My car is sort of a shitbox now...

my car is sort of a shitbox now, is it still worth it for me to pay about $100 extra for top of the line michelins vs some decent looking yokohamas?

/tire general/

I also have a question about tires. Which ones are the best for DD but with good grip to use them for some backroads or w/e

Those are probably fine, but there's more to it then that. What are your driving habits?

I'm thinkin' about picking up some Hankooks Evo 2s because they are pretty affordable at just under $400. Does anyone have these and can tell me how good or bad they are?

mostly highway commuting but also spirited city driving. live in the northeast

Would honestly just go with yokohamas. Pilot super sports are a really awesome deal though if you've got some nice winding roads where you live.

Pic is what I've got on my car now

Why don't all you poor faggots just buy Arizonian tires from Discount Tires? It's their private label, the tires are made by Cooper. They are very solid all around tires, inexpensive, you can get good cheap warranty, and Discount Tires is easy to deal with. For someone who just needs good safe normal driving tires and doesn't want to think about tires these are perfectly fine. 90% of the driver's out there have no reason to buy expensive performance tires, they should just worry about having a matching set of tires with good tread depth.

more specifically these are what I'm looking at


I picked up some Pirelli Cinturato Strada A/S for my Impreza after having factory Yokahama Avid S34.

Decided against Michelin Premier A/S due to my habits, noise, and long-term treadwear

Go with like a 30,000 mile tire. They are softer, which will help with grip. If you're into s1k sl1d3s go with a 40,000+ mile tire. They're harder, so expect less grip.

I was gonna get some Firestone Firehawk Indy 500's but they are on national backorder and I needed tires to even move my car.

Ended up getting some BFgoodrich comp 2 A/S and I like them so far, a lot quieter and softer than my old tires. I'll know more once I get a new wheel in and can mount the 4th.

Nah just buy some 2nd hands from a used tire shop. If you know how to inspect tires that is....

Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 for smaller tires
They're rebranded JDM Bridgestones

Ohtsu FP8000
They're rebranded Falken FK452s

i don't know how to but i trust my mechanic who does
gotta love that $80 set from some wreck he bought at auction

ive always been under the impression that you never skimp on whatever's been you and the ground (tires and shoes).

not that I've bothered to change the stock tires off my car anyways. Heck, one of it was a flat tire that I just plugged

>not upgrading the only 4 things that connect your car to the ground

>he doesn't lay frame


There should be a good price/performance tire through? I mean I don't mind spending $100+ per tire aslong as it's good and last decent.

Go with the Yokohama's. They are a great tire for a good price. They are quiet, balance well, and have good treadwear.

>had a steer blow out at 90 freedoms/hr
>never cheaping on tires again

yokohomo master race

Perfect timing. Need new tires for the '86 MR2 I just got. I'm getting rid of the old wheels because they are fuck ugly and beat to shit. I inherited a set of wheels that fit the bolt pattern, but I don't know what size tires would be appropriate.
They are 15"x7" wheels. I'm looking at buying tires from tirerack.
tirerack recommends 195 for an '86 MR2 recommends 205-215, but says anything between 195-225 is ok

I'm on a tight budget, so should I buy better quality tires or wider tires? I have about $350 to spend on tires, shipping, and mounting (If I can figure out how to mount tires myself without any special equipment, I will do it myself).

>I trust my mechanic

putting on tires worth more than the car is always a good bet.

If you go with 195/50/15, BFGoodrich Sport Comp 2's are on TireRack for 75 each. It's spot on compared to stock diameter.


I was dicking around and found this tool that helps quite a bit.

2bh familia I'd get the wider tires on the mr2 for more grip.

Is this the tire thread? Nice.

I went to a tire shop yesterday to get an alignment and the guy said I'd have to get new tires after he noticed the wear pattern (massive positive camber that I was already aware of). They quoted me for $693 + $50 for the alignment, mounting and balancing included. Is that a good deal? The tires he recommended were Michelin Defender A/S which were 80K tires.

Should I pull the trigger or am I getting jewed? I drive on the freeway about once a week, the rest is city driving. I also like to corner very fast, is a softer tire more my style?

2008 camry btw

They're great, I bought mine IRL from Firestone Auto Care (their tire shop) after making a thread on Veeky Forums where I got shitposted to fuck for not spending $150 a tire on Michelins/Yokohamas.

Very grippy too, braking and lateral grip noticeably improved coming from bald Michelin Pilot AS3s on a WRX Wagon. They run a little wide for a 205. They're sticky for what they are, and obviously not as much as a 200TW Tire (Hankook RS3/Dunlop Direzza/Potena RE71R) or even a Michelin Pilot Super Sport, but I paid very little for them, and they're going to last me more than 5-8,000 miles.

Paid $420 out the door with tax installed, mounted, balanced for a set in 205/55/R16. Opened up a credit card with them and I'm getting $100 back + 6 months interest free.

Forgot I can't edit posts, but I got tires with a date code of December 2015. Still newish.

Nankangs from eBay then go have an independent shop mount and balance them.

I have a question about tires?. I have potenza re970s on my s2k(like everyone else) and someone told me that they stopped making them in the size for my rear wheels. Do tire manufacturers stop making a specific size of tire at the end of the tires design life? Or was I getting lied to? Because I checked and tirerack still had them on sale.

>Should I pull the trigger or am I getting jewed?
For major brands, you should check deals with warehouse clubs such as Costco and Sam's Club. When you buy a set of 4, they often have a discount such as $80 off the set. Sometimes, they have buy 3 tires and the 4th is free.

>I'll know more once I get a new wheel in and can mount the 4th.
>Not driving with all 4 on at the same time
>Driving with one new tire one old tire

Holy fuck are you really this dumb.

Might ask this here

Is it worth importing tyres? my shithole of a country has high taxes, so the tyres I want are twice the price of US shops

I want a set of Yokohama ADVAN Neova AD08, is there a good international site that will sell these?