Truckerfag Thread /tfg/

>All truckers are experiencing amphetamine psychosis all the time edition

>Brevious Bread: Who sent you?

>xx tonnes
>Don't sign that lease or FEMA will abduct your family
>CDL How Do? Private Driving School or REDACTED
>All memes are designed for mind warfare

>Truckerfag is busy laying pipe
>Pepsi is busy spinning a fidget spinner and smoking Newports
>Balam is busy worrying about a HEST light
>Primely is busy worrying about a dirty windshield
>Freon is busy getting trashed and eating canned chili
>Primefag is busy worrying about the FMCSA and crepuscular animals
>Oilfag is busy trying to duck the glare from his steering wheel chrome
>Bandit is busy chasing that gold Kenworth W900 full of Coors
>EF is busy supertrucking and plowing that cute nerd
>Whiney is busy hugging his dakimura and thinking about hunky team drivers
>Gundam is busy trying to duck his lifetime ban for posting loli and guro in sfw boards
>Gordo is busy not being a namefag like God intended
>PTL is busy strewing jizz rags around his cab to discourage dot officers from searching his sleeper

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Fuck the police


How you guys holding out? DOT snagged ya yet?

>xx tonnes
You missed an x

200 T O N N E S


>single axles

Not inpressed.


>All those empties.

Top kek. So far I've only been through one inspection station in Texas. The lights were flashing and about 6 motherfucking state troopers were standing around under the inspection pavilion grilling hamburgers and hot dogs and waving at everyone as they rolled us through.

>get last door on home time load
>waited 5 min
>trucks literally parked around the block to get in my door when I leave because these guys take forever to unload
>missed the DOT blitz despite having lost the crank hanger on my trailer
>called into every scale house on the way down and bypassed
>asked the DOT officers at the ag check station for a large bean burrito no cheese no sour cream and a large coke

home time feels good nigga, gonna party with friends in South Beach and Hollywood

>mfw potentially parking a tractor on Ocean Dr.

5 scales so far on 70 amd 49. 4 closed. 1 open but gave me bypass.

At least I got motivated enough to clean my truck.


You called into a scalehouse and got a bypass? How do?

>rig pig'd
>actually got complemented on the condition of my truck and got out within 5 minutes

It's almost like this year the name of the game is actually safety and I'm not sure how to feel about it

"What's the problem? There's still 4 wheels under it!"

>MFW instead being up at nine on a job booked for noon, I now have to be up at three for a job at six thirty

Weighmaster here, I weighed a truck in/out earlier this afternoon and heading home I see him on the side of the road and container off the chassis.
It's a 40ft container 2 axles back and front and I don't let them leave with a gross of over 80k.
How likely is this my fault?

>And what's the best way to remove the blasted things?
>Bonus points for it being plastic-safe and able to get the shits off my helmet visor.

Motorcycle helmet?

Easiest way is to close all your vents. Take an old washcloth you don't care about and wet it with water. Lay it on the visor and wait.

Wait a bit more.

Wipe bugs off.

Repeat as necessary.

>when USA does 44 tonnes

I don't know. Are you my bro, weighmaster? I don't like being called in, but I don't mind you very much. I scale my shit on a CAT scale and I don't run heavy. I feel a very neutral relationship. You inconvenience me, but I'm glad you aren't DOT. So, who's side are you on?

Well I'm cool with all the truckers that come to the yard, the regulars bring me snacks and I do so likewise.
My worst experience has been with female dindu Swift drivers, the other day I shit you not one was wearing a King Tut shirt and she acted like owned the fucking place.

>Black people acting inappropriately in public

I need to sit down, the room is spinning.

>jizz rags
I've moved on to the next level, jizz bucket. Right next to my piss bucket and shit bucket.

So you aren't any more of a weight master than the niggers at Flying Jew. Why are you even here.

He's a scale ticket jockey. Why would he know that a scale master is a law enforcement position?

Is there chain of responsibility laws? If not. No, you're fine.
Maybe he was too retarded to turn the twist locks.

Which one of you cunts dumped a bunch of water on the freeway this morning?

Don't forget to buy sine fagfries

>And nothing of value was lost

Where do I go to see the status of my CDL? Been trucking for a couple months now but scared I might have failed a previous pre employment drug test



Peppu, y u no bost so much any more?

It's amazing how retarded trailer makers in USA are.

US trailers consists of a box and a bolted square with wheels, while EU trailers are properly built with sturdy frames that haul the 60+ ton cargo without bending the trailer in half, unlike the sub 40 ton bender on wheels USA have.

But but our roads our precious roads

Imagine being so insecure that instead of being proud of your own accomplishments, you can only be aggressively jealous of other people who are more successful than you.
Must be really depressing. Meanwhile our GDP and PPP are higher even though we're so retarded.

