Is DDing an RX8 a terribad idea? I know how to take care of a rotary...

Is DDing an RX8 a terribad idea? I know how to take care of a rotary, and I don't mind the oil consumption since my current pistoncuck DD ironically probably burns more than a dorito does. I do have a second car I can use as backup, and I'm a technician so doing my own work is not a problem. I'd be keeping it mostly stock minus stuff like suspension mods.

I would get an FC, but the RX8 seems like a better DD to me since it's newer with more creature comforts, safety, and newer engineering, especially in the suspension. Not to mention they're fairly cheap since they're the black sheep of the RX family.

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Someone post the cap, I don't have it.
Short answer: not a terribad idea if you are willing to maintain it and don't care about oil and fuel consumption.

I definitely don't, my current car is an older scoobydoo that burns about 3 quarts every 3500 miles and gets about 18 city/32 highway. If anything it'll be better because it makes the sameish fuel economy with much more power.

If you're going to buy an RX-8, get one with low miles or one that was owned by someone who used pre-mix. The oil metering system in the RX-8's is really poor, so without the extra oil, the seals don't last long.

The Idemitsu stuff is fairly expensive, but I wouldn't use anything else.

Would one with 80k+ but fresh apex seals be a bad idea?

If it's been recently rebuilt, then you should be fine. Just know that RX-8's need pre-mix REALLY badly. Make should you find out who rebuilt the engine and do your homework on them. My RX-7 had a rebuilt engine with less than 5,000 miles when I bought it, but I had to replace it shortly anyway because the guys who did the work were absolute hacks and had fucked up the cast iron.

>Is DDing an RX8 a terribad idea?
As much as I hate rotaries, you could have picked a worse car to DD. Judging by your post, it sounds like you know what you're getting yourself into and it's your money, so have at it.

Only downside to DDing an rx8, besides the high rotary upkeep, is the shit mpg. 16 city and 23 highway isn't exactly great.

I doubt that it's even that good. My FD gets about 17 highway.

Hardest part is going to be finding an rx8 with a good engine. You can easily find rx8s with a good exterior and interior. But more times than not the engine hasn't been properly cared for. I would look at the rx8 forums if your serious about buying one.




I have a RX-8, but it's my weekend car. I drive 75mi a day to and from my work. The cost of gas would kill me if I dd it.

Depends on how long your commute is and how much you care about fuel costs
Little 5 minutes commutes are stupid. The car doesn't have time to properly warm up. And they get ~400km out of a tank

Other than that they are solidly reliable cars and should cause zero problem as long as you can change oil every 3k

400km is right around what my shitbox is getting. Not a problem for me, and my commute is about 15-20 minutes, 10 miles-ish each way mostly highway.

I have no problem with oil changes every 3k, I'm already doing it every 3500 anyway. Gonna be weird using conventional oil, at least it's cheaper.

>i know how to take care of a rotary

Hey! You know how i know you dont know how to take care of a rotary???
Dont worry reddit-sama, it oughta last you allllll SUMMER

You know how I know you're a faggot?
>let it warm up fully every time you drive it, else flooding
>check oil at least once a week
>only use conventional oil because synthetics have flame retardants and will inhibit proper combustion because they burn oil by design
>redline at least once per drive after it warms up
>no short trips
>premix like a 2 stroke if you remove the lame oil injection system

If there's one thing I'm good at, it's doing research before I buy something. It's free, there's no reason not to.

>Is DDing a RX8 a bad idea?
not if you know what you're getting into, have the tools to do maintenance, and you don't mind doing the increased care that comes with properly keeping a snowflake car

2bh familia it sounds like you've done your research, have the means to take care of it, and you have a beater backup for when/if shit hits the fan.

Obligatory don't flood the engine, and enjoy the glorious noise of screaming doritos as you BRAP your way to Valhalla

Nah, their not too bad but you should as others say either pre-mix or swap the oil injection system. They are expensive as fuck to run the mate that I bought it off was earning 180k as a real-estate agent, and he virtually gave it to me because of the astronomical fuel cost. Also consider removing shit stock exhaust system ecu chipping it and adding turbos.
Pic related, tis mine.


He can get away with buying one that hasn't been premixed if it's an 06 or newer. The shitty oil injection was due to a bug in the 04/05 ECU; so those owners have to premix to make up for the lack of oil injection.

As long as it's been burning oil at the proper rate, that indicates the seals are being properly lubricated. Wouldn't hurt for him to premix after he gets it though.

Ah, thank you for the correction. What I'd been told is that RX-8's across the board need premix.

He thinks thats all there is to it!!

Care to elaborate, wise one?

Apex Seals you fucking mong.

Who cares just gas it up, do normal oil change and enjoy :)

Something that needs replacing every 200k... big deal. That's like 10 years

lol he thinks it'll last 200k

an RX7 is still cooler

do you really want the RX8?

In a world of only victors, only love and only peace it would be a nice DD vehicle.

But it is a delicate and high maintenance vehicle. Unless you're rich and have a personal mechanic at your garage it can be pretty tyring.

That's not a bad idea. I have a 08 and I still premix.

Changing your seals to aftermarket stiffer ones might be a good idea. Thankfully the engine is easy to disassemble and reassemble

Assuming you have all the equipment to do it. Other than that most shops charge 2 - 3k for the whole rebuild.

Why was the rotary engine designed to be as inefficient as possible? Burns oil by design, spark plugs wear out quicker, has to have premium gas, fucking awful mpg. I'm not questioning the reliability of a rotary, my rx8 has over 175k on the original engine and is solid as a rock.

