He actually wears a seatbelt

>he actually wears a seatbelt

>he isn't old enough to post on Veeky Forums

Seatbelts are for cucks.

nothing like getting ejected and thrown through a windshield or if your smart enough to be buckled in having your unbuckled "muh back seat no belts required" sperg of a friends head coming smashing into the back of your skull.

Wear a seatbelt you little pukes

If I wrecked my car, I wouldn't want to survive in a world without it

I've personally met three people who survived crashes because they'd been ejected from their vehicles before they crushed them and every paramedic I've ever met refuses to wear them because they fuck people up in accidents. Fuck off

>not wearing a racing harness in your shitbox that you track and dd

what are you, some kind of pleb?

>he doesn't have a full cage, automated fire extinguisher, 5-point harness and full fire-retardant race suit and helmet

>not driving hard enough you need to be four-point harnessed into a racing seat

You're a fucking moron.

I've yet to find a reason not to wear one.

That doesn't refute anything I've said

Enjoy getting thrown out of your car in a roll over.

You're beyond saving. Literally. Your loss.

>he has LITERALLY no arguement

Tip top zozzle

ER nurse of about 15 years hear

I have treated well over 100 people in vehicle accidents. I have only had two people that wore a seatbelt that didn't leave the unit and not go up to a hospital floor. One was hit by a semi at highway speeds, the other rolled over a convertible into a ditch. A huge number end up in the ICU, surgery, or dead after not wearing one. Wear a seatbelt you chuckle fucks. Also if you ride a motorcycle with out a helmet you have a death wish, but you probably already know that.

Here not hear, I hate cellphones.

have fun flying through your windshield

>this anecdote from some random guy I know is better advice than mountains of scientific research stretching back decades

Literally flat earther tier

>half of vehicle fatalities are from not wearing a seatbelt
>still wants Veeky Forums to believe his anecdotal fan-fiction

Are you sure you dont just live in a town of retards? Like a retard colony of sorts?

Oh you have no idea

ER nurse here too at a busy level 1 trauma center. People are idiots if they think not wearing a seatbelt is safer because "I know a guy that lived because he didn't have his on."

If only I could show people what comes through those doors when someones skull smashes into the windshield and their neck snaps back. Not to mention the trauma their chest receives when the smash into the steering wheel.

Good thing they "know a guy who lived."

>What, y'all mighty think that there ay'm dumb enough ta use ayy seat belt? ay'm smartuurr than all those there engineers ayn' safety testers who lie ta people ayn' call it science

>mfw those people would of been completely fine besides a scratch and a headache if they had seatbelts but instead they got fucking launched

Gonna need a source on that.

>not realizing Veeky Forums is just a mix of retarded bus riders

If you don't need belts to secure you, you aren't driving hard enough.

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Honestly, it feels good and cool to do the procedure.
>open door
>get in and strap in (honestly I do this first so I don't have to hear my car ring, which happens if you put the key in the ignition first.)
>key to contact, give it a sec to let the fuel pump prime. Watching the dashboard analog dials move to the according positions and hearing the fuel pump buzz is kinda cool
>foot on brake, key to third position, low beams on if needed
>put it in drive
Takes like 10 secs mate, click it or ticket

>my brother is so fat that he refuses to wear seal belts because it makes him uncomfortable while driving.

At first I thought it was because his car is tiny, but he continues to do the same in my uncle's Avenger, my dad's e46, and my 4runner.

> p u t i t i n d r i v e

I drive.

>Put it in drive

Autotragic confirmed

If dubs, your waifu isn't real.




I literally feel naked without a seatbelt, also burgerland seats don't hold me in at all.

He actually makes a passable woman.

Wait, that's a dude?

implying it doesn't make it better

Yeah, if it was dude I'd be all over it. Not really into girls, just dudes who dress up as girls. That's my thing.

Shes a Russian cosplayer alexandra gaier asuka. Kind of disappointed.

I seriously hope you die in a car accident

They're automatic


She's real enough


o baby a triple wtf

>buddy never wears seatbelt
>gets t-boned
>gets launched across the inside of his car
>leg all kinds of fucked up
>still can't walk right
>still doesn't wear his seat belt
true story

Many such cases.

But I don't have a waifu

Are the amerifats who post on Veeky Forums average stupid based on American average or a special kind of stupid?



this. git gud faggot


Having had a head on with people who were not wearing them I can say its worth it.
>Teeth through lips
>Head dent in the windscreen

They didn't even have a valid license.


I had a small accident last week at a very low speed.
I was rear ended then smashed into the guy in front of me.
My seat belt made it so I barely even had whip lash.
Had I not worn it my teeth would be on the cars floor.
Don't be dumb it takes two seconds to buckle up.