>aggressively jealous of other people who are more successful than you.
Glad you understand the purpose of the image that proves the point that United Shitstain toy truck drivers are jealous and insecure as fuck.
Why else would they cry out the muh t-twucks whenever a EU truck is posted, with more power, better efficiency, better comfort, more advanced, safer... the list goes on.

Not surprising when their newest trucks looks like a shitty PT Cruiser with a low-tier sleeper

I wouldn't mind American sleeper sizes in Europe though.

>EU truck is posted, with more power,
this is objectively wrong, you idiot troll.

*unblocks your path with its factory 730 hp*

You mean just what we have here then.

EU: Straight from the factory with:
Scania 730HP/3500Nm
Volvo 750HP/3500Nm

US: Straight from the factory with:
Poop 560HP/2850Nm
Crap 6250HP/2870Nm

Those are discontinued, rare and sought after though, and to my knowledge no one's ever attempted to put a shitter in them.

>200 T O N N E S

Nobody that isn't autistic gives two fucks about any of this.

>two different eurocombi setups
Muh dick!

It's all he has, man. His country is poor and overrun with Muslims, the only thing he can take solace in is that EU trucks put down bigger numbers on paper, even though it ends up being irrelevant in the real world and he ignores bringing up facts like most European countries have truck speed limits of 55mph, he can at least still find a tiny bit of joy in cherry picking images off Google

Be 44460 in the box

Heavy enough to trip the call in to the house but still legal when you roll through the 35mph weigh in motion so you get bypassed

>Be at last drop
>Get called bills are realy
>Awww yiss
>Walk inside, 20 other drivers waiting for their bills / to check in
>Dudes behind the window laughing and bullshitting on their phones
>Proceed to do what I do best and call all of them on their shit
>some drivers have multiple stops and are being held up because of your incompetence
>If this were New York City you would all be fired
>What kind of Mickey Mouse bullshit operation are you guys running here
>realize where I am parked on the curb I have the whole facility tied up and no one can get around me
>security actually comes over to give me shit about where I'm parked
>I'm blocked in and have 4 trucks in front of me and 10 behind me all of us waiting on paperwork
>tell him if you want me to move give me my paperwork and I'll move
>get my bills before everyone else
>violate logs getting home fuck the police

I just did Houston to Nashville at 79k+ on half a tank and got green at every station. Also got a level 2 inspection in Mississippi pass clean.

I'll see you out there at 56mph.

Use bottles. That way you can throw them at assholes.


Did he sigh, shake his head and give a you disgusted dad look?

Wew lads, stuck in Albuquerque since my driveshaft carrier bearing decided to self destruct.

Also switched over to Verizon, word to the wise, the Moto Z is fucking garbage.

GPS down?

>he needs GPS

Glad someone took my advice on how to get out of blitz week.

Good thing it's not a leased truck.

Yeah but this load was taking me home and there's no weigh stations from here to El Paso.

Some lease cuck team has been here since 6AM for an oil change on their truck lmao

Just keep going, its only some vibration.


I just rolled through my last weigh station of the week, the WB 24 in KY.

I followed the line of trucks flowing in like an idiot and it was shut down, nobody home.

Differentials were heating up well past 250° so I just stopped instead of risking it.




Lets say you are going down the highway with an empty flatbed trailer. You see the flashing lights (pic related) and pull into the scale.

Will they let you skip getting weighed? Surely there is no way in hell you would be over 80,000 lb.

Kek that it uses Orlando.
A man who pledged allegiance to ISIS gunned down 49.

They'll jut wave you on through unless your truck or trailer or both is fucked six ways to Sunday, in which case they'd be more than happy to have you park in their lot for a chat. It's best to hope all damages are on the driver's side and that the officer working inside is lazy that day.

>t. flatbedder whom'st've shit happens solely on passenger side

You could be over on your steers.

Thats not the only thing they check through. They put in your DOT number in a computer as you roll through and make sure you have valid registration and stickers and no warrants for arrest etc

Most DOT officers are just Average Joes who want a comfy job. I had to go in once to update info and I was amazed fast they were sending trucks through. No chance they were actually checking all the axle weights.

72 days. 8 scales. 6 closed. 2 sent me through unmolested.

And I was so paranoid...

What went wrong?

Except one case is foreigners who are being imported by the government killing local residents because of their religious ideology, and the other is a black guy shooting some other black guys.

>US truck
>US truck driver
US is what went wrong.

>72 days
Longest. Blitz. Ever.


When I was coil tubing, the guy ahead of me in our equipment convoy at the time went turned in and went through a set scales at two in the morning when it was obviously closed and dark, because he thought that he always had to even if they were closed. He was a fraccer normally, so I suppose it was to be expected.

