Why is gas(petrol) so expensive in the UK, but is cheap as hell on the US?

Why is gas(petrol) so expensive in the UK, but is cheap as hell on the US?

Just yesterday I was filling up my car with my Krogers card and I only had to pay $1.80 a gallon

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because the UK is cucked

>Krogers card
>$1.80 a gallon

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Also quality of gasoline. That was most likely 87 octane fuel. Over in the UK you are most likely buying 93-95 octane equivalent.

myrtle beach kroger I pay $1/gallon for premium with my points

Because the UK would cease to exist without their constant supply of goods. People know this and bend the UK over because they're don't really have a choice. This is why you populate places that can properly sustain life, Even Ants figured this out but not quite the UK yet.

I get depressed just lightly thinking about what it must be like to live there.

If I remember correctly, 93-95 fuel in UK is basically the same as 87 in the states

I just heard that from some user, not sure if its true at all

AKI VS RON dumbass. We get our fuel fresh from refineries and pipelines so it's usually pretty good quality unless you live in California.


here in the states you can get any octane level you want, but even then you're gonna pay less for the same quality of gasoline than you would in Europe.
Euro new cars and their "b-be gentle with me, senpai" engines need that high octane to keep from conking after 50k miles. Amerifat engines have a surprising level of resistance to it, comparatively.

Yeah, octane ratings are on a slightly different scale in other countries. From wikipedia: Because of the 8 to 12 octane number difference between RON and MON noted above, the AKI shown in Canada and the United States is 4 to 6 octane numbers lower than elsewhere in the world for the same fuel. This difference between RON and MON is known as the fuel's Sensitivity,[4] and is not typically published for those countries that use the Anti-Knock Index labelling system

Most UK petrol is either 95 or 98 RON (petrolprices.com/about-fuel.html#j-1-1) so that's about 90-93 US octane.

Err... 87-93. Bad math.

>The UK will never experience the glory of leaded race gas at the pumps

>110 octane

The Sunoco pump, Airport pump or your VP supplier. I've seen it in snowmobiling towns.

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wtf you dont have it? my town has 2 pumps like this

Fuel is expensive because it is heavily taxed. Quality has nothing to do with it.

That stuff is what you get at UK prices

Phoenix here. I shop at Frys and accrue fuel points. Last fill up I paid $1.20 a gallon for 91 octane. Shit was cash. I love the points system.

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In Las Vegas you can get 100 octane pump gas at any Rebel gas station and 112 octane at the local warehouse. Terrible Herbst used to carry 100 pump gas as well but I think they stopped

me too user, i saw a driving vid of some guy driving in uk and the roads were literally one car wide and you have to drive at like 10mph not to mention all the houses are literally so cramped that each house is actually joined to the next door house... what a sad cramped existence. Only australia and usa are countries worth living in

Also worth consideration is the fact ethanol allows fuel to be compressed more before combusting, so E85 and the like may not need as much octane.

Taxes, you dumb fucking nigger. Your government taxes the shit out of it. Probably 80%of what you pay for fuel is taxes. And then on top of it you get to pay smog charges and other dumb bullshit.

You two are dumb as fuck. RON and AKI are different scales.

>Why are things different?
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What's wrong with the gas in California?

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>all the houses are literally so cramped that each house is actually joined to the next door house

you can occasionally hear your neighbours through your walls

CA gas is all part ethanol, no pure gas anywhere in the state. Also due to CA environmental regulations, we can't get anything more than 91 AKI at the pump and it's generally more poorly performing overall than comparable octane rating gas from other states.

the flipside to that is if you have a car that runs E85, we have a fair bit of it and it's cheap as hell but not available everywhere

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>we can't get anything more than 91 AKI at the pump
Wrong, there are several stations that sell 100 octane unleaded.

26 years in California, never seen one

Only exception to that was the gas pumps at the local racetrack, but CA passed a law that you can't fill up any registered street car at those. don't know how strict the enforcement is because I don't have any cars that need high octane fuel like that

local racetrack has pumps up to 118 octane but also it's like $9/gal

If you are doing "MPG Competitions" with friends, wouldn't it be advantageous to experiment with these higher octane fuels ahead of time? Then you could determine the optimum fuel octane (by mixing the 118 octane with 93 octane premium) for your car that gives the most MPG for the roads you are driving on.

