Tfw you can't drive your car because of all the flooding

>tfw you can't drive your car because of all the flooding

I hate Florida.

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>tfw San Marcos

>tfw the end times is upon us


>storming and raining every day

Sunshine state my ass. Lived here for over a decade and I still hate this shit.

>live near sacramento california
>it rained last night and was down in the 50s
>a week ago is was about 90 out

its june, wtf is this shit

It's been 85 while storming it's ass off. 10,000% humidity and all kind of bullshit. Haven't rode my bike farther than a mile in like a week. The rainy season fucking blows

i was starting to feel bad for this guy but then i realized he lived in florida

get out as soon as you can my dude

It's been raining like crazy in Louisiana, too. Getting tired of it especially when delivering. Driven through a ton of flooded roads on Tuesday.

>chance of rain starting from next Sunday every single day until the Sunday after that

This is it. This is when Louisiana sinks.

Past week was like this as well. Glad I don't live in area that floods like you though.

Yeah we had that too. My particular apartment area is pretty safe I'm just annoyed that I have to drive in that shit.

I don't envy you. I try to avoid big cities as it is, big flooded cities are even worse.

I'm just glad my car is adjusted high enough to handle most of it. Short ram intake too. I'd be screwed if I had an intake routed down low.

My dad killed his (I think, I can't remember, sleepy) trans am back in the 70s like that. Sucked up a nice big puddle

>living in FL
>not owning a boat/canoe/kayak/paddleboard

I been rowing my ass around lmao'ing at the stuck cry babies.

>he dosent own an amphibious all terrain 6x6 car

next week is going to be in the hundreds despite it being 65 and raining wednesday. lovely


Bought a used car in the middle of the drought we had here in Florida a few months back. Now we've had weeks of solid rain and flooding and what do ya know, my car fucking leaks. Floorboards flooded.

> Complaining about current weather.
> it's not even the bad part of hurricane season.

>live in delray
>watch 3000 old people stalling in the water

I've killed my Trans Am twice in puddles that were too deep. Whatever, on to the next engine.

>No curvy roads.
>no mountains
>shit load of Yankees that didn't have enough sense to stay up north.
>geriatric retards vote in the 18th century gov't
>hurricanes that flood damage your shit in a year.

Why do you live in Florida?

> And On the 8th day the lawd gaveth the Nigga the donk, and told him he be free with dat welfare money.

Central florida is cheap as fuck to live in. Plus muh gun laws

>This is it. This is when Louisiana sinks.

Louisiana always stinks.
In fact, it probably smells better during/jsut after rain.

I dont know why anyone lives in that god forsaken state

Upstate South Carolina is cheap to live in, and has similar laws, and you don't have all that other shit to deal with.

I know. I'd probably move there if the work I do wasn't so heavily based around here.

Veeky Forumsrlando fag here
What flooding? Hasn't flooded here in a long while, especially in Avalon where I am.

fuckin poorfag, get yourself a cheap outboard. 4hp is enough for any boat to move as faster than rowing.

I drove through downtown Charlestown in a truck and almost drowned.
I'll stick to mt. P.

>don't mind me just rolling my 370z out of a pond

I have a boat but it doesn't flood where I am

But I do have one senpai. Its just more fun to get drunk and paddle around the flooded roads.

>not getting an arm workout on a kayak/canoe

Da fuck is the matter with you boy?

Well that Nissan is dead


Come again?

It hasn't really even rained yet where I live in FL, you aren't missing anything besides 90 year olds in blue crv's that think they can just cut 3 lanes across traffic.

>why would you need a lift kit user, they said
>you're never going to go offroad, they said

intake: flooded
engine: ruined
interior: destroyed


Does car insurance react to flood damage? I know a lot of property (i.e. Homeowners) insurance doesn't.

Motorcycles can ride through fairly deep water. Their intakes are pretty high up a lot of the time

>people bitching about rain after the months of hellish drought and rampant wildfires

Fuck off ya bunch of fags

I bet it's pretty hard with the very little grip though

Rob Ferretti's video

Why the fuck would you live at sea level? Even Ants are smart enough to not build near water.

Nice meme