What the fuck went wrong?

What the fuck went wrong?

Their owners. should've been left alone.

They tried to not be platforms that werent repeated garbage, got punished by mama GM, then put out gimped products.

No no no, what the FUCK happened here?

It's just a brand GM operated under. Who cares?

GM fucks everything up due to infighting and rebadging, more at 11.

Delorean left.

GM didn't see the value in making affordable sports cars.

The Aztek happened.

No Astra Redline.

D'you guys figure GM could be persuaded to sell the Pontiac badge, name, and vehicle trademarks?

I can't believe GM kept Buick and GMC and dumped Pontiac and Saturn.

Better yet, what in the blithering cock-up happened HERE?

One word, jews

Unlikely. Even GM misses Pontiac.

They had a choice between Buick and Pontiac. They chose Buick because it sells very well in Asian countries for some reason.
They started making garbage starting with the 2nd generation SC/SL/SW line
Shit like the Alero happened

every division including pontiac had an alero rebadge

> in an alternate universe Pontiac and olds are making new 2018 models as we speak

>in an alternate universe GM isn't run by complete morons

They kept making Holdens look ugly resulting in poor sales.
That and they failed to deliver utes.

the reason every other GM brand died is right here

its much more likely that GM might revive Pontiac down the line when the conditions are right.

They never wanted to axe them in the first place. (despite being the ones who fucked them up to begin with)

GM was planning a big a Pontiac comeback when Uncle Sam told them to close it down.

It pretty much had the same Market as buick (sans Buick's china appeal) slightly upscale versions of other GM products, but not quite as nice as Caddies and only old people who pensions wouldn't quiet cover a Cadillac would want them.

Maybe I'm wrong but what was Olds doing that couldn't be had at Buick really aside from their oddball version of the Northstar? (And why would someone want that in particular?) Dunno just seems like since the mid 70s oldsmobile was just kind of there, and the only thing they had on buick was the fact they sold Higher end minivans and upscaled S-10's for awhile there.

olds had the Achieva SCX and the concepts OSV cars.

hey boomer you realize infighting between subsets of your favorite pigfat car company isn't a good thing

>Achieva SCX

I suppose so plus the Calias 442 before it with the same upgraded Quad 4. Even then though other brands had comparable things, then again I guess that's the whole point of GM and their MO.

hideous pigfat amerishit cars trying to be hondas

Both of which sucked.
>GM was planning a big a Pontiac comeback when Uncle Sam gave them a choice to shut Pontiac or Buick down.


>offering options to different markets is a bad idea

you sell cars either way, probably more if you offer more options. you still get them to buy a car and they get the car they really want, instead of only having the one option

i would never buy a corvette but if they brought back a Fiero(cheap, light, MR) i would highly consider it.

i forgot to mention fieros need to be small.

Exacty. If it wasn't for china Buick would of been the one getting the Axe.

can they not make them hideously underpowered too?

that's be nice

how about a high revving turbo charged 4?

that high revving and turbo dont go together well in production cars. that would be an insane about of wear on the valvetrain.

personally i love high revs, but i would opt for the turbo 4. nowadays you can get insane power gains on modern turbo cars with just a tune. add a better intercooler and some e85 and you can go a long way.

>Removed the gay moon roof
>Put grills on the front and redid the lights
>Added a spoiler
>Much better badge design and placement

>making Holdens look ugly

Looks superior to me tbqh senpai

Even in the 80's they had their own heavy hitters which unfortunately fell by the wayside. Everyone knows the G-body Regal T-Type/Grand National but no one remembers the G-body 442 or Hurst/Olds.

Considering the history of Oldsmobile and how much shit they innovated, I'm willing to bet their decline after the 70's wasn't them not making cool shit, it was GM not LETTING them make cool shit.

I dont think a Fiero will ever be THAT small again.

but I do think a new Fiero is a very real possibility if the Mid Engine Vette is successful.

Not being allowed to become the retro type company and make cool shit.