The US government subsidises petrol for Americans so they can continue to run their big cars and prop the automotive industry up.

high octane is useless for that

>live in California
>Pay 3/gallon

Local gas station down the block has 100 octane

Thats why America starts wars in the middle east.

which is 95 octane mixed with ethanol which is 110 octane creating 100 octane.
don't put it in your car.
The worse ones are e10 fuel that is like 91RON, thats just no.

While driving 36k miles a year.

>36k miles a year
hey, I'm only putting in 15k a year
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This. Americans are sheckled to their cars, for better or worse.

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>$1.80/g in the UK

not per litres

No, it's right. 87 AKI equals roughly 91 RON.

mfw i don't have face when american pigs pay 1.20 for gallon and i pay 1.13 Euro for 1 liter. I guess Iraq war was for oil after all.

>I guess Iraq war was for oil after all.

You still had doubts till now?

Try 1,512€/l for 98

Fuck me, that's about 1€ per 10km

We need to ditch the humanistic world police nature loving ecocuck bullshit and attack the sandniggers by force and take their oil. Fuck giving women any power, pussy has never been this expensive.

i was doubting how is it profitable to spend billions on military operation, rebuilding shit, vet programs and etc just to have cheaper fuel? Maybe it was worth it, dunno.

>cheap as hell on the US?
It has literally cost us trillions in (((war)))

>mfw eurofaggots have to pay over three times as much per gallon for fuel
>mfw euronigger still has audacity to act like it's cheaper
>mfw europoors are this bad at math

>reading comprehension

>liter is the same thing as a gallon


It's called TAX u retard...

Also I don't think that the government in the US dares to raise the petrol/diesel prices because I'm pretty sure that the country would riot. And those people have guns.

It's also not really good for your gigantic country which lacks a well connected big public transport network.

It's not the UK. It's the whole of Europe, past Turkey and into Russia.
Fuel in the USA must have very low tax.

>Fuel in the USA must have very low tax.
There's also lots of refineries and pipelines to many locations. The pipelines make for low cost transport to many local areas.

In contrast, medical care in the USA is quite expensive. Drugs are also very expensive. It often feels that the USA drug prices subsidize the low drug prices elsewhere in the world for those same patented drugs. Even though the patents didn't expire, other countries just duplicate the drugs without paying patent fees, so in those cases the high drug prices in the usa are subsidizing those countries for their drugs.

>lacks a well connected big public transport network.

It's kind of fucking hard to pull off when a single state is the size of Europe... Cars work better anyways.

>quantity produced
>acceptable octane levels
>worlds strongest economy

Both p bad for the bank...

They probably dont refine it. France or germany probably does becayse the uk has no industry

Same five mins from me. Cant pump it into the car though need to bring a container

>Fuel in the USA must have very low tax.
It has lower shipping costs since it crosses state lines. In Europe, it has to cross country lines and each country wants its cut for transshipment.

Whach state is 10.18e+12m^2?

Texas is pretty close.

The area of all of the USA is only 9.8e+12m^2. Texas is less than .7

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the local track has pumps *up to* 118 AKI but has stuff in between too

I think you can get 91, 95, 97, 100, 106, 110 and 118 there.

I don't know what the logic was behind banning street cars from filling up on "race" fuel but the flipside to that is that we're getting more and more E85 pumps, and E85 is cheap as shit compared to normal gas, and not that difficult to convert an already modified car (one that may need higher octane anyways) to run E85 instead of regular gas.

Only downside to E85 is the increased fuel consumption, it's about 30% more due to lower energy density but price-wise it's also about 30% cheaper so it's a wash.

Also, E85 smells like corn.

In Netherlandistan, I saw an evora while fulling up my bike. RON 95 at Firezone is ~1.55 per liter. The evors guy was filling up on Firezone's ETHANOL FREE PREMIUM DELUXE CLEANING PROPERTIES ECO FRIENDLY whatnot RON 102. Pretty near, 102 and ethanol free. Shit was over 2.00 per liter though

>advancing timing not useful for fuel economy
You are so fucking dumb

>Also due to CA environmental regulations, we can't get anything more than 91 AKI at the pump

It's only indirectly the fault of CARB and its regulations. CARB requirements mean that we need a different mix half the year for smog purposes, so fuel producers have always kept our market isolated - we refine our own and don't share much with other states.

Mostly we don't get 93 octane because we've always had a higher proportion of cars that require premium. Since we basically have our own fuel market due to the above, if our high octane was 93 or more then the remaining fuel would be worse than 87.

A lot of racetracks and specialty pumps have 100-octane, albeit at a price. It's not illegal though.

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Libtards like to tax, nickle and dime you to death.

tfw you'll never get cheap fuel