Tattoo'd cops show how much tattoo culture has died and became normie

Tattoo'd cops show how much tattoo culture has died and became normie.

People with tattoos used to be the kind of people who rode harleys with noisey exhausts.

Now people with tattoos are the kind of guys that drive their camrys to work and write tickets to guys who have noisey exhausts.

If you are a fascist cop with tattoos you are one of the biggest retards ever.

>garunteed replies

Fuck you in not gonna give you a (you)

Tattoos are a clear indication of mental illness and degeneracy.

fuck off, OP

They used to be.

Unfortunatley even normies have them now.

what is the best luxury car I can get for under 10k?

and faggoty.
>uhhh all the shit on your body
>ay yo don't look, I got deez tats FO ME
>Then why are they on your back and other places you cant see them?

The lowest-mile Lexus GS or LS you can find.

go back to

This is more the new tattoo culture of gym junkies and shit.

These are the same retards that go

> They won't let me into the club because of my tattoos
> This is descrimination

Fuck off you weren't born with them it's a fashion choice.

Old school tattoo culture in wasn't like this. These retards are a result of tattoos becoming normie culture in the 2000s.

>not mentally ill and degenerates

come on now lad

Tattoos have a strong connection to Automtive kulture such as Kustoms, lowriders and chopper harleys.

Back in the day most tattoo shops would have harleys, rat rods and lowriders parked out the front.

These days it's not uncommon to see a camry or something boring with a sign writing vinyl wrap to advertise a tattoo the business due to it being a normie thing now.

>tattoo culture
what the fugg

Leviticus 19:28

Tbqh if you have tattoos, you're a Colossal faggot regardless of background.

And a sodomite for going against Levictus.

and it will actually work without needing the weird expensive repairs

This is coming from a guy that has talked him self off the ledge at the dealer looking at various m's and amg's yet drives a is350 18k miles a year while hesitant on the 2012+ isf, gsf or phaeton.

yea i was thinking either the LS 400/430 or infiniti g35/g37

>Back when we got tattoos they were just on prisoners and musicians. Now every 16 year old girl has one. You are more punk if you DONT have tattoos these days

What are you quoting?

glen danzig

Tattoos have been a thing since humans could use tools. Did you fail highschool history?

Yeah, but they used to be a counter culture thing not a normie thing.

How do you not understand that you retard?

There's nothing wrong with writing tickets for noisy exhausts. If you wanna be an annoyance to your surroundings, do it in the middle of nowhere.

Get the fuck off Veeky Forums.

lmao triggered hondafag with fart can exhaust detected

as a person with no tattoos I don't give a shit and you are a faggot

Litterally all kinds of modified vehicles have noisy exhausts.

From civics, all the way to gtr skylines and camaros.

The fact that you think the only cars with noisy exhausts are hondas shows how retarded you are.

>reddit spacing
It used to be that you faggots kept to your cancerous cess pool of tired memes and one liners, but then the election happened and you fucks invaded. GET OFF MY BOARD YOU FUCKING NIGGERS

I've never even used reddit ever and I have been on Veeky Forums before reddit was even a thing.

I use spacing to break up my points.

There's a difference between performing better and being noisier in the process, and just being noisy for the sake of being noisy. The type of exhaust usually also correlates to the type of driver, meaning that the ones with the purposely noisy exhausts also show the noisiest behavior, such as reving through residential neighborhoods in the middle of the night. And those types fully deserve all the shit they get for it from police. Nobody's complaining about sports cars in general, but for God's sake just fucking handle them like a responsible person and not like an edgy boyracer.

Does anyone ride a harley with noisy exhaust these days?
I figured most people stopped when they realised technology is at a level where >30hp was achievable from 1000cc.

Your post doesn't even make sense.

You said there is nothing wrong woth officers writing noisy exhaust tickets and now you are defending cars with noisy exhausts.

Fuck off.

You can format your post nicely without making my mouse wheel wear out prematurely. One space is sufficient.

It's simply gestalt theory.

By separating things with distance you make them less associated with eachother in the human mind.