>tfw no 2017 Trans Am Firebird that will smoke the shit out of the new Camaros

They got cut it instead of Buick because of boomers

are you retarded or something

Boomers dont care about Buick, only China cares about Buick. which is why it survived. Boomers wouldve preferred Pontiac because at least they made shit like the Firebird and the GTO

Bullshit every elderly person I know drives a Buick. Boomers are in their 70s now.

Yeah there were those too, and you're right the T-type over shadowed them, as did the Monte Carlo SS. And yeah odds are they were just being held back.

At least more people remember those 442's that pic related.

>Removed the gay moon roof
Sun roofs are a bad thing?
>Put grills on the front and redid the lights
You mean they replaced a good looking front fender with a butt fucking ugly grill with stupid ugly lights in it?
>Added a spoiler
It already had a spoiler
>Much better badge design and placement
Just no.
Also those rims.. wtf are those rims?
>Looks superior to me tbqh senpai
Americans are truly are retarded.
No wonder your auto industry is dying when people in your country have such a shit taste in cars.

>No wonder your auto industry is dying when people in your country have such a shit taste in cars.
lol if you are going to use the popularity and taste argument then its probably worth mentioning the irony that the commodore and monaro are the ones that are dead whilst the mustang is a global sales success.

not him obviously.

you are confusing demographics.

the only elderly people who cared about Buick were Greatest Gen. same for Oldsmobile.

the reason they fell out of style in the first place with Boomers was because they were seen as old people cars. ESPECIALLY Oldsmobile. And then oldsmobile's attempt to re-market themselves, (with ad campaigns like "not your father's oldsmobile) failed, because they were still called OLDS Mobile, which was an association they just couldnt rid themselves of.

as for Buick, I honestly see more old buicks now than i did when they were new as a kid

Not only that most of the Aussie auto industry is owned by the american's anyways.

I give you one word:


GM was too concerned with the brand catering to all markets than the brand having its own real identity
This is also the time in which GM honestly believed that NOTHING could be allowed to beat the sacred cow that was the corvette
Then the bailout happened and the feds forced GM to kill Pontiac or they wouldn't get taxpayer billions, which would probably kill the entirety of GM and make the recession of '08 even worse

>Sun roofs are a bad thing?

They're the worst option you can put on a car and only dumbshits who like Mazdas get them. Best way to have your interior get fucked up.

Tfw Alero is an aesthetically pleasing care but a fuckin nightmare to own past 80k.

they were different from other gm cars, plastic panels, different motors, even marketed differently. like a american honda but uniquely american

>Tfw Alero is an aesthetically pleasing care but a fuckin nightmare to own past 80k.
That and they flip on a dime. I'll admit they are great looking cars, but those nickles and dimes.

they discontinued the baracuda

>And then oldsmobile's attempt to re-market themselves, (with ad campaigns like "not your father's oldsmobile) failed, because they were still called OLDS Mobile, which was an association they just couldnt rid themselves of.
There was a separate ad campaign for that- "Youngsmobile." It didn't work out very well, but the Not Your Father's one was a complete and total flop. It wasn't the name that drew people away- lots of people in the 80's remembered Olds's heavy hits in the horsepower wars, and even afterwards the Cutlass was the #1 selling car in America multiple years in a row. It was GM getting rid of marque-unique engines (see also: the 'Chevymobile' controversy of '77/'78) and trims and forcing all their brands to be functionally and even more visually identical. The last straw was the Not Your Father's Oldsmobile campaign, which helped eliminate the last few fans of the company- who had fond memories of their father's Oldsmobiles, whether it be stoplight racing in a 442 or family trips in the back of a Vista Cruiser, watching the clouds through the canopy, and were basically being told, "Remember that neat shit? We don't make that anymore."

>a fuckin nightmare to own past 80k.
what makes it different from a grand am or malibu? i see jillions of those still, usually driven by minorities and white trash

I miss Pontiac. :(

I've been looking for a solstice GXP or a g8 GXP that's in decent condition forever now, but people want new car money for the ones that are.

It's sucks.