What's so bad about the Z4?

What's so bad about the Z4?



I see a bunch of rich wannabees driving 2.0L 4banger Z4s thinking they are hot shit

That is my main problem with them

if you drive a z4 and unironically think you're driving a cool bmw, let alone a new car, them I am sorry to tell you that you are a gigantic faggot.
I even have one of these losers in my small town parading this garbage around as if it's hot shit. everyone cringes every time this homo shows up

The fact that a miata is cheaper and all around a better car makes the z4 pointless.

well, the Z4 is faster, especially with the 3 liter engines

It's a BMW...

So much asshurt itt

what? the car has hands?

>posting anything but the best

driven a z4. theyre alright, fun on limit and all but lacking on character imo. overall good car tho

It looks like a mollusk

New Z4s are a thing of beauty, really reminds me of the 507. First gen Z4s are visually awful


>You will never be inside mikus car

nothing really

if anything, the interior is a little too minimalistic, and the quality of the body panels and sound deadening is inferior to even the Z3.

I like the coupe. A bit impractical tho, so went for the e46 m3 instead.

Also, the side-badges on the blinkers annoys me, what the fuck were they thinking.

I had the 3.0si coupe a few years ago and it is a pleasant if not particularly thrilling ride.

I could get 40+ mpg on my runs up the motorway for work and when you take the muffling out the engine sounds fantastic (in the cabin).

the side badges is a homologation to the bmw 507.

its probably a great car but its the new midlife crisis mobile

like most of Veeky Forums i'd rather buy a 90s shitbox, save money and have something a little more interesting

z4m is one of the most interesting cars

its not a Z3 M Coupe

uh OP said Z4 not "Z4 M Coupe"

plus the Z3 M Coupe is the one to get anyway.

Cheaper and better looking.

user, that is a v8 racing Z4, not the shitty 2.0 4cyl shitty Z4 every one hates
I would totally do a GSR wrap if I owned a Z4, regardless of engine I had

I'd still rather have the miata. Larger aftermarket so you can get the hp that the z4 produces rather cheaply.

I may look like a rich wannabe and a fag, but I am feeling pretty hot driving my e34 525i around while all these newmoney plebs here in Germanistan spend 30k on a gti and think they got a formula 1 car

The only reason why I like it is because the Z4 GT3 car is literally sex. And I hate BMW but can admit this.

>Z3 M Coupe is the one to get anyway.
Until the bearings start to fail then you have a ugly ass shoe hanging out in your driveway.

Because they made the m4 convertible.

>You will never be inside miku

Don't give up hope, she's fast

Z4M's are actually much cheaper than Z3M's now.

Pic related.

OP posted a pic with a Z4M roadster, faggot