Cheaper Nissan GT

Why doesn't Nissan make a cheaper (rear wheel drive) GTS and (rear wheel drive + turbo) GTS-T variations of the cutrent (four wheel drive + turbo) GT-R like they always did in the 90's ??

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because the 370z exist

Well just get a 370z or an Infinity coupe if you want that

Why do you think that the GTR is the last vehicle listed on Nissan's website? It's their least sold car, most sales (unfortunately) are from crossovers

>Also implying that the 370Z doesn't exist

Nissan Z car has always been around next to the Nissan Skyline.

The Infinity Coupe look like a limousine, not a sports car at all.

In stead of building the gt-r out of a normal sedan they finally were given a big enough budget to make the gt-r a standalone vehicle design so it could be as badass as possible, without the constraints of the normal sedan's design or production constraints.

Doesn't the Q60 trims fill that void?

It's called the Infiniti Q50 and Q60 you retard.

You're asking the wrong question. The question you should be asking is why the Q50 and Q60 are such dogshit compared to the 90s GTS-T variants.


>GT variants
>sub 200hp

90's Japan was a huge market bubble. Everyone over there spent crazy money to build crazy shit and people bought it.

That crashed.

Now we get what you see today.

Because a Camaro would be faster.

t. GM fangirl

they do tho... theres base trim mid trim and nismo. theres about a 80k disparity between them

Why would they make something just as pigfat and soulless as the GTR, but slower? The AWD system is the whole point of the car.

>pigfat and soulless
still faster than muh corvette

Glad to know an AWD car that costs 80,000 more barely beats a rwd car

this will cause trigger

still faster m8

and a 918 and laferrari is faster than all said cars...

also out accelerates muh muscle car with a 10+ year old platform

this argument is between the gt-r and the corvette so your point is null


why are you going to ignore that it has awd? turbo autism

so you admit GM can't compte?

the argument being that it costs 80,000 more, literally a whole nother z06. you dont compare two dissimilarly priced cars together like that.
>a p1 can beat a gtr!!!
well yeah, its in a completely different price bracket

umm sweetie, a z07 is 110k

Infiniti G37 fills that void does it not?

370bhp, comes in awd or rwd with a 6mt


Because it's a fat and heavy car that needs a V6 and 4WD and 2 turbo's to move

I know I said z06 you illiterate retard

a z06 is even slower

>he cant drive a rwd manual car

i feel sorry for you.

emission/safety regs did the most damage out of anything tbqh

This making it unsaleable to the original audience the skyline series used to appeal to.

>Legendary mid range sports vehicle of yore, owned by regular people.
>Let's make the new version an unaffordable super car that super car buyers don't want, because they would rather buy a Porsche.

>he preffers the slower car

I feel sorry for you

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Basically this.

Can make 300hp+ to the wheels NA, even in AWD, with very little effort.

Even has styling queues from the GTR.

there is really no reason to buy any car other than a Miata or Tesla Model S

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To all these faggots saying Infinity Qxx or or whatever are retarded. The lite-GTR would need to at least LOOK like a GTR just like the GTS and GTS-Ts of the 90s did.

The 370z is the closest looking car to the R35 and that makes it the lite version of the GTR.

>The question you should be asking is why the Q50 and Q60 are such dogshit compared to the 90s GTS-T variants.

>Emissions standards
>"""Safety""" standards
>Woman-oriented market

That gets rid of it's character though.
Race cars based on regular cars are best.

pig fat

It's literally called a Skyline in Japan.

Yes, but the GT-R is not.

The lower model skylines were not "lower versions of the GT-R". The GT-R was just the top model of the skyline. When the GT-R branched off of the skyline platform, they didn't have base models that it took a platform from.

What you should really be asking is "why is the gtr just not a g37 with AWD and twin turbos" but that's a stupid question.

And the GT-R isn't a Skyline.

What's your point?

Because that'd compete with the Z. Manufacturers competing with themselves is what caused the 2008 crash.

I wish they would

the corvette would actually have some competition

Why is there no new Silvia? We need something to show toyota/subaru that you can sell a turbo rwd sports coupe in the entry level.


the GTS and GTS-T were Skylines

Because Ghosn sucked massive amounts of donkey cock an hour and his successor won't do anything different

>without the constraints of the normal sedan's design or production constraints.
>still make it weigh 4000lbs

except no one said anything about the vette till you brought it up

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Yes, but the R35 GT-R is not a Skyline.

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>>Let's make the new version an unaffordable super car that super car buyers don't want, because they would rather buy a Porsche.
someone's buying GTRs though, I've seen like 3 or 4 of them commuting within a month

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Because the current GT-R isn't a hotted up plebmobile like old Skylines were, it's a purpose designed supercar.

Making pleb versions of it would defeat the purpose.

>can't turn

the c6 is slower than the Nismo

Previous GTRs were the performance versions of the platform, not the other way around.

Personally I would fucking love a new 240sx or silvia but the 370z kinda fills that role I guess?

This exactly.

Illbe impressed when a car like this weighs less than 3300 pounds

I'm much more impressed that such a pigfat car is so fast.

Tiny ass front wheels make it look like a t-rex lmfao

Americans don't need to go around corners because all of their roads are flat, straight and have a 50mph speed limit.

The infiniti Q series always triggers me because someone I know was driving one got t-boned and got ass raped by the infiniti dealer fixing it.

In what world does turning have to do with being faster?


Just get a base model Nismo you poorfag

They would cut into Z car sales

In real life?

Emissions and safety have absolutely nothing to do with it.

Nissan has decided to build a 400+hp Q60 without an LSD. Or a fucking manual/DCT. Because they gave up on trying to compete with BMW. And their EPS is dogshit. And they think that their direct adaptive steering is in any way good.

Why is this board obsessed with Nissan Skylines (or GTR) ?
The cars always looked like shit and none of you faggots can afford it. Was it featured in a popular anime or something and that's why you like it ?

I own an R32 GT-R. People who talk shit about them are just angry that they are posted all the time. It is fun as fuck to drive. It is every bit as good as the memes/hype. I regret nothing. It's a fabulous car and has earned its legend-car status.

R32 means it's an oldass 1990 or something ?
What do you like about it ? How much do you run the 1/4 mile with it ?

it's literally two or three autists who have forced the meme for years

they became a meme because Veeky Forums is full of benchracers and the R35 was cucking everyone in laptimes for a while

Actually the bubble popped in 91, the only reason there were cool cars after that was because manufacturers don't discontinue a product until it has many consecutive years of poor sales.

If you want to bring everything from the Skyline back you might as well go all the way.

R32 is 89-94.

meh... can't you afford a modern car with better performances ?

Such as?

Do they even sell it and is anyone even buying them?

They made a big mistake getting rid of Silvias and concentrating on the Gay-Zs.

This is profoundly shitty bait. Especially because anyone that can afford to maintain and restore an R32 GTR has enough money to throw at a new car. Most R32s are 25k now. A nice one can easily run 40k.