Tell me Veeky Forums, how do you prefer to hold the wheel?

Tell me Veeky Forums, how do you prefer to hold the wheel?

7'oclock on my left, 2'oclock on my right

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LH at 10 o'clock, RH over between your mom's thighs.



My knee at 6 o'clock.

LH at 11-12 o'clock
RH at 5 o'clock or shifter

You're technically not supposed to hook your thumbs around the wheel. They can get fucked in a accident or if the airbag blows.


Give me one legitimate source claiming this.

usually left hand at 12 or 1, or sometimes right hand at 5.

9 and 3 if i'm going fast

lefty on 10 or 6 o clock and right hand on or near the shit knob

If you do this any other way you're a normie

Right hand at 9 o clock.
Left hand at 6 o clock.
Left big toe at 1 o clock. (Only if I'm driving fast)

This is how I hold my steering wheel, too

Right hand at 1-2
Left hand on my balls

Pic related is the usual. Otherwise I go 9 and 3, like on highways.

I drive with one hand on the wheel; when i turn a substantial angle i use my palm.

This is gonna fuck me over one day

City: left hand at 12, right hand lightly on shifter.

Highway: left on door, right at 5

>not having a drift knob

One hand at three o'glock and the other hanging out the window desu.

>Not just using your palm

Usually have one or both hands kinda lounging at 12, or one hand at 12 and the other on the shifter even though I drive an auto (old muscle memory from driving stick I guess).

Cruising freeways, right hand at 6, left doing fuck all.

9 and 3
6 on my knee
11 with a couple fingers and my arm on the door

>3 o'glock

Two hands:
9 and 3

Left hand:

Right hand:

You're going to get fucked if the air bag blows anways.

Better to have a firm grip on the wheel to avoid the accident in the first place.

12 o clock master race bonus points of right hand is on phone

one on the left one on the right.


9 and 3 because racecar.

disgusting LHD

ELDER GOD TIER: Left hand on door arm rest, right hand at 5

SHIT TIER: Everything else.

Autobabby detected

It works on the highway, my lad

I don't know that feel, my shitbox has no power in 5th so I have to downshift to pass

9:30 and 2:30

Only sources I can find are all motorsport-related, so it's kinda truth.
bfy doot tw/CGnc

I broke my thumb in 2006 in a crash. I didn't have power steering though so when my front tire was hit the steering wheel turned and caught my thumb. I'm unsure if power steering would act as a buffer for the wheel turning or not.

Right hand at 11 o'clock, left arm resting on the windowsill.

>Farmer mode

>not steering with your chin

Racecar drivers are taught to let go of the wheel right before the BTFO for this reason.

Shit you can even mimic this when playing a simulator with a direct drive wheel. Don't let go and you're going to get FUUUUUCKKKEDDD UUUUPPPP!

However! Power steering dampens the violent forces, so idk.

Left elbow on the window/door armrest. Left hand thumb down at 9 O'Clock

The majority of the time I do city driving I drive with muh knees.

Left hand on 10 with my elbow resting on the door.

9 and 3 for POWER

Left hand at 7 or 8 o'clock to keep it from blocking the AC vent, right hand at 2 or 3

If I'm driving manual though, it's better to have my left hand at 9 or 10

1 hand at 10 one hand at 5 or one hand at 2, one hand at 7.
fuck driving in some retarded hands held high position that just makes the road harder to feel through the front wheels.

>drift knob
It's called a brodie knob.

left hand holdin a ciggy out the driver window
right hand holdin a ciggy out the passenger window

the god

but that would hit the door. Why not just use your left hand for that?

It's called an urakkanuppi you pleb faggot.

I drive like this. My boobs are bigger though so I can sit back and ride in style.

suicide knob bro

The best of women are only marginally in control of their environment. The thumbs on wheel give them that extra 1% control feel they require till daddy can take the wheel.

3/9, all the time

Only when going fast

>Drifting a forklift

>literally no source

Not only is this an anecdote, but it's an aggressively irrelevant anecdote

>implying a search result page filled with amateur videos of normies filming themselves turning a wheel is a legit source

Why is everyone so fucking stupid?

Right hand at 2 left arm on open window is the correct position

finally I got to post this

either left hand on armrest holding it at about 7 o clock, or right hand holdin it at noon.

>holding it at noon
Good way to get your arm BTFO by a airbag.

What airbag?


5 & 7

3 & 9 everywhere

did I learn to drive on racing sims? yes
am I a boy racing faggot who drives a 90s jap shitbox? yes
am I autistic? yes

Right hand at 2 on the highway or 5:45 in the city or traffic.

Left hand out the window, on my thigh, or the little shelf thingy on the door.

10 and 2 if I need extra control.