What the fuck is this garbage?

>5.92-liters and only produces 160hp.

Why are airplane engines such weak shit?

Even a Honda can do more than that with 1/2 the displacement.

Why don't airplane manufacturers use car engines instead?

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>not posting the torque values or engine configuration
Nice bait



Opposed 4 cylinder. no mentioning of torque on wikipedia. only horsepower


>what is compression?

Torque. The Cessna 172 redlines around 2700 RPM if my memory doesn't fail me. But yeah it's a pretty ancient design, you have to adjust the mixture yourself, though that makes it a good training tool.

why isn't this done more often?


Their powerband and torqueband is closer to that of a diesel. The also have to run at full power for hours on end which a big low power output engine excels at.

>car fag sperging when he knows little to nothing about planes
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>fucking Vee-Ate Aeroplane

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>tfw there are monster trucks that use spitfire merlins

2700rpm @160hp = ~310lbft of torque

yea ok, are you a fucking pilot? mr topgun

Airplane engines have to produce the rated horsepower the entire time the plane is in the air, or the plane will no longer be in the air. That's 160 (or whatever) CONTINUOUS horsepower, delivered for hours at a time.

Car engines are peak horsepower. Most driving is not WOT, and a car engine driven only at WOT, for hours straight, would explode a lot quicker than the same-hp airplane engine.

Wow, it's almost like aerospace engineers know what they're doing.

they're designed to be efficient

Airplane engines are intentionally under-powered to increase their reliability and longevity.

What the fuck is even the point in shitting on airplane engines. It's such a niche thing to shit on but it at least it breaks up the usual gtr vs corvette shitposting

Well, I learned something today.

same reason truck engines are like 16L and only 400 or 500hp max, they have to do that all of the time especially going up grades and hills, they run at full boost for hours at a time sometimes.

>not having a rotary powered aircraft

enjoy dying when you bend a rod or drop a valve

And reliable as there rarely a place to pull over and wait for a tow truck.

>dorito engine in an airplane
It's like you want an oil reservoir the size of your fuel tank.

>flying a single engine aircraft

a wankel is not a rotary when talking aircraft

but wankel engines have been used in small aircraft quite a bit
specifically mazda car engines
and they are pretty fantastic from what I understand

>he cant dead stick

enjoy your VMC roll of death

> Posts the literal shitbox of airplanes. continues to bitch about power.

Its like op is completely retarded.

Look this is what a performance propeller engine looked like 74 years ago faggot.

1705 hp at 3,000 rpm, +18 psi supercharged

>2 v12s arranged in a W formation

The liquid cooling adds extra complexity, weight, and a rather severe failure point. If you have a coolant leak you may have only a few minutes to land before you find yourself flying a shitty glider.

All these piston engines, no one posting the glorious PT6.

>Dry weight: 270 lb (122.47 kg)
>Length: 62 in (1,575 mm)
>Diameter: 19 in (483 mm)
>Maximum power output: 578 hp (431 kW) equivalent power at 2,200 output rpm for take-off

>got my multi-engine rating on a plane with less combined HP than my Fiesta

Does that count?

PT6 is literally the LS of aircraft engines

Lol. It also revs to about 2500RPM and has an insane compression ratio and runs only on 100 octane gas that still uses lead antiknock compounds. I think it's built more for torque than high RPMs. There's no gearbox on it - crankshaft goes straight to propeller.

plane board when

> /n/

Can I put that in my miata?

Everything's manual on those airplanes. Even if it has a turbo on it, there's no computer controlled wastegate - you're given a boost gauge and you have to set the wastegate yourself.

I haven't flown any turbocharged planes. The later Cessna 172's switched to DI though, so you don't have to play with carb heat.

There's upsides and downsides to both. Air cooled airplane engines can be subject to shock cooling, something you never have to worry about in water cooled engines. Air gets COLD up there and it is possible to put the engine cylinder temperature below where the engine is happiest at.

how rich do you have to be to be able to ride your own plane for fun

i thought cars were expensive

The problem would be keeping it cool and the low redline. You'd need an insane amount of airflow an a special gearbox.

