He doesn't own a ute

>he doesn't own a ute
>his car can't go fast and carry stuff
>he doesn't own the most practical type of vehicle
Why don't more people drive these?

Because I don't smash VB's and beat my wife

Because most people aren't bogan scum

Cause you either make springs be able to carry 4-5 fat fucks and some gear as MAX GRVS or w/e, or you use real truck axles, leaf springs, and have a balance of something that's soft when empty, and can still handle a thousand pounds plus 4-5 fat fucks

Ute's can't haul much at all. I guess it can delivery a fuck ton of pizzas. But you're not going to safely carry a pallet of hardware supplies.

Would you rather this instead, big guy?

Hit ya right at home, eh Bruce?

I just like sedans more, if I was rich I'd own an F6 or something.

>you will never again be 7 years old riding in the back 2 seats of a station wagon to a bbq with the senpai
Okay you got me

They're rather stupid desu senpai.

You don't really get the best of both worlds. It's mediocre at best.

>practical type of vehicle
Vans are probably the most practical vehicles, but the stigma behind them is enough to ruin the entire lineup.

>Most practical
>Not electric



Not yet, user, not yet.

I do own a ute though, its just not a very good one.

> Most practical
> isn't indestructible
> doesn't have a limitless power source that makes the world better around it
> doesn't have infinite storage capacity by storing matter in its own pocket universes
2017 sucks

Because I have class.

I have just the vehicle for you.

Yes actually.

>no rear seats ever
>cargo area permanently exposed unless you install a topper and basically make it a station wagon with a separator wall


>not owning an actual station wagon

Not available in my country, unless you count the El Camino/Ranchero, the newest of which is 30 years old.

You can either get:
>a pristine restored one at a boomer inflated i know what i got price at $20k-50k
>a total basketcase that needs at least $20k of work for somewhere up to $5k
>a gto/g8/chevy ss converted to a US legal Ute by LeftHandUtes for ~$30k + the cost of the car

No thanks, I'll just rent a 1500 chebby if I need it, and continue driving my practical-enough wagon.

So a car that could require $20,000 to be in good condition is ok, but a boomer asking 20k for one in pristine condition is too much?

The i know what i got meme really does just seem to be a meme.
If its not rare old cars are generally worth the work that has gone into them.


Literally driving around in a cut up beer can, stupid

Rear seats?

>go fast & carry stuff....

I wish my brats could do even one of those things....

1.6L tops out at 60mph and sounds like it's about to explode if I attempt to push it harder... and load varying capacity is nonexistent...

Still love the little bastards though...

I wouldn't mind owning a G-Body El Camino, but fuck that 305, that would be first to go

I never said I would pick any of those options, they're all bad (to me). All of those options are my reasons for not owning the closest things we have to a Ute in the US. Too expensive for what you get and you can just rent a more capable truck when you do need it (if ever) for $20 per day.

I know that 305 feel. I wish modifying them was worth it but you're just beating a dead horse. The money's much better spent on either a 350 swap or an LS.

I owned a 87 Monte with the 305 and it was a turd, I promised myself if I ever did another G-Body it would have a proper engine in it

That's what a fucking Ute is... That's why they can only carry 500lbs in the bed.

Yeah, but at least you and your cousin can have a good root

>V6 commodore

Mericunts aren't free enough to have utes, and even if they were they wouldn't sell well because everyone would still be buying pickups.

If im not mistaken utes would cost too much in America too because for some reason bigger cars cost less?

No. Fuck the chicken tax bullshit. People just like big things here. It's why double burgers out-sell single burgers.

>says America doesnt/can't have uses

El Camino 1959-1987 and still extremely popular
Ford ranchero 1957-1979 still popular
Plus the respective subdivisions of those two vehicles...
>subaru brat 1977-1987 (USA) extremely popular, rare, and sought after
Subaru Baja 2003-2006 not as successful as the others, but still fairly popular

We still have plenty of uses running around here in America, their prime years have just come and gone... generally speaking, people would rather own a real truck, seeing as almost all of them these days come with 4 doors and all the bells and whistles you could think of, so they work as a family car as well.

Meanwhile, austrailia is ute-land...
And then there's brazil... and whatever the fuck these things are... (but I kind of want one)

I like sedans though. Got myself some of the S spec 16" wheels for $100. Picking them up in a few weeks.

People gravitate towards bigger cars because bigger supposedly means better.

They've dug themselves a hole they'll never get out of.

America 'had' utes until car manufacturers realised that people were buying cheaper and better import trucks.

Also CAFE/emissions standards are way more lax for 'trucks' then for cars, which is why big pickup trucks and SUV's are so prevalent in America.

The Baja has four seats and is classified as a passenger car, not a utility.

>not buying a HSV ute with over 350kw of power

I want a ute but they are non existent in europe. only option is sth like a vw caddy pick up.