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Previous Thread: >What is a "Hot Hatch"?
A Hot Hatch is a manufacturer produced, performance oriented variant of a standard hatchback, designed for improved handling, increased top speed, acceleration and generally enhance the driving experience.

>Are all Hot Hatches FWD?
No. Whilst most Hot Hatches are FWD, some are AWD or even RWD.

>Isn't FWD shit?
No. Just because you can't get the arse out by stamping on the accelerator doesn't mean you can't have fun.

>Aren't Hot Hatches just for Europoors?
No; Hot Hatches have been a thing for the US since the 90s, took a dip in the mid 00s and are gaining momentum again.

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1st for the new Type R is good

2nd for it's still being measured against the Fiesta ST, the gold standard of hot hatches.

I'd trade in my FiST for a Type R if I somehow managed to get MSRP value on my trade-in. Interior looks really good and 235HP is a bit lacking for the long boring straight roads of Ontario.


lmfao thought this was Honda General but didn't see the extra H!

I hope I can fit in the Type-R. If I can I'm definitely going to buy it.

Eh you won't get MSRP, but it's held value than a lot of other new econoboxes.

I'm not sure how much quicker the Type R would feel to be honest (feel, FEEL, I said FEEL you mongrels). Fiesta ST just delivers the feels.

Type R also just seems so factory riced, I like adding tasteful cosmetic alterations. I would at least need to wait to see what kind of aftermarket support it's getting, and how close to the limit it's already running.

>select all images with a bus

I wish they sold the new Scirocco here in the US

I hope people will be asking decent amounts for them in 4/5 years because they "don't want a 3 cylinder ST"

3 cylinder is going to be a desirable engine, don't get it twisted. The extra safety features, potential driving modes, that sort of thing may be less so.

I think the 1.6 Fiesta's will be especially desirable for anyone doing Rally X for years to come, especially as they get higher mileage and less expensive.

Its always worse than the golf except in looks. The R dosent get awd and its power has to be lower than the Golf. Fucking VW. The sporty car has to be worse than the boring mainstream shitbox.

>mfw cant decide between golf 7.5 R or new Type R
why is this world to cruel

Golf R is just a GTI with shitty AWD that only helps you launch better, and a tune. You might as well get a GTI w/APR tune and pay less, the only difference you'll feel is the 0-60 time.

If you can afford the Type R, I'd get that since it's objectively the fastest Fail Wheel Drive car in the world right now. Including that disastrous Nismo LMP, since the Type R presumably won't break down on you.

I'm thinking about buying Civic 1,8 '06 as my first car , any advices ?

but the Golf R has much more tuning potential to go 400 hp+ and still be easy driveable cuz of the AWD.

the FWD on the type R is limiting the potential imho.

It's still a front biased all wheel drive vehicle.

>fwd is limiting the potential
Sounds like you are a shitty driver

t. i have never driven a 300+ hp FWD car in snowy conditions


Got 'em

Is a 2006 Fiesta st (70,000 miles) worth it? want something meatier thna my ka.

Not a chance of the 3 cylinder being as desirable as the 4. It's inferior in every dimension except initial cost.

Nah, Fiesta is tiny and gross, you get a speed3 like a real hot hatch owner would.

le god hatch

I'm really considering getting an older fiesta ST from Mexico for when I go over there. They're not that expensive

Has anyone deleted their sound symposer? Do you prefer the sound without it?

Nice meme hatch



>Honda will never make a Fit Si

I live in the rust belt though

>Living in a place where your car can get rusty

SHAME ON YOU, texas best place.

Should I buy Mk6 Golf R? Texas fag thinking about moving to somewhere up north and I've literally never driven in snow before. Plus I loved my Mk5 Golf and was otherwise probably going to buy a GTI (or a Volt, lol).

Texas has the worst drivers, but the weather is pretty great

Does my egg count?

What is Veeky Forums's opinion on pic related?

decent for what it is. It's popular as a rally car and the one make race is fun to watch.



I like the speed3, but I cant find one in decent shape for a good price.

good luck finding one, all of them have rusted away.

I'm still on stock exhaust so I left the sound symposer in but overall I don't mind it, it doesn't bother me

Good, I like my egg.

Would do the delete if it starts to leak, think is sounds good.


Steady hands.

Yes. But try find one with less miles.

The old shape ST's are still great fun.

I have seen a decent one going with about 60,000 miles, was at the upper end of my budget but I may spring for that.