Behold the new crown Vic's of our time

Behold the new crown Vic's of our time

>tfw own a black one
>get looked at the wrong way when i pass the hood

what's the deal, i thought they liked unmarked crown vics

They like when THEY are driving em because it gives em more power than lil ole whitey

At this point I miss tricky vicky.
Fucking explorers are the soccer mom vehicle of choice around me.

>suspension still feels like it has all the bad parts of RWD
>exhaust leaks into the cabin from the factory


Nobody drove crown vics but cops now every granpa has an explorer so you shit your pants every time.

crown vics never scared me, tinted explorers make my heart skip a beat every time

I always do a double take when I see those things

They look so good

>you shit your pants every time.
Are you 16?

>Walking down the street the other day
>Some dipshit walks out into the road
>In front of a cop driving an Explorer
>Cop stops to not hit dipshit
>BMW (convertible of course) stops behind cop
>Honks instead of driving around (2 lanes)
>Cop gets out and angrily asks BMW driver if there's a problem

Of course, it's a BMW driver, so there's no way of knowing if the idiot didn't realize it was a cop car, or if they're just a self-important wanker. LA does that to people.

fuck off retard

I was really confused because I honestly thought that was a Land Rover until I looked close and saw the Ford badge

Well you're not alone senpai, I thought I was looking at an evoque

Ford is good at being china

AWD, Twin Turbo charged, sub-frame. Everything opposite of Crown Vic. That's good and bad. Initially, the Explorer is a fantasy police car, that performs well while "on duty", however, the Crown Vic is heralded as a "run forever, beater" that any Joe Blow can fix/maintain. I don't see this (let alone any current car) living up to this reputation.

Also no way in hell the modern Explorers will hop curbs like Vics could. They have the ground clearance, but not the rugged suspension.

This. It's made even worse by the fact any regular asshole can buy the one with the matte black grille, so you can't tell if one's a cop until they're up your fucking ass and you can see the lights inside the windshield. I swear police nationwide teamed up to make Ford offer the same color schemes to everybody on purpose so it's that much harder to identify them.

Also my local city cops drive gloss black ones with all the police markings in matte black paint. You can literally only read it in bright sunlight. It looks badass but it's also jew-tier trickery.

They do gold on white here. Can't see them unless the sun is right on the doors.

This is why people who hate P71s are idiots. That shit is MRAP tier. Jonny Redneck hops the curb in his muh trukk thinking he can get away easy, but no, lawman slams that curb doing 70 like it wasn't even fucking there. Can you put P71 suspension parts on a Town Car?

>Can you put P71 suspension parts on a Town Car?
How is that even a question?

Are you under 16? Anyone who drives knows the clenched feeling while figuring out if someone is a cop or not. Even 10-15 km/h over is almost a grand once insurance is taken into account.

Got pulled over by a black Taurus with normal plates and interior lights the other day. Difficult/impossible to detect.

Because the only thing I've ever seen that actually had that level of parts commonality with other cars that are supposedly """the same""" are the Jeep XJ and MJ, from the door handle forward. Every other time there's always some kind of stipulation or "they did this and that different for whatever reason also they changed this thing over here in 199X".

Ideally I'd want P71 suspension parts and the stronkest Modular I can build in a 1991-95 LTC for maximum comfy and sleeper status.

>no v8

>grand after insurance
eurofags getting cucked this hard

Wew this is almost Chinese levels of plagiarism

>Even 10-15 km/h over is almost a grand once insurance is taken into account.

Then why the fuck are you people always going on about how you need such sporty cars? Assuming you're European.

>Tfw at least 3 people in my neighbourhood drive bright white explorers with the black trim package
>Mistake one for RCMP or a sheriff every time I go out
With the Vic it was so easy to spot them, this shit is really annoying.

Every cop I've talked to complains about how they practically have to fold suspects in half to stuff them in the back of the Taurus. Guy's even slightly tall? Gotta call a fucking van.

I fucking hate it when people drive white cop spec looking vehicles. Bonus points when they get all pissy because people are always driving cautiously around them.

Chargers here, atlanta has tauruses and out west i know the explorer is preferred and caprice is like northeast

Taurus is a fucking crossover with a car greenhouse, ferd is pretty shit these days when even the explorer is cramped inside which the taurus also is based on


My local department publically announced they would go with Chargers, but almost immediately after must have changed their minds and pretty much exclusively drive Tauruses and Explorers now, as well as the shitload of E-Series vans they've always used.
Annoyingly though, they had decided to change their livery before that (was white with blue and red stripes, now traditional black with white front doors) and figured they would just order the new cars that way, and leave the Vics as-is until they're all retired.
So patrol cars can have one of two completely different colours for the time being.

Dont worry one day theyll all be camrys

I doubt the Explorers will be used by departments as long as Crown Vics were. I give it 5 years.

hopefully not during our lifetime
depends on what kind of deals Ford wants to offer Uncle Sam and city/state agencies

Like probably next year when the new one is out. Also highlanders. Im surprised theyre not toyotas already

>having cop cars that even resemble civilian cars

boy youre going to miss those days

>Can you put P71 suspension parts on a Town Car?