>wearing a seatbelt on the bus



>I know a couple people that managed to survive being ejected through the windshield
>Therefore, not wearing a seatbelt is safer

How does it feel needing to breathe manually?

>T. never raced in his life.

> be 17 in school
> bus drivers all Indian immigrants
> new Scania buses
> new buses have heaps of power and really good brakes

They stopped using the buses on school routs in a few months, every time they stopped you were nearly slammed into the seat in front of you because currys can't drive

You sound like you think airbags are a good idea

We should of just kept on padding dashes and we would be fine

We didn't need ABS until FWD became normal either

>We didn't need ABS until FWD became normal either


Looking at Gore car crashes of people who don't wear seatbelts, no thanks. I'd rather be called a faggot by some busdriver than die proving myself to online strangers

little story for you Veeky Forumstists

>go to get new tires the other day
>have a spare buckle in my seatbelt buckle catch because the seat belt light takes like 10 hp from my pos camry
>the technician took it no idea why.. one time a mechanic took duct tape which i placed on the "passenger isn't wearing a seatbelt thing"
>mad i'll just get another one though

this is as bad as having someone detail your car and they steal YOUR change.. shit i can think of a few times just going to tire shops how they take stuff or make little unnecessary changes. it's my car bastard

And airbags are a good idea you fucking retard. Enjoy slamming your teeth on the wheel.

>We didn't need ABS until FWD became normal either


Do you assume everyone who's yelling at people not wearing seat belts is not an American?

Have you ever driven a German car? They literally will not shut up until you put on your seatbelt.


Remember when rwd could not lock wheels braking with 4 drums?
Because this cuck does

That asshole that pulls bodies and cleans up brain matter after wrecks here.

Ever seen a steering wheel bent about 70 degrees back from a forehead or chest when someone gets launched? Yeah wear a fuckin seat belt. And if you're too fat from freedom burgers buy an extension you pleb

Why didn't the airbag go off?

Seat belts extend a huge amount already. Are extensions a real product?

It's a Supplemental Restraint System for a reason. It can actually be more damaging than helpful if it goes off when you're not wearing a seatbelt.

How fucking often do you think people get crushed inside of their car? You think being ejected on to the pavement head first is a better alternative?

Quite often actually. Newer cars have to be built to withstand rollover crashes among other things because too many people were getting crushed like fucking trash in a compactor in more serious collisions.

No idea I didn't work that one in the pic, but you'd be surprised how random airbags are. I've been doing this for 15ish years now and can honestly say airbags are very temperamental. I've seen them go off on 10mph bonks, slowly backing into a pillar in a garage, 100mph wrecks with a few barrel rolls etc, but I've also seen them not go off on just as many, if not more high speed accidents including rollovers.

Last year I got an accident from some mombie with a screaming flipper tard and baby. Mombie was speeding on a country road because flipper tard was having an autist meltdown and they were right near her house, the dumb broad lost it in a bend and hit a smaller car head on at 80mph. For whatever reason her airbags never went off. Being a dumbass mombie, babby was in the front seat without the carseat being tied down properly, so since the airbags didnt go off that kid and car seat took off at mach 8 into the ditch and killed it instantly

yes topkek. You should see some of the custom ones out there

>gf watching fat people show on TLC
>600 pounder somehow still drives
>seat belt extension looks like a fucking tie down strap to reach around muh curves
>kek but deep down the thought of that haunts me every day

My aunt has to use two seatbelt extenders when she travels via plane. Two of them.

Can you imagine being seated beside someone on a 6 hour flight who is so large they need two extensions? Then also having to pay extra for your 20lb suitcase because weight = fuelcost?

Exactly. Newer cars are built to not crush you in a rollover. So unless you drive a 69 mustang you should wear your seatbelt instead of purposely catapulting yourself out of the fucking sunroof when you slide into a ditch at 20mph

My Veeky Forums grandparents had these for some reason in their old civic. Something to do with seatbelt discomfort or some shit.

>having any seat belts at all



>not purposely catapulting out of your shitbox during low speed collisions

>select images with belts

Jesus christ

>every paramedic I've ever met refuses to wear them because they fuck people up in accidents.
This isn't bait. This is just a flat out lie.

>t boned a Saturn at 45mph and didn't know what was happening until the car skidded to a stop and realized the bag had deployed, which didn't even touch my nose


I got T-boned hard enough for my car to do a 180, I was wearing a seatbelt and didn't even get a sore neck or a single bruise.

Thank Mr Seat Strap

This is really only a problem in a CRX.
Which will kill you if you hit so much as a speed bump too fast.

That's just what the seat belt industry wants you to think.

Agreed fucking pussies wear cuck belts fuck the government trying to tell me what I can do in my vehicle on my roads I pay for