>pass a truck on the highway
>filter pretty far in front of him
>flashes me with his lights
W-why do they do this? are they mocking my twingo?

I'd flash you if I saw you driving around in one.

No its a first gen twingo

>cruising on an interstate in PA up a small mountain
>sudden 3rd lane appears
>No Trucks in Left Lane signs on both sides of the road
>Truck in right lane being passed by truck in the middle lane, being passed by truck in the left lane
>middle truck is winning
>I stay on middle truck's ass, since I know we are coming up to a police hiding spot.
>middle truck merges right after successfully passing right truck
>I am now speed matching left truck
>left truck has had his blinker on for awhile now
>he can't get over
>we get to the police spot
>no cops

>its just the niggers meme


>flash your cock as you know a male twingo driver is a fag

well today was the day I've been waiting for. I've been dealing with a massive hunk of shit 2000 International with a C12 and a 13 speed for a while now and today my boss said if I can find the truck I'm looking for (2012-14 389 or W900 daycab glider kit, 500 or 550 horse 18 speed) he will buy it for me and fly me anywhere in the US to get it. so since someone else pays for the fuel, is there any real reason to choose a Detroit over a Caterpillar?

Parts availability. If you blow a radiator you can limp into any servicepoint and be bask on the road in 4 hours any time of the week.

>72 day blitz

>blacks commit 50% of all violent crime in the country and up to 90% of gun crime in some cities
>but that disproves my argument so I'll just call it a meme
Stay mad Mohammed

I know what you've been listening to.

And blacks arent a minority there. Stay ignorant nigger lover.

[citation needed]

Instead ypu pathetic whitebois commit suicide, like the chumps you are. Real men fight it out to the death.

its only getting worse for poor whitey too, they can't handle the truth that the black man already outnumbers their pale asses

B-but m-muh moslems!

Roadcheck is officially over, which means the smart jurisdictions that only pretended to be working the last 3 days will have all their officers working 24/7 the next 2 days making the real money from drivers who are dumb enough to think it's all over.
Source: I pretend to be a DOT pig on the internet

Also, check'em

Blacks don't get a chance to commit suicide, they either get killed or imprisoned before they're 30.

Does that explain the disproportionately high rate of abortion in the black community?

I'm within 100 miles of home 95% of the time and we have our own service facility, and a KW dealer about 4 miles from us but currently just about every one of our 20ish trucks has a Cat in it, they don't ever seem to have trouble finding parts

hey guys, I got a question about weigh stations. When I see weigh stations on documentaries and television (especially in Florida), they are these huge massive facilities and shit with office buildings and other physical structures. it's obviously a whole thing

here in massachusetts, for some reason i don't see any of that bullshit. in fact it looks like nothing more than a rest area and has absolutely no structures anywhere (unless they are hidden). pic related, what the hell is this shit? theres nothing there at all

>disproportionately high rate of abortion in the black community?
Niggeresses know to abort the offspring, while the dumb white girls just pump out the mixed offspring like the good brainwashed goys they are.

/pol/ is that way, retards.

Places up against the coast typically don't see a lot of truck traffic, especially off the interstate. To cut down on costs low traffic areas will just pave turnouts have have officers pull portable scales out of their trunks when they're assigned truck enforcement.

Depends on the state and amount of truck traffic. There's some in the Midwest that are nothing more than a small tool shed with a single axle scale.

>assmad SJW cant get the safespace he wants


This. Europe doesn't have a ton of roads while the US does.

Piece of shit kenworth T880
>hauling 25 tons
>close to overheating
>almost to destination
>red stop light comes on
>shuts off
>cools down
>go dump load (end dump)
>does it again on second load
>feel like tranny is fucked when I go take off
>they tell me go take it in

Dropped it off hopefully I get a new one, time to get the weekend started boys

I see a lot of people online talking about o/oing as a means to an end, with the ultimate goal being something like starting a small business, owning a fleet, and things like that. And of course leasing a truck is generally regarded as a bad move across almost the entire industry. Is there any point, for someone who isn't ambitious, to owning a truck? I just want to make a little more and have a little more freedom.

Wew lads, I forgot how heaps hektik it is getting a load out of the PNW. Normally takes me one search and 10 minutes to grab a gravy load out in the Midwest buy I've been combing this shit for almost a week on my way out here from Wisconsin, and all I've managed to do is back myself into a corner against the Pacific and Canada. Might have to hit up my old onion hauling contacts, but it looks like they shipped out my favorite loads last week.

That's basically what I've done since realizing finding competent drivers is more trouble than it's worth. Make what you want, when you want, where you want, and spin a few wrenches to keep your wallet fatter.