>he needs a space between lines in order to read them efficiently
reddit is more retarded than I thought

god isn't real

forgot my name

>People with tattoos used to be the kind of people who rode harleys with noisey exhausts.

They also happen to be right wing as fuck. If it was up to them they would probably put in power a totalitarian regime that would send them straight into a concentration camp.

>redlining cars in residential area at 3 am is fine

>he doesn't redline his 13B in a residential area at 3 am

No, bikers are lefties.

They like drugs and sex and fucking women of all races and all the kind of things right wing fascists hate.

Nobody fucking said that.

People who drives camrys and complain about their neighbours camaro, skyline or whatever having a noisy idle are the worst kind of normies though.

t. autists

Harleys are a symbol of left wing freedom and rebellion.

It's only in recent years that the term left wing has became associated with fascist extremists who call everything sexist and try force veganism on people.

t. autist

The theme song for easy rider is "Born to be wild"

Not born to support the government and not rebel.

>muh cops
>muh ink
Protip: most tattoos start to look like shit when you get older and everything starts to sag.

>shitting on the camry

>being a bootlicking faggot
the government isn't worth obeying. go bend over for the pigs and continue supporting the police state mentality of this dogshit country.

Nah, they start to show character.

Stretching and discolouration is kind of like a tattoos patina.

Camrys are like lounge chairs on wheels.

Literally any time someone says 'bootlicker', their post can be read in the voice of a pretentious twelve year old faggot and it never fails to match.

>t. autist

>shitty discolorations and stretched patterns are character
Does your car have cosmetic rust and paint damage to show character as well?
>implying that's a bad thing
I wouldn't call them lounge chairs though. More like a sofa.

Seriously Camrys are designed around exterior and boot space and safety ratings. The exterior styling comes second to these things and the most important part is that the exterior allows a design with a big boot and lots of exterior space.

The handling and these things drive makes you feel so disconnected with the road.

The steering wheel is kind of sloppy, like they intended them for people who just want to point the car left and right instead of feeling the road.

When I drive one I feel more like I am in a large chair in a small enclosure floating down the road than I am driving a car.

It's a reliable car but I feel like the target demographic was people who don't find cars interesting, would rather be at home watching tv than driving and just want something reliable with a big boot.

The accord is a car in a similar vain but much nicer to drive and look at.


The Camry is literally just an average midsize sedan built for the mass market. It isn't flashy or fast, but it is reliable and very utilitarian. I honestly don't get why people shit on these cars for not being exciting. They aren't meant to be exciting, just to be reliable commuter and family cars. And not most normalfags aren't car people, it makes sense that the Camry is what it is.

Boring cars owned by boring people with boring lifestyles.

This is a SFW board faggot. That's fucking disgusting.

you just now figured this out?

i have a fucking dragon tramp stamp ffs

Nah but I am venting.

Why do you have a dragon tramp stamp?

Usually boring people are driving "exciting" cars as the only getaway from their dull boring life. I rarely met people with "exciting cars" that can talk any topic but their god damn car.

being young and dumb mostly

also a furfaggot

I don't get how putting pretty pictures of flowers, girls and intricate designs came to be associated with "hardcore" people. It's pretty fucking vain if you think about it. Tattoos are for people who think they get too little attention.

>that body

rotards gonna tard

I'm sure 70 year old you will look back on your 20s and be glad he didn't enjoy them the way he wanted for the sake of his saggy ass skin that no one's going to see or be attracted to in any case.

>oh wow guys this car that's advertised as a daily commuter with comfort and safety in mind isn't a rigid, stiff race car that feels even a piece of hair on the road

Wow. You should make a YouTube channel.

The 400/430 are both solid choices user, they're both very reliable and a good way to into luxury cars for a low price as long as you don't need the newest features like bluetooth (useless gimmick IMHO)

>I'll just ignore the differentiation between uses of noisy exhaust because of my turbo autism

They're libertarians/anarchists you stupid cucks,
They hate power structures invading their freedoms, etc.

>tattoo culture of gym junkies

If I had a dollar for every faggot I see in my gym with the same generic half sleeve, or tribal bullshit...

>police state....
Fucking no. Get out you AnCom