Please tell me I'm not the only one here who listens to Jpop while driving

Please tell me I'm not the only one here who listens to Jpop while driving.

What does Veeky Forums listen to while driving?

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The only Japanese music i listen to is Instrumental Jazz

God I wish that were me

Don't you have any self respect?

Faggotry aside:
Midnight Oil, Tom Petty, Meat Loaf, Dire Straits, Bruce Springsteen, CCR, Fleetwood Mac, Lynyrd Skynyrd, REM, etc.
Nothing original at all but you can't go wrong with classic rock.

Not Jpop, but I listened to this this afternoon

>self respect
>posts boring dad rock

l m a o

Classic rock is boring. We've all heard the same songs over and over

>midnight oil
fucking good choice tbqh. should check out Australian Crawl if you haven't already.

I listen to super eurobeat, kpop, and DMX unironically when driving.

Jpop and kpop master race. Also some TISM on the side.

whatever is on my spotify recommend list
alternatively i have a couple of cds with loadsa albums
if i don't feel like listening to any of the above there's always the local radio stations

Uyama Hiroto
Burt Bacharach
Joe Hisaishi
Super Eurobeat
Silver Forest
Elvis Costello
Morning Musume
Aria vocal collection when not listening to eurobeat or daddy's rock/pop mix

I do sometimes.

though I find right wing talk radio to be better for long distance trips. AM stations have better ranges, and the programs seem to make time pass faster.

Jpop, jrock, rap, hip hop, osts, vocaloid, etc.


Only male J-Pop


Eurobeat, Babymetal, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, 80s girly pop trash.

Yeah I still do

Eurobeat, J-pop and Italian Disco.

Rate my taste.

Midnight oil are a bunch of leties that write songs about stupid shit like how capitasim sucks when you have to go down a mine and make someone rich while you get paid fuck all.

Midnight oil are libtards and their music should be destroyed.

I'm down for anything senpai

I listen to it all




This shit right here.

Idolm@ster and Eurobeat mostly, some Perfume

80s dadrock
2hu OST

Silvagunner rips

70s-80s Dad rock
Tune in the 70s music radio that has a lot of shitty disco but sometimes plays good songs.

I guess i'm going to add 2hu ost, but i have to download it again.

Same here my dude. Perfume, Negicco, Sheena Ringo, Lamp, Capsule, Kyary, Coltemonikha, Meg, etc etc, blast that shit everyday everywhere. Normies give you weird looks sometimes but who the fuck cares anyways.

Aw jizz that Versus album is the shit.

Perfume is honestly one of the best groups of all time, Fake It is one of my favorite songs

Agree. I like their entire stuff, from the very first singles before Nakata to their newest stuff. Triangle and Game specifically are superb driving albums.

Level3 is my favorite album, mostly because it was my first. HANDY HANDY MAN

ps Ayano is best girl

I listen to kpop

cheesy 90s jazz fusion is my go-to cruising music

or any kinda sorta low key goth-ish ish stuff like sisters of mercy, auto-mod, madame edwarda, and les rallizes denudes to a lesser extent. stuff that's enjoyable to listen to but can sort of fade into the background if i don't focus on it

>see thread
>leave satisfied

See you guys in Summer cup.

Why tf are you using her real name

I like it more than Nocchi, it's pretty.

If Initial D music counts, then sure. These days for me it's mostly vaporwave and Kpop. Jpop has been pretty weak for the past 6 or 7 years now, I dunno what's happening to the music industry there now, but it's mostly cringe level idol group crap now.

>waaah, no one can ever have an opinion different from me!

I listen to the sweet sweet sounds of my wife getting her brains fucked out by her big black bull

No you don't

You're right, Raul is Hispanic

It's got to be city pop.

>Special snowflake defending libtards hurt feelings.

I really like the choreography in their music videos.

I listen to
Russian Hardbass
Old School Techno
Old School Dubstep (Benga/Kode 9 Era)
Drum and Bass

Mostly drum n bass tracks

J-hiphop, weeb and video game music, gachimuchi, electro industrial, trap, black metal, some sort of Italian folk songs, experimental noise, 80s-90s hip hop and whatever that proto hip hop like La Bouche is, new wave, synthwave, gaywave, eurobeat, drum and bass. Anything that drives out the tedium of life and keeps me going for 4-6 more minutes. Needs to be upbeat. I'm getting really bored of music though. I want to sleep for a long time.

you are and you should kill youself

Toho Eurobeat.
the only choice.

I listen to Touhou music while blasting down the highway at 110 mph

muh nigga

Satanic Death Metal.

>Morbid Angel
>Morbid Saint
>Anaal Nathrakh

I'm so kvlt I turn down my music at stoplights, near cemeteries and especially near Churches. Gotta be courteous, especially when listening to such shitty music.

depends on my mood
>for driving fast
any Eurobeat, e.g.
>for slow cruising
80s Pop, e.g.
>when I'm in a special mood
the good shit

Psytrance, lots and lots of Pystrance

Probably why I don't have a license anymore

Depends on my mood.
I have 2 16g USB-sticks filled with music ranging from deathmetal and deathcore to smooth jazz, classical and folk songs.
Music affects my driving style.

Nothing because my cassette player broke.

Has there even been good jpop coming out in the last like... fifteen years? It's all about k-hiphop now man, step up.

excellent taste
I don't have a Maserati tho

Listen to miku all the time when im driving

LamazeP songs are great to make you relax and forget your problems

>Hall&Oats - Out of Touch
You are ok

>Have a bunch of Lupin and 2hu jazz and bossa nova albums
>normies think I have excellent taste for listening to "sophisticated" music

Kyary and thats it

Perfume and AKB still have some hit and misses, fake idol crap like iM@S still have more hit than misses and keeps pumping music like a machine

Love to listen to this while driving

Riff Raff and Kodak Black

I have those 2hu bossa nova albums.

I enjoy jazz fusion and gothic rock as well

Super Eurobeat
Dokken, Dio, Iron Maiden, Iron Savior
Daft Punk
Game music -- Barry Leitch, Neil Biggin, Yuzo Koshiro, Takenobu Mitsuyoshi
ambient whatever, even noise
The Beatles

>Rainy Season
>Comfy night drive home

Nothing beats listening to Daoko on that commute.