampire loli.

I've been pulled over 16-18 times now, and have been let off ~10 times.

Most of the times I was high as fuck (weed / opiates) or had drugs in the car but they never said anything. IME, the officers don't give you much room to talk - you just show your hands, give them your license and insurance quickly, and they'll sometimes let you go. I've never tried talking my way out of anything or lying or saying I didn't notice such and such, I just say "yes, sir" and do what he says (it has always been male in case any SJWfags ask why I say 'he').

One time I was clocked 47 in a 25 on a military base at night in my miata and they checked my stuff and just let me go, thank goodness.

My buddy did a u turn in front of a cop, the cop followed him and waited for us as we pulled into a known drug dealers house and grabbed some coke. Cop follows buddy, buddy is oblivious and speeding. Cop pulls him over a minute later. Buddy didnt have his N sticker on the back either. We were both high as fuck. Cop was like are you on any drugs tonight, buddy was like not today. Addmitted he smokes weed but had none today. I had the coke and weed hidden in my pocket, cop was like whys there spit on your window. "I smoke" cop left for 5 min came back and said im gonna cut you off with a warning, said he could have royally fucked him up by taking his license and impounding his car. Tells him not to do it again and lets us drive away. True story. Good times

>be 10 years ago
>94 probe GT V6
>open Hotshot headers into a single collector because Greddy exhaust didn't fit, testpipe was too long and had to drive to work the next day
>leaving work 2am, deserted 4-lane highway
>realize i will never have this opportunity again
>2-3-4 full pull 30-120mph
>instant party lights from a side road
>pull over
>"do you know how fast you were going?"
>"no sir was watching the road"
>"good because neither do I but I heard you coming from 2 blocks away"
>takes my papers and license and shit
>comes back with a warning, asks about what I have done to the car
>proceed to bullshit about cars for like a half hour
>he has a big block 69 Camaro SS with bolt-ons and nitrous
>tells me about how he used to do Beat The Heat at the strip
>have a safe night Primefag

Man I miss that car, I'm in the market for an unmolested black one and they are hard to find.

>9/10 female cop pulls you over
>"I have a girlfriend."

>visiting parents
>my job is an hour away
>leave running late
>nearing destination, start passing cars
>passed huge truck that said fire rescue or some shit earlier
>that same truck comes up behind me
>pull over
>he asks if I normally do 90 on the freeway
>explain that I'm late for work
>he takes my papers and goes back to his truck
>comes back, lectures me
>he could've suspended my license for speeding and reckless driving but didn't
>don't remember what reason he gave
>barely make it to work on time