What, you mean stiffer coil springs and shocks? Its not like the P71 has some triple armored bomb proof chassis.

matte blue on black. Michigan.

The guys in Ann Arbor still do Tahoes.

Fucking non-reflective decals on the sides so they're impossible to detect at night unless they're entirely perpendicular to you. The decals are dark grey on black anyway to boot.

No kidding fucking murdered out Tauruses and impala's are what these cock suckers drive around here and will pull you over for tint when their shit is like 5%

I'm A2 too. I'm starting to see less Tahoes and a lot more explorers. Also
>That one cop that parks among other explorers at the Ford dealership on Washtenaw.
That motherfucker. Every god damn time.

The other day I saw some cock sucker on the shoulder in one with something on his antenna yo resemble those stickers they out on cars that need to be towed, luckily my radar detector works cash

What detector? I'm considering getting one and don't mind paying a fair bit.

Passport 9500ix

For everyone complaining about cops being too inconspicuous, you should be able to recognize a cop based on more than what car they drive. It also might help your paranoia if you don't give them a reason to pull you over in the first place.

This. I can usually tell the driver's a cop before I see the hidden strobes. Most cops have a massive superiority complex and show it whenever they can.

Fuck off boomer cop faggot speed limits are bait to create revenue for cities

I'm Canadian. Still cucked as fuck, wish I lived in Montana or Hungary or something. The USA is pretty cucked too though, but at least it's a few decades behind Canada.

That's funny because cops in my county love to bait people into thinking nothing's up and then flipping the lights on, faggots are nothing but revenuers nowadays

i'm a transnigger tyvm.

all of commiefornia deserves to burn.

>you will never be a cop in the 80's carrying a revolver solving disco shooting homicides

Why even live

The crown vic is the crown vic of our time if you are old enough to post here

Nearly everything is interchangeable on similar-year panthers. That's one of the reasons people love them. The parts and upgrade availability is insane. Cop suspension in a Town Car? Fine. Disc brakes where there were drums before? Bolts right on. Want air bags from a tow package lincoln on your CV? Perfectly doable. The panthers are notorious for this.

Canadian here.

I got a ticket 3 years ago for 15 over, really I was doing 37 over and he reduced it.

No impact on my insurance, rates kept going down.

I just got another ticket a few months ago for "allegedly" going 41 over. Going to fight it, should be reduced in court or thrown out if my paralegal is smart enough. Cop seemed fairly arrogant, so I bet his notes are total shit.

Hopefully he just skips court and they throw it out. Either way, by the time that ticket is logged (if convicted), the first one won't be visible on an abstract check (they only go back 3 years).

Looking at investing in a radar detector, especially with the reintroduction of PHOTO RADAR in Ontario. Fucking shitlord politicians. If they keep this up people will start destroying the cameras and sabotaging speed traps. About 10 years ago some guy was going around littering speed trap spots where the cops park. He would lay roofing nails and metal shards in the gravel where they parked. Shredded quite a few tires, they even put a story in the paper asking the guy to stop because he was costing "taxpayers money" when they had to buy new tires.



Crown Vics haven't been built in 6 years. Explorer is the first reasonable replacement. I'm sure they'll be around more than 5 years.

Then there is the power. Crown Vic was only able to achieve 300HP for a few years before the end, low torque numbers, and only 4,000 made per year. Meaning not a lot of power, and most didn't get that more powerful motor. Instead they had the same 4.6 that my Expedition had.

Now, Explorer with either a 3.7L, with 304 HP/279 ft lbs of torque, or 3.5L twin turbo with 365 HP/350 ft lbs of torque. I know which I would pick, and it'll be around longer than 5 years.

reverse image search you dolt

The cyclone engines are better than the 4.6 mods any day, they were meant to replace them and they will last as long as them as well

Finna do this


What's not to love?

Wow twin turbo 3.5? Those are some shit numbers ford pulled out of it
And the 3.7 wew

Some of those cars looked so awesome.

I feel today most police cars (and almost all cars in general) look so feminine and soft.

>He would lay roofing nails and metal shards in the gravel where they parked

Hell yeah my guy

>Matte black paint over metallic black paint.

>Also my local city cops drive gloss black ones with all the police markings in matte black paint. You can literally only read it in bright sunlight. It looks badass but it's also jew-tier trickery.
Isn't this some legal loophole about unmarked cars?

Daily reminder that if you aren't doing anything wrong and respect the police you have nothing to fear 99% of the time.

Fuck you these roads are mine I paid for them pig

Yes, it is
Since the identifying marks are still on the side of the car it technically isn't undercover which means they can have more units like your pic related on the road

i.e. be white

It depends on the country, too. In Australia, if you get pulled up by a regular copper this applies. If it's a traffic cop he's a universally hated shitcunt who won't let you go till he's sunk his claws into your wallet.

>FF crossover
Just kill me now

>All of the illegally low speed limits in Ann Arbor
really activates my almonds

pittsfield township cops can also suck my dick.

>yes goy! You should follow the arbitrarily set speed limit and if you even think of going over it then you have to pay the fine!

I honestly don't get how people on a fucking DRIVING FORUM suck up to cops.