Your >gf

What are some similarities that your car and your >gf share

>high maintenence
>has a nice straight six

I used to say
>doesn't exist
but I actually have had a car for a year now.

neither exist

Doesn't work half the time and when it does it gives me trouble to no end

>Not real

my car has nothing in common with her.

nice car bro mine has the inline 4 tho :( im jelly

what is a straight six on a gf?

that she is 6/10

6 inch dick but not gay.

01 Forester
Kinda dorky.
Reliable as fuck.
Reasonable maintenance.
Helps pay the bills.

Most of you would probably call her a 4-5/10 because of inflated internet standards but I still love her. She's an 8 to me.


>black and red color scheme
>fun to handle
>lots of personality

If only my ST was beautiful, and Megumin was real.


t. bus rider

your megumin is uglier than my gf

They both dont suck.......

Agree to disagree

>has been used by half the town

I've jerked off to your car also

>really cute
>probably gay
>fun (when it works)

Quite athletic
Extremely beautiful
Draws attention from others
Surprisingly capable, can do a bit of everything
Has some weird issues at times
Quite expensive to live with
Very nitpicky at times
>is dead

Low to the ground (short)
Longer than normal nose
Nice shoes
Needs a lot of attention
"Bought" used
Draws a lot of attention when seen near me (She LOOKS a lot younger than me... One old lady even asked if I was abducting her when I walked off to get a drink once)
Weird issues
Reliable for what matters most (driving)

Forgot my photo

>older than me
>can't go very fast but handles well
>very sturdy, safe to be with
>always reliable despite a myriad of small flaws
>gets hot very easily, prefers to sit in shade
>she's got a great personality and people love to see her whenever she's around

I don't actually have a girlfriend, though.

You have only yourself to blame

clean your headlights, my 4 cylinder brother

>I have one

oh wait...

Always by my side, never let's me down, not the greatest but still great, lived with the model all my life.

It's my hand.

>sexy in an unconventional way
>23 years old
>cheap and easy to keep happy

I'm unsatisfied with both of them

>doesn't ask for much
>needs a boot full to get moving

>have to bring her to the mechanic very often
>drinks a lot

>High maintenance
>Always breaking down due to minor things
>Real easy to drop her top
>Screams when she's going hard
>Not the best looking, but not bad looking either
>Everyone compliments her unless it's on Veeky Forums

>heavier than most it's size
>solid as fuck, there is a lot of material behind that skin
>beautiful normally but cleans up even better
>doesn't require a lot of money
>does require a lot of love
>soft, plushy seats
>feels oh so good and comfy inside
>absolutely infuriating when it doesn't cooperate

Holy shit, all that photoshop and the end result is still undercover alien.

i dont think they have anything at all in common

>doesn't exist