Looking for a vehicle to haul a lot of lightweight, bulky cargo. It might make several cross country trips a year, as well as some longer trips within california.

The two vehicles I am looking into right now are the Ford Transit Connect with the 2.5l I4, and the 2011 Dodge Caravan with the 3.6l V6. They are both available for under 10k on my local craigslist. However, I don't have long term experience with either of these. Does anyone have experience with high mileage on these? or any other suggestions?

I have ruled out a Ford E van due to fuel economy on the gas powered ones, and the fact that the steering deadzone on them fucking terrifies me.

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what do you haul? post your local craigslist. is this tax deductible?

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My company has had 2 Ford Transits for 4 years. They just work. Aside from the occasional flat tire they are dead reliable, easy to drive and haul a ton of shit. They have a decent amount of power for what they are and handle OK for a cargo van.


Tbh I wouldn't mind a transit van with a mattress in the back to just road trip in. Seems pretty comfy.

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I am going to work it to be a loss this year, and deduct it from future taxes.

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Ferd. That Dodge will be constantly in the shop for repairs. Watch Eric O's channel, he seems to make his living fixing an endless stream of Caravans

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If you're in the market for used minivans I remember Consumer Reports recommending used Toyota Previas

Only 1 real choice here m8

The Bedford Rascal

How many of those aren't 90% rust or more than 150,000 on the odo?

I've done shitloads of miles with the new Transit Courier, which is the smallest versioon.

Its "acceptable", as in its like any other small van. Boring, but functional interior, low price, small engine with just enough horsies, not too many gadgets to go wrong and so on

On our Couriers we've had a lot of problems with heating-wires for the front windshield failing, DAB+ losing its receiving ability after a while, rust forming where the wheelarches connect with the bumpers, and weirdly enough; right side CV joint has gone once on four cars within the first two years

I'd imagine a 2.5 i4 doing the thing justice and giving you a bit more to work with

Not as dedicated as some, more dedicated than others.
The previas that are in my price range are very old with really high miles. Toyota tax.
I wish some offshore vehicles were available, I would love to have a small diesel van for this purpose. But, no. can't have it.

Is the antenna in the front windshield? makes sense that if the heater fails the antenna would as well. I live in CA, so rust isn't much of an issue. CV's failing concerns me.

If the cargo is light, you could also entertain the notion of pulling a trailer behind an econo shitbox. Or getting a shitbox wagon, like a Subie. Or getting a compact pickup and putting a topper on it too.

Unless you need a windowless van for um, reasons, that is...

stay away from the ford transits connects. their transmissions are absolute shit and anyone that says otherwise is a faggot.

Is 10k a hard limit? You can get a Ram Promaster City for 15k-ish with low miles on it. Ive not heard anything bad about them except its a rebadged fiat, but the euros seem to tink its ok also from what ive read.

I have a 2002 dakota 4.7l manual right now, but when I was looking at trailers, it seems that I would be spending a good chunk on what I could for another vehicle. Also, the fuel economy on the dakota is pretty bad as is, I would hate to see what happens when I put some additional wind drag behind it.

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transits are popular for a reason

10k is not a hard limit. I know nothing about those vans though. Have you had experience with that 2.4? I have heard some terrible things about the 9 speed attached to those, but nothing concrete.

Do you have a topper on your truck? That would be the simplest and the cheapest thing to do, putting fuel economy aside for the moment.

Why not a cap? I doubt a Connect would even offer that much more space than that.

the bed is real small on my dakota, as it is a 4 door model. 5.25 long, 4 feet wide. I dont think a bed cap would give me much more room as it would follow the lines of the cab. If I could find one of those big nasty tall bastards, maybe.

I will start looking, as you are right. I didn't originally consider that.

The engine seems to be good, I havent read anything that suggests its not. The transmissions are good as well. Jeep did something to the transmissions they put in their vehicles and fucked them up, thats where a lot of the bad stories came from.

The SWB Connect also only has 6ft of cargo floor length, and it's almost exactly as wide as a Dakota so I'm guessing the cargo floor width is similar as well. If anything, you'd only gain a few inches in height, and you'd need a LWB Connect to make an actual difference.

Also the Connect has no rear seats unless you get the passenger van, so that's additional cargo space lost.

the seats fold into the floor. no lost space.

Yes, but a SWB Connect even without seats will only have as much cargo floor as OP's Dakota in the bed alone. OP has additional space in the rear of the crew cab. These are really compact vans for American standards.

It's built off the same platform as the Ford Focus. It's basically a Focus but van.

Why not a Sienna/Odyssey? My father runs a business with his Odyssey and it can fit a lot of shit. You can take out the middle seats and have the rear seats fold down and have a flat floor for sleeping etc. It's Honda/Toyota, so you know they will last. Used ones are cheap af because all the soccer moms hopped on the SUV market, MPG is 15City, 25+Hw, depending on how much you carry/how you drive.

On top of that you don't need to register them as commercial vehicles etc, so cheaper on insurance.?

depends where you are
sometimes it can be cheaper to insure a van than it is a minivan

>having to insure a vehicle based on body type and not the entity it's registered with
What the fuck? So a panel van registered with a private person needs to be insured as a commercial vehicle and a minivan registered with a company needs to be insured as a private vehicle?

Different states require different laws, in NYC where I am from, a minivan can be private, but a van is automatically commercial unless it has a side window, a seat, and rear window.

What a load of shit.

Vans (Part 106.3 (d)) - you can register it in the 'Passenger' class if the van has

at least one side window behind the driver, and
at least one seat or set of seat fittings that is installed behind the driver, or
camping equipment that is installed behind the driver.
'camping equipment' indicates that you have a permanent bed, a permanent stove, or a permanent refrigerator in the vehicle
if this equipment is removed and you use the van, you must register the van as a commercial vehicle

As I said, check your dmv site, you don't want to get fined for driving in Commifornia

As I said, it's a load of shit. Cars should be insured by what they're going to be used for and not by their number of seats or windows.

Careful with those early 2000s Odysseys - they had serious tranny problems, so bad there were class action lawsuits filed about it. I think at some point Honda got their shit back together again, but not sure exactly when they did.

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>early 2000s Odysseys
I'm the guy that has the father with the Ody, he had a 2000 and it went to 225k before Tranny went out, junked it and put the money into brand new one, now 100k miles and still runs perfectly, had some pulleys replaced and that's all.

If you are going to buy a car that you are more or less going to "destroy" at work, then you better off buying it couple years old when its much cheaper.

>knowing it will last
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Where I work has three transits. One has a gorillion miles (400k or so), probably about 40% of it city miles. I know the only non-wear part they've done was the radiator.

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I have driven many of them, for long distances. To own, I want something that doesn't have 20 degrees of steering play. It is something that has never felt acceptable to me. Damn shame too, I love the idea of a 4x4 7.3 diesel van.

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Can confirm, my family used to have a 1999 Oddesy, we had to replace the transmission twice, and then got rid of it the third time it went out since it wouldn't be covered under warranty.

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1992 delica is legal where you live now