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timeanddate.com/countdown/launch?iso=20170609T1315&p0=716&msg=Isle of Man Senior TT Race&font=cursive&csz=1

First for taotao 50 being the best

any of you fags taking a long distance trip this summer?

>First for white helmet best helmet

Serious question:
Why are sport motorcyclists one of the worst groups on the road, like lower than soccer mom tier?

Harley guys are fine and cool, but every other biker are just the worst. They loathe everyone else on the road and are incredibly hostile towards other motorists.

thanks for fixing the OP bb

>7.5 hours left till the Senior TT, countdown here:
timeanddate.com/countdown/launch?iso=20170609T1315&p0=716&msg=Isle of Man Senior TT Race&font=cursive&csz=1

>live radio coverage

Depends on what you consider long distance.
Next weekend I'm heading up to the mountains to do some sight seeing with some friends


>Harley guys are fine and cool
Just last week one of them constantly honked his horn waving his arm to get cars to move aside so he can lane split and if they got too close he'd close their side mirrors.

You try riding around on a bike for a day around a pack of cagers who are unintentionally trying to kill you because they are too distracted by their phones/radio to pay attention to the damned road and see how good your attitude is toward the general motorist afterwards.

After 5 years on the road i am to the point that i assume every single car i come across wants me dead and it has saved my life dozens of times because people in cars just do not seem to care about or respect the road rules.

The only people that do seem to be truck drivers.

>The only people that do seem to be truck drivers

I've noticed this as well. Every now and again on the highway they'll move and wave me on by.
Truckers seem pretty based to me

Nah, just going motocamping in the Sierras for like 3 days with GF.
Long trip happened already.

Yeah idk what it is, someone in a B double carrying 32 tonnes can move their truck out of the way/wait for a bike to go by but someone in their piece of shit hatchback can not.

But I might in the fall.

>The only people that do seem to be truck drivers.
They too are pissed about the general motorist. But bikers tend to be careful with them and greet them if they get let through.

Except eastern European truckers. They're just drunk.

the pig lives
was short test ride though

Can confirm most hatchback drivers are dbags. Almost makes me ashamed to have one

>You try riding around on a bike for a day...
The problem with bikers is that they too easily forget a rhythm of the road. When you drive a 4-wheeled vehicle, you know when to speed up, slow down, notice the aggressive drivers, inattentive drivers, etc...
I don't know if you suddenly forget about this when you get on a bike, or ride too fast to observe it, but those dangerous situations are caused by you.

Yes, you're the vulnerable people, and yet you take little precaution to prevent a crash other than a silly helmet.

It's like you purposely don't wear enough body protection just so you can play the victim within the millisecond that you feel that you are being barely slighted by a 4-wheeled vehicle driver.

60hp desert racer build when?



this winter will be step one.
falicon crank rebuild, rebore and plate the jug, all new bearings and seals and so on.
dont know that ill go for a ton of extra hp though since i want it to be a rock solid reliable bike.


Oh fuck off dick head.
I always wear gear including gloves, kevlar pants, riding jacket, knee pads and carbon fibre lined gloves and i also own a car and have been driving them on the road for 8 years as well.

So please explain to me how is a car pulling out of a T intersection in front of my motorcycle my fault?
this happens to me fucking constantly, nearly every time i ride this happens at least once.
its almost like the thought in their head goes as follows "he is on a bike he can slow down to let me get out of this intersection" but they wouldnt fucking do it to a truck or even another car moving at 100kmh so why the fuck is it acceptable in their minds to do it to me on my bike?
Ive actually ran into the side of two cars because of this shit, luckily both times i slowed down before they pulled out so i only hit them at around 5kmh both times because i assumed they were going to do it.

Or another that constantly happens, cars pull into my lane on the highway while i am overtaking them without blinkers and without even turning their heads to check their blind spots.
I guess thats my fault too right?

Fuck you.
ye i mad.

tfw want to buy a triumph but the closest dealer is 5 hours away in a different country

What's the normal torque values for oil drain bolt?
I want to start doing my own oil changes, my friend works at a shop but I feel like it's a bother to bug him everytime.

Finger tight, then about 65 ft lbs eith a torque wrench

Finger tight, then about 265 ft lbs eith a torque wrench

>actually doing bolts up to manufacturer specifications
The only bolts that need to be at the correct torque are the ones holding your engine case together.
just do it up so it won't come undone and do not over tighten it because you are screwing steel into alloy, you will strip the case very easily.

What do you guys think of cafe racers? I'm new to motorcycles and thinking of picking up a used Moto Guzzi V7 II. I love the style of the bikes, and I can't imagine myself riding for more than 20-50 miles at a time.

What's the general consensus on them?

Finger tight, then about 995 ft lbs eith a torque wrench attached to a tree for leverage

look it up in your manual, itll range from 5 to 30ftlbs depending on what you have.
over torquing in aluminum is a bad day too

Finger tight, then about 1100 ft lbs eith a harbor freight impact gun

I want a mountain goat of a bike, doesn't need to be pretty but just needs to take me up and around Appalachia while I take a month off to camp and enjoy the /out/doors. Needs to be able to get back on roads though.

I was obviously thinking just a normal Japanese dual sport bike, but is there anything more stylish? Or any way to make them perform/look nicer?

>implying we all aren't riding bikes because they're cool af

>Shitty dealer support
>shitty QC
>shitty performance
>shitty comfort
>shitty usefulness
>shitty everything
Its like a hot girl that sucks in bed, and wont hang out with you in public.

