Does Veeky Forums heel toe or double clutch?

I personally single clutch upshift and double-clutch downshift (downshifts are smoother for some reason, probably because input shaft needs to speed up on downshifts), but don't know how to heel-toe

Useless in everyday driving, dont have to drive like a tryhard racerboi just because I own a manual. I do neither....

I don't do shit in my truck usually, maybe double clutch if I have a passenger I don't feel like jerking around. In my fox I do heel toe and have even looked at special pedals to make it easier but more often than not I do it after I've parked on a hill because my e brake doesn't work and it has to crank for a few seconds when it's cold because of the carb + cam

I drive manual and I don't even know what you're talking about. Just bloody press the clutch and shift the damn thing.

Can't heel toe in the Focus. There are moments where, to keep it smooth, I blip the throttle but I can't do it while on the brake. My pedals are just not placed properly: the brake is too far back of the gas, and ankles don't bend that much.

Double clutching is 100% useless with synchromeshes, with the exception of shifting down into first while moving (my first is a bit harsh if not matched properly) and reverse since there's no mesh on most reverses.

Meh, I just do clutchless up shifts from time-to-time..

Everyday is track day double clutch all day every day Everyone is racing you even the minivan with the handicap license plate.

>Can't heel toe in the focus

Double clutching is actually slower, it's just being nice to your synchros
Why do you keep making this thread?

>gears engage faster
>oh no its slower

Then why do race car drivers do it?

get a pedal spacer, it's anywhere from 20-100 bucks depending on what you get.

mine is CJPony parts and it feels like it should have been from factory. adjustable left and right too

Point some out to me.

Every speed machine I've seen uses a sequential gearbox and they granny shift instead of double clutching like they are supposed to.

Double clutching and heel-toe is not needed for everyday driving and I never do it. I might blip the throttle if I'm downshifting but desu I don't even know if I do it right when I do

t. European


My synchros need all the tlc they can get.

This, throwout bearing and clutch are cheaper to replace than synchros

can someone explain why I wouldn't just:
press clutch
begin shifting down
press gas pedal mid shift
bring clutch up when gearstick is in place
revs are matched nicely

is it just to save my synchromesh? This way seems easier and quicker than double clutching.

I always wonder how much damage I'm doing when I shift into first while moving slowly. I try to avoid it, but I drive a car with not a whole lot of power so there's a speed where you either lug the engine a little in second or go into first and you feel the resistance when you move the shifter. I try to avoid it as much as possible and slow down very slowly or to a complete stop driveways and such.

I gotta try rev-matching in first. The thing is when I rev-match in other gears I do it all at the same time. In order to get rid of the resistance I would need to rev first and then put into first wouldn't I?

As for OP's question: It's physically impossible to heel-toe with the pedals in my car. If I could, I actually would because I do use downshifting to lower gears to slow me down so at least I would be able to keep braking and downshift if I could heel-toe

If you double-clutch perfectly, you would completely save your synchros. They wouldn't have to do any work at all. It's stupid to do this though. How worried are you that your synchros are going to go out? They are there for a reason, just use them, fuck double clutching, Why do people think they're cool for driving their cars like it's from the 1950s?

I'm an autotragicfag.
Any recommended fun shitboxes to learn manual and be able to hoon in?

No you don't understand.
You don't have to heel toe, just use the sides of your foot

Miata is a meme for a good reason.
3k Civic as well.

since 240sx's are outside of cheap shitbox range now, any civic hatchback from 1988-1995 or miata