Currently have 13' F150 Platinum with 6.2L V8 with 76k miles

>Currently have 13' F150 Platinum with 6.2L V8 with 76k miles
>12 MPG average
>Might want to trade it in for a used 6.7 Powerstroke with maybe 100k-130k miles to get better fuel mileage, more power, and more longevity. I don't like the Ecoboost, either.

If my F150 trades in for an equally valuable F250/350 with the 6.7 PSD, will my yearly input (fuel, maintenance, everything) be the same as owning the 6.2? I drive about 12k miles a year. Obviously maintenance is going to be more on the diesel, but holy shit my F150 burns through so much fuel I think it actually might just be better to step up to the diesel, What y'all think?

Ls1 swap your F150

Nah, too much work for not enough reward

I get 8.4 mpg average from my 4.7 1500 ram.

Because it's a site vehicle.

It really depends on what you do with the vehicle and the condition it is in.

Not a work vehicle. Its my daily driver, I don't tow all that much with it, and I bought it last year. Honestly I was looking for a diesel back then, but there were really no good deals around me. With the new 2017 out, a lot of people have sold their 11-16 model year trucks so there's more on the market. My truck is in great condition I would say, with the most damage to it because a little dent in the upper tailgate that could be pulled out pretty easy. No major paint damage, besides the little nicks from little rocks and stuff.

you are going to get slightly better fuel mileage and probably save less than a couple hundred dollars a year all in exchange for the satisfaction of thinking you are a useful little worker bee for taking part in the economy in some sort of retarded sideways purchasing fashion

truck buyers are retarded

i should know
i was one once

if you really gave a shit about fuel economy youd just spend $3k on a civic and use that to daily, moron

No I'm wondering if I could get more power AND more fuel economy for the same amount of money. I really don't care about the environment.

>Its my daily driver, I don't tow all that much with it
kek. Just get a canyon/colorado with the 2.8L duramax.

>bought a truck
>whines about fuel mileage
>solution is to buy a truck that will make up all of the fuel costs in repair labor cost

you should have thought about that before you bought a truck moron.

If you give a shit about economy trade it in for an accord

Stop being retarded. It'll take you decades to break even on the maybe 4mpg improvement of buying a diesel. It'd be more cost effective to buy a shitbox civic for 2k.

You have an engine over 6L you aren't going to get much better the 12 MPG. You want to save money on gas then buy a fucking car with a less ridiculous engine.

>daily driving a huge V8 truck

you don't need that to get your tendies

The 6.7 is a really good diesel. Coworker of mine with one just averaged 22mpg on a 300 mile roadtrip with one in a crewcab lariet.
The real question is do you need a 3/4 or 1ton?

You should have bought a mustang GT or a Camaro if you wanted a v8 and tolerable mileage.

you're going to get 15mpg with a 6.7L, but get to pay 3x the price for oil changes at the same recommended intervals and get to do fuel filters every 15k as well. and on top of all that you get a chassis that was designed in 1999 that has a smaller back seat and a much worse ride. not to mention lol diesel emissions. so you keep disliking Ecoboosts for no reason and I'll keep getting 21mpg with mine on 35s.

A newer truck with a 8 or 10 speed would help a bit. That extra weight from the Platinum package doesn't help.



civic for 3k is the answer to everything

OP here, my friend with a 6.7 tows a 28' gooseneck horse trailer that weighs around 20k fully loaded. He gets 12 MPG while towing that trailer. There's no way I'd get 15 unloaded. Most 6.7 owners report around the 20 MPG mark.

And the people saying I don't need a truck that big, you're damn right I don't need it. But I've always wanted a diesel 3/4 ton pickup. If the costs to own are similar, then I'd like to step up to the 6.7L.

Then go buy one you fucking retard. You might save 60 bucks a month on diesel but you will bleed out 10000 to fix the emissions

Nah if the emissions go bad I'll just get a DPF delete for 1k. They don't test here in Illinois.

The costs to own aren't similar at all. Diesel costs more up front and more in maintenance. You basically should only buy a diesel if your truck earns you money or if money is no object. Since neither of those apply you should keep your current truck and stop complaining.

I've driven plenty of 6.7Ls as a pilot for oversize and even when I'm just keeping pace with a semi I have never averaged more than like 16.5. you've obviously made up your mind anyway so have fun. and FYI deleting a diesel is technically a federal crime, just because your state doesn't test doesn't mean a knowledgeable DOT officer can't sniff it out especially if you drive around like a dickbag with a smoke tube, and you seem like the kind of guy that might. oh and enjoy those winter mornings.

With or without a few simple mods?