After owning one for a few years I highly recommend getting into the habit of at least checking your oil level around every time you fill up for gas and carefully top it off when needed. Mine consumed about 1 quart of oil every 3k miles.91+ octane has. Oil and filter every 2-3k miles. Conventional no-synthetic. Spark plugs/wires once a year. Ignition coils every 40k. Make sure they are OEM, cheap Amazon coils will NOT cut it. Always let the engine warm up to operating temperature before driving or turning it off. Highly recommended to have a high quality battery with the highest CCA you can find. If you take care of it than you will love it as it's a very fun, great handling car. But if you're the type of person who puts minimal effort into routine preventative maintenance you will seriously regret buying this car. Also it NEEDS to be redlined frequently. If maintained properly the the harder you drive it the better it works. It also doesn't hurt to give it a 200:1 premix ratio with the stock OMP. As well as clean the maf sensor every time you change the air filter.

>Why was the rotary engine designed to be as inefficient as possible?
It wasn't. It was designed to put out as much torque with as little weight as possible, and all the bullshit maintenance shit is the trade off. They are good airplane/racing engines for this reason.


I thought the RX-8 didn't take well to turbos?

they don't, he's a retard

Holy shit.

With such a high ass upkeep, I wouldn't pay much for an rx8. The shit ass mpg combined with with the car needing premium would make this a fucking awful daily.

If you really bothered to do as much research as you claim you'd know most people in the rotary community recommend using synthetics these days, as most synthetics have been tested by Blackstone labs and have proven to reduce carbon build-up, a major killer of apex seals.

Many folks prefer Royal Purple pure synthetic as it's been used in racing rotaries historically, as well as Mobil 1, Pennzoil Ultra, Valvoline Synpower.

Unfortunately the best mileage I've gotten on my rx-8 has been on a highway trip where I legit just sat at 65-70 the entire time, and I got a whopping 24 mpg.

Average is a lot closer to 18-20 mpg with mixed driving. The upside is that even when you thrash on it it won't get below like 12-14 mpg. (That is, it does better when being driven hard, comparatively, but fails to achieve higher numbers when you drive it like a grandma)

also consumes similar oil, though I would wholeheartedly advise premixing, it's cheap and the keeps the engine healthier, longer.


nah, those numbers aren't too far off. I usually get around 18mpg driving around Manhattan and Queens, (frequent) redlines included.

OP knows how to look after a rotary, no reason it wont go 200k

most of the engines from owners I know who premix have made to 120k, at the very least, most I know are still on their original seals, so...

huh? I've been on rx-8 club for years and I haven't heard of ANYONE who uses synthetic oils.

Literally the biggest endorsement of synth oil I've was something along the lines of "if you use synthetic oil don't switch to dino oils unless you flush the system (and vice versa)."

You've not been on RX-8 club for years then. Rotarygod himself has been using RP full synth since ~2003.

that cap is spot on.

>You've not been on RX-8 club for years then.

I was there last week posting in a meet thread.

> Rotarygod himself has been using RP full synth since ~2003.

oh hey, I was there for this post

it was a good post

oops, forgot:

> Rotarygod himself has been using RP full synth since ~2003.


"I haven't heard of ANYONE who uses synthetic oils"



And if you really are on the community as much as you say, you'd know that many many reputable members recommend synthetic.

Also, as if you needed any more proof of this, this is the owner of Black Halo Racing himself.

>And if you really are on the community as much as you say

>because rx-8 club isn't a byzantine labyrinth

thanks for proof. I'll prob use Synthetic from now on thanks to this. Are the ratios (oil:gas) any different?

Premixing while using synthetic motor oil is still the same relative ratio. 4-6 ounces, like in that screen cap. Heavier when you've just run through seafoam or zoom zoom in your motor.

I don't think I have to tell you this, but just to be sure so no motors get hurt, don't mix motor oil in your gas tank please.

>don't mix motor oil in your gas tank please.

top kek

I won't do this. I've been premixing since a few hundred miles after I got the car (@24k, luckily enough), and I've only ever used Idemitsu. But they're not synthetic, right?

I just hadn't read about the oil debate other than what I'd said before. Genuine thanks for the info, tho.

Glad to hear it and no problem.

Idemitsu is a synthetic blend, yes. You've been on the synthetic side of the argument this entire time you didn't even know it.




curious: is there anything to this
>if you use synthetic oil don't switch to dino oils unless you flush the system (and vice versa).

I seem remember this from one of the "required reading" threads (ignition, maintenance, preservative mods, e.g)... am I just completely mis-remembering things?

(thanks for your patience, lol)

>flush the system

Mixing full synthetic with conventional isn't a great idea. They're simply saying don't top off with synthetic if you were using conventional before (or vice versa); completely changing your oil and filter is recommended when swapping oil types.

you have been a genuine gem, thank you

I'm going to be honest guys the rx8 sounds like it's more trouble than what it's worth. Low hp, doesn't tune well, poor after market support, bad mpg, and the rotary upkeep on top off all that. It must be fucking blast to drive, I'd hope.

Not really that much of a blast to drive handles well, but getting stomped on my v6 minivans is tiring. Straight line performance isn't the point, but still...

I try to keep an open mind about cars but if someone wants a cheap mazda sports car, why not just get a miata? Or if you want a rotary, an rx7 turbo. The rx8 just seems really out of place.

Just get a miata. All the benefits of an rx8 minus the up keep.

I want the meme engine though

Good luck finding one that was owned by someone who knew how to take care of it. I found a pristine 2009 RX8 at a Ford dealership. When I asked them for a compression test of the engine, they just stared at me. They had no idea what I was talking about. At that point I tried to walk away but you know dealerships don't like to do that. A week later I got a call saying they took the car over to a sister dealership that was a Mazda that had a compression tester, and of course the compression was low in one of the cylinders. I wonder how many RX8s get traded into dealerships that are on the verge of dying?