Show me your Haynes Manuals, /o

Show me your Haynes Manuals, /o

I have one for my Fox Body, but I've honestly been us YouTube more since I've started my project car. ChrisFix has been my best friend over the weekends passed

Chilton or GTFO

I actually don't know the difference, I've always just bought Chilton manuals.

Shop manuals are way better

Lol, I wouldnt even know. Like I said I havent used it at all since I bought it. I've been looking at Youtube vids to get the info I need.

I'm a visual learner, seeing the work being done helps me imitate it.

why would I show you a bunch of .pdfs?

Is it even possible to get a service manual for a new car?

Haven't been able to find any for my VWs
'91 '99 '07 pdfs or physical without spending a fortune for the blown up prices they ask

knowing how to fix a car without a manual is much better

Takes time and experience to get to that point.

Yeah I'm sure the greatest mechanics in the world 100% wing it. Dumbfuck.

The one on the left is amazing.

What's with the 4mb image size limit?

No one cares enough about your shop manuals enough to warrant 4mb images on a free website.

I downsize all of my images before posting, I even have a resize app on my phone.

How the fuck can you "guess" torque specs

Yes, a PDF manual.

>torque specs

drive German, everything just needs to be guten-tight.

I opted for the official repair manuals, I found them for rather cheap, 75€ for the whole thing.

Are Haynes and other manuals that different ?


Not at home to take a photo right now, but I own the manuals for both A and B Corsas.

do those wiring diagrams tell you how to fix broken computers?

I might need to find some of those for the MR2...

Nope, it's strictly about wiring, power sources, grounds and panels locations, just electrical, no electronics of any sorts.

hmmm, that sucks. there is a component of the board that blew (looks like it was a resistor), and I want to figure out what kind it was so I can make it work proper.

Just get a good picture of a known good boards and decode the stripes on it.

>I opted for the official repair manuals
Can't find a seller. My stealership's parts department won't sell one.

I've never hear of a dealership where you can buy those, I mean, they won't sell them sepparately.

The only people I know who are selling those buy complete old part stocks from dealerships, usually to keep their projects going. They invest a few thousands at once, and sell the useless stuff (like these manuals) to recoup their expenses.

Post component.

>he doesn't have a FSM

Pic: Haynes compared to a fsm

Quick, there's a problem with that car's BCM. Go ahead and pop in a new one and program it without a manual.