The FAA will turn it into an experimental class aircraft which puts stricter regulations on your plane.

If it flies, floats or fucks - rent it.

But used C-152s aren't that expensive to buy last I checked. Maintenance is what will kill you. No such thing as white trash hooptie planes - you either keep them maintained or they stay on the ground or the FAA has an earnest unpleasant chat with you.

And you can't work on your own plane, not without having a special license. And you're going to need to know how to fly it too, that training isn't all that cheap either.

Enjoy TBO''s and overhauls that are worse than either small opposed engines or turboprop engines.

Wasting tens of thousands of $ and years of my life to be a pilot was the worst mistake of my life, but at least I got to experience what it's like to fly through the Rocky Mountains.

where is this?

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It's only a real issue if you are descending from high altitudes too fast. Most people fly their Cessnas at 6-8,000 ft.

Like I said, stocked to the rafters with faggots.

Well unless you're Mr Rocky Mountain above - and then you're flying at 10000 or 11000

Also see: Corvette C7 overheating...

Almost. Most of the time.

Superior rotarcraft pilot reporting in.

go away.


I spent five hours on the tarmac marshalling a hundred light airplanes the other day. How much lead do you think I inhaled?

That's a large anus

Something tells me small two seater, single engine planes don't need big fuck off twin turbo engines making over 1000 horsepower.

I bet that engine is all kinds of reliable and efficient.

and the weight of an Ls1 as compared to a PT6 of greater power.

The XF-84H
>6000 HP Allison Turbine
>worlds fastest prop plane, rivaling the Tupalev TU-95
>prop generates 900 Sonic Booms per minute
>worlds loudest aircraft

Now this is podracing.

Turn it into a car.

Chrysler Turbine

it looks like they tried to design a jet but then couldnt figure out the engines properly so just decided to slap a big fuck off prop engine in there.

Actually it was ordered by the navy, who wanted a supersonic carrier based fighter.

This was before steam catapults and ramps were a thing though.

Fuck yea

It's standard electronic injection not direct injection, unless that's something they have changed really recently.

t. Guy with about 50 hours in 172Rs

Some, not remotely enough to do any damage. There used to be way more lead in the environment when car gas and paint had lead in them.

As long as you don't chew on the airplanes you should be fine.

Ok how about a quality car?

Mada 787b

My grandpa worked in the petroleum industry in the 50's. He worked in the lab, but his buddy did something involving gasoline production. Over time he started getting confused, slurring his words, forgetting things, stumbling around. He had pretty severe lead poisoning, although nobody really knew that back then, or even gave a shit. He took a medical leave and was back to normal with a month or two, if I remember correctly. Just ridiculous.

Any A&P bros here? Looking to get a job at Enovy at O'hare, anyone have any experience with them?

God fuckin' damn are you stupid. Let me explain this nigger.

Airplane engines are rated for power output at OPERATING ALTITUDE.

That big dumb flat four will make rated power at 20k feet. It'll do it on a hot as shit day with 100% humidity, and it'll do it with in a fucking thunderstorm. And it will do it for 12 hours without a goddamn hiccup.

>Hot as shit, 100% humidity, and a thunderstorm at 20,000 feet

Sure bud

A naturally aspirated aircraft engine will be lucky to crack 10,000ft. So are humans without supplemental oxygen.

Just to make someone mad, look at Merican engines, 8 litres for 200hp for example. Now think about it. But since the planes have different work environment it must be something else than bad American engineering.

So are humans without supplemental oxygen.

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I was jogging around that high and was fine..

>not training on the seminole
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>tfw multi check ride in one week RIP

its not a waste if you can get to the airlines m8


aircraft equipped with 4 NK-12 turboprops like the AN-22 and TU-95 put out a total of 60,000hp.

The propeller is literally a torque converter.
Pilots=confirmed automatic-fags.

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>Seneca master race

It never reached supersonic speed...

I audiably keked

>propeller=torque converter
Only constant speed props could be called automatic, there are ones that can manualy be changed in pitch to get in the correct rpm range.

The Merlin is the best engine ever made.

>not the glorious DB-610 with over 3000hp
>not the insane DB-605-C or ASC with 2000hp