Fiesta non turbo exhaust

Does anyone else with this exhaust have a clip of what it sounds like? I'm skeptical because I don't want it to sound like doo doo and have it be late. 1.6 fiesta non turbo

>modifying a shitbox
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>what is youtube
I didn't know summer affected Veeky Forums that much. And just in case you're too lazy to spend 5 seconds to watch the video yourself; It sounds like shit.

What's the extra pipe for?

All constructive comments, thank you

>modifying a shitbox

Yeah fuck liking cars lets go back to benchracing.

Nobody used to personalize or modify cars in the past at all.

save up your mccuck wage for a car that isn't shit instead of trying to polish a turd, you retarded 16 year old faggot.

I have no idea what it will sound like, but true patricians modify cars to make them more fun for themselves. Anyone with any car would understand that fun / learning / improving > muh stock laptimes

post bread on hood

Oh right, post bus pass instead.

I'd rather ride the bus then owned a hack job """modified""" base model fiesta.

Sure, modifying a car that's worth it is fine. But throwing an exhaust on a Fiesta isn't improving anything. Just save your money and buy a better car.

t. never owned a car

stop caring about what people might think of you, that's the first step to growing up and gittin rich young lad

Op here, Just got the car and I'm satisfied with it. It wasn't meant to have tons of money dropped into it, more so for good gas mileage. But it's just a little too quiet for me. I don't need to get a new car but thanks for the advice. Special thanks to the bum ass that can't afford a car let alone parts

can't even afford the base fiesta

should've gotten a civic for 3k.

That's the exhaust for the owner.

Love the car. Just wanted to know if it would make it a little louder without sounding like poop

The best advice is not to do it, user. Sorry :c

You either buy something worthwhile or you don't fuck around with fart cans.
Upgrade the wheels or suspension/bushings before being one of 'those people'.

For shits and giggles, years ago me and a few friends tried welding and creating our own exhaust. The stock exhaust on that econoshitbox was 1.5in, upgrading to cheap tubing we got from dumpsterdiving, about 3-4in varying randomly, the car definitely got a noticeable boost in power.

So if your exhaust is tiny and you feel it is limiting the engine, do it. If you enjoy / have to hear the engine to shift and drive, do it. Just don't put a fuckhuge fartbox on it that wakes up the entire neighborhood. And just changing the muffler will be much cheaper and easier, I've heard Thrush mufflers are pretty tame sounding and not too loud on smaller cars but look around at others.

tl;dr if you want power gains then yah sure, if you want it to sound better then buy just a muffler instead. And look at intake modifications for that sweet sound too.

Tiny naturally aspirated 4 cylinders (not sport bike engines) sound ricey as fuck with anything other than the stock exhaust.


Op again, thanks for the advice man