Left Turn Yield On Green

Why is this still a thing? Haven't we proven that we're too big of idiots to handle this without accidents?

Because updating lights costs money

Unprotected left turn in the middle of fucking Hollywood

Are you proposing that left turning vehicles not yield to oncoming traffic?

Sure let's add more driving nannies to the road because paying attention is much to strenuous

No one's forcing you to go left. You can make 3 rights.

>. Waiting for the green arrow to come on is the sign of a safer driver. I put safety first, no matter who behind me has to wait.

>guy in front of the lane doesn't creep up into inter section

>several people run red light on other side


>guy in front of the lane doesn't creep up into inter section

Can't do that here due to red light cameras. Other cars going straight keep on running the yellow light so you cannot turn left. By the time those cars stop running the yellow, your light is RED. Since you are in the intersection when it is red, the traffic camera flashes and takes your picture. Congratulations, you have a running the red light ticket since you cannot be in the intersection when the light is red.

...and then there's countries like Germany where traffic flows most naturally and smoothly when the lights are out of order.

I don't know how your cameras work but where I live they take a pic before the light turns red and after to show proof that you ran the red, not that you were in the intersection

Because low iq poc can't into rules. There are even blinking yellow yield arrows with signs like that next to them where I live.

the good old jersey left
no fuck you

i dont understand the confusion

its so simple, if its green, you can go, just yield first to make sure nobody is coming. You should do this all the time, really

What I want to know is why "no turn on red" signs still exist. Turning right isn't a hazard as at all.

Pay attention to the intersection, there is a reason. Probably to do with peds, bikes or turning oncoming traffic.

I've never seen a no turn on red sign without an obvious reason.

This doesn't make sense, that destroys the entire protocol of the yield on green function. You're supposed to claim your spot in the intersection to insure the flow of traffic. If you don't claim it, despite who runs the yellow/red, anyone on the next green cycle is stated to need to wait for the intersections activity to clear.

most times it's no turn on red it's a blind intersection or the way the lights are setup it would be unsafe.

>Haven't we proven that we're too big of idiots to handle this without accidents?
American problems.

>hurr let's add even more traffic light sequences and make traffic lights even less efficient

I agree with OP. Luckily this left turn yields when green thing is as good as history in my country.

Red light cameras set up like that like in Australia are purely for revenue generation and driving up insurance costs. Non-revenue generating cameras only go off on cars driving past the white line after it's gone red which I honestly don't have too much of a problem with.

Still haven't got an answer

Australia sure has some fucked up laws

This, definitely.

where the fuck do you live?

In california, as long as you enter the intersection and claim right of way during a green or yellow light, you are free to make your turn when it is safe to do so.

fuck are you talking about? In the US if you were already in the intersection while there is a green light you have the right to clear it regardless of whether its red or yellow

I still don't understand what OP is proposing as an alternative to yielding on green.

if you're in the intersection when the light turns red you have the right of way

There's a couple intersections near me that have added red/green arrows so you're not supposed to turn left during normal green light even if nobody is coming other way.

What I don't understand is why they sometimes put a red light with a green arrow, and sometimes a green light with a green arrow.

Forgot the covering tape while installing probably.

A protected left.

Red light is when both directions have advance turn arrows, green is when one direction does.

You can't have that in every intersection.

Holy shit when I first went to Nebraska this confused the fuck out of me because they don't even post signs so I had no idea how to go left for a few days.