Hipster trash for posers who want to look like they ride motorcycles but won't wear the scary motorcycle mean man gear so they wear suits/metro clothing with open face helmets while cruising to the nearest cafe to sip a lattes.

They also insist their piece of shit 125cc bike is more powerful and handles better because of their cheap shitty modifications that in reality ruined everything that was good about what ever bike it was.

>no reply except amusing pictures of nonsense
I wish you bikers the best and I give genuine props to the good ones out there, but some of you seem to enjoy riding too fast but are quick to spring the victimhood on others when real life (other drivers) literally smacks you in the face.

This is the life you chose, so man up and deal with it.

Are you all having a collective stroke?

You're not good at this

>no reply except amusing pictures of nonsense
>I wish you cagers the best and I give genuine props to the good ones out there, but some of you seem to enjoy driving too fast while watching netflix and texting stacey about jane the virgin, but are quick to spring the victimhood on others when real life (motorcycle riders) literally smacks you in the face.
>This is the life you chose, so pay attention up or deal with it.

Finger tight, then permanently eith a tig welder

So if Moto Guzzi is out, what about a BMW R75 or Triumph Trident? They look like half decent vintage bikes that would be fun to take out once in a while.

>So please explain to me how is a car pulling out of a T intersection in front of my motorcycle my fault?
It's not, in a bike or a car, but if I was in a car, I'd either be found at fault for driving too fast, or be hassled by car repairs if I wasn't legally found at fault.

See, you bikers seem to think the world of driving should operate differently, at the behest of you. You think drivers should magically see you, and *shock* they don't!! Guess what, they don't see me sometimes too, but I don't get my panties in a twist on the internet about it, or rant in my moto vlog about it, etc...

Peace brother. Let's be more real about the world around us, right?

Just get a cheap 250 m8
You seem like the type of guy who wont ride much. Dont waste a good bike.

I think they're cool, and when done right they handle well. Really, it's just a bike that's been chopped and customized, same as any other. If it's done well, you're good to go, if not, you know.

People will hate on the riders and builders for not being in their group of acceptable riders though, big fat boomers in harley Davidson parking contests are more welcome than young dudes on old customized jap bikes, go figure.

11/10 for hanging on a wall
For actually riding, the bus would be faster, more comfortable, cheaper and probably more fun.
Buy a motorcycle, not an overpriced figurine.
If you want to be a weekend rider, buy something like a CB750 and keep it in mint condition.
You'll be more comfortable, more stylish, and more respectable.
Cafe racer fags are literally worse than bobberbros

Well if you don't ruin it by turning it into a cafe racer the guzzi is a fine first bike for cruising around on.

So ill follow you around with a gun and shoot blindly around in circles, you wont be upset?
>jane the virgin
Season 3 is on flix now..

It seems like you've developed a collective here in which outside opinions are not addressed head on and honestly?

Is this your safe space?

> (You)
>So ill follow you around with a gun and shoot blindly around in circles, you wont be upset?
Just don't miss because I will fire back, friend.

Seriously though, 2/10.

>local autistic man attempts to pretend to be a regular person and fails miserably

Just looked at the CB750. Looks like a decent bike.

It's hard to score well in an echo chamber, so grading a 2/10 pre-curve is probably pretty good.

>all clutch parts came in
>gotta soak it in oil for tomorrow
>forgot to pick up oil
Well. It can soak while I'm at work then.

>top 3 in superstock TT we're all BMW
What's your excuse for owning the God machine

>my mental image

The speed limit is 75 mph, and im unlicensed so i really dont want to get pulled over
It only needs to soak for like half an hour

If you want a "vintage looking" bike get an Indian

Oh fuck lad dont do me like this
It hurts to laugh with a bruised clavicle


I like the style. I hate that every other older bike I find on Craigslist has been turned into one of them.

Take a picture from the side

Because islam is taking over Germany. Bmw won't be around much longer

Yeah nah fuck off, the only reason they do it is because they specifically see my bike and make the decision that i should slow down for them making an illegal move.

its not like my bike is hard to see you can not turn the headlight off and if they can't see it they were not looking and if i was a driving my semi they would be dead.

Im just explaining why in general car drivers are assumed to be inconsiderate, impatient arse holes who can't follow road rules, simple fact is 9/10 of them are.

sorry for you if you are the 1/10 exception but thats just how people who drive cars are viewed these days.

I dont have a side pic, and its dark outside now.
Heres the front if i clicked the right thumbnail.

Theres a fucking turkey still on there man

Not bad for a new rider.
Most of you fz7 riders are new.

stop worrying about memestrips/10
"i need to lean over further so i can take pictures of my tyre afterwards" is a pretty stupid reason for riding past your abilities.

You are the most annoying cunt on this board.
And you only have one picture of your shitbike250r
I bet it doesnt even run.
Its fz-07 twat.

It's not his bike is why

I've never taken a pic of my strips, never really thought about it

Why did you put a carbon fiber dick on your bike?

>they specifically see my bike and make the decision that i should slow down for them making an illegal move.
I think this is a fantasy that you've constructed for yourself to fulfill your victim status.

Have you or has anyone heard talk ever of the world agreeing to cut off (or cut up) bikers for shits and giggles? No. Absolutely not, at least not in the States. Are you in the UK?

The truth us you bikers