Should I buy a Previa? Toyota reliability, mid-engine, AWD, supercharged and dat 90's A E S T H E T I C

Should I buy a Previa? Toyota reliability, mid-engine, AWD, supercharged and dat 90's A E S T H E T I C..

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good luck with maintenance
I really want one but the horror stories I have heard prevent it

they are pretty fucking awesome tho

Sure if you can find the awd supercharged version but be prepared to pay out the ass for one in ok condition. You could get a much better car for the price youd be paying.

I've heard it both ways, it seems the biggest issue is just getting to the engine to work on it. Otherwise plenty of people claim getting 300k+ out of them.

Luckily I'm in the Midwest so I don't have to pay West Coast tax on them. I've been looking for a while and recently came across one for around 2k that seems like it's in decent shape.

I didn't realize that people liked these things. It felt like just another minivan to me.

They supercharged a minivan?

>mid engine

True supercar

Pretty sure they did that to make it competitive in the US. There is also no room for a larger engine where it's located so supercharger was the only option.


Keep in mind, my memories of this car was getting loaded into it with 6 other kids to get shuttled to daycare. Probably naturally aspirated too.

>80's Toyota Van is best van


Too boxy for me.

One day I'm going to live in one of these, literally.

Best vehicle. The comfort is unbelievable and its so spacious inside you can turn it into a living room or a party bus or BOTH.

For maximum romance install a sun roof so your bitch can gaze at the stars while you devour her pussy.

It is

You want one of these for this

if you get a good deal on it, yeah.

mine is at ~260k miles and going strong but it needs plenty of maintenance. when the AWD shits the bed it'll cost as much as the entire car is worth to fix. it can be prone to overheating if you push it too much.

other than that it's highly practical for midwest winters: 4wd, seats 6 comfy, mid engine so the weight distribution is good, not horrible to drive.

>dat hiace
>muh heart

>Someone imported one of these from Japan near me
>4WD even looks to have hublocks
>Skylight looking roof

It's neat as fuck.

I think I'm going to do it lads, just got the VIN and everything checks out. Going to see it this weekend.

Gl user . I want one down the line too . look max comfy


I don't know what it is but these actually look good?

there was one at my local junk yard, complete with no rust it was a base though, it got crushed


Where can I get a real Japanese plate for the front?

Get a Dajiban all the Japs are doing it.

What dodge van models are dajibans though?
Would totally get one and put se shag carpet all over inside

Lmao I just watched a video on it. So good.

I'm not going to lie I am scouring craigslist right now. Also DAJIBAN plate is available in my state.

Should be able to find a Dodge van in better condition then the Toyota for around $1000 then just lower it and add the Japan rims tec screw on some ground effects. I like the short vans with single rear door.

I'm so torn now.

>romaji plate
>paying the "I want to announce to everyone that I'm a fucking weeb" jew

t. weeb

Ha it's all in good fun m8. I like cars and Japanese shit.. most people wouldn't think twice if they saw any of that.

There's one in a city just a bit away from me for $650 I'm tempted as fuck to get it.

>ricing out a minivan

autism at the highest levels

Could you point to the rice in that pic?

Really, you stupid fucking faggot?

>tinted windows
>black, oversized wheels
>license plate frame
>pic taken after carwash

Sounds like a Honda Civic Green Text

Lol you sound really fun.

>REEEEEE don't take pics of your car after a car wash

Hey at least you don't have to wash the bus.

That is a lot of rice in one pic

>He doesn't like Dodge Vans on Wantanabe's

I don't know what's worse

>redneck RV
>redneck ricer

10/10 would camp in.

Are the Hiroshimas really ricing out American turds? That's hilarious

They are lol.

They got popular because the Navy had some over there, then they got sold off, then a company started importing more Nips use them to haul bikes and tires, and then they decided, to cut the middleman out and then started doing track days and meets with these.

As far as Japanese vanning goes they're pretty tame. But yeah it's weird these vans over here in Burgerland are just seen as the eternal Airport shuttle van/retard group home van.

As Alexi put it: drifters need vans to haul shit in, and Dajibans are cheap and have a V8.

Get the Hentai van

I like they way you think.

American V8s are popular in Japan, and effectively if you knew how to build a good V8 and spoke Japanese you could be one of the bad ass shops in Japan. Its a dream of mine to build Monster V8s in Japan

That's a cool dream.

And yeah they do like our V8's over there (Japan likes just about everything it seems though), actually it's funny you mention wanting to go over there to build them, I'd love to actually sell american cars over there.


>this thread

Ya your right we need a Dajiban general.

You guys really don't like them?

wtf i want a van now

My dad has a Nissan Elgrande, has a 350Z engine and automatic curtains for the windows.

after this thread i'm genuinly torn over if i love it or i hate it.

Notice how the first thing they did was replace that motor with a v8 follow the Japanese and go with the American Dodge van.

Supercharged version never came with a manual. Sad.
W58 might hook up tho

>Should I buy a Previa?
No, it's a 25 year old shitbox minivan

Been searching for a Manual All-Trac for fucking ever, then buy 2 more one with a supercharger and use the rest as parts, and another luxury model for the leather seats rear air and dual sun roof

Frankenstein all that shit together best car ever

>mid-engine van

That sounds fucking ridiculous. That said, if Initial D taught me anything about MR cars, is that they will ALWAYS lolsnapoversteer because fuck you, Dagumi has to beat a fucking MR2 Spyder godmachine SOMEHOW. Samething with Keksuke and with an NSX, the absolute fastest car ever featured in the anime,

Don't forget..


It's the same one as the MR2 also.

>le snap obersteer meme

It's front mid engined nigger, the weight does not rest entirely on the rear axle. What you have to worry about is rolling lmao

>thinking real life is anything like a shitty cartoon meant for teenagers

Also Previas are FMR like the other user said, like an S2000 or that Citroen SM


That's is way better looking than the one in the OP.

Agreed. The Econoline has good bang for buck.
Plus it looks sexy as hell

That wasn't a spider. It was a BEAMS 3sge SW20 hardtop. There were hardly any 2nd gen spyders made.

I think he's referring to 4th or 5th Stage when Kogashiwa comes back with a ZZW30 and loses by spinning out AGAIN.

must be in the OVAs also snap oversteer is a meme

Jesus that thing is beautiful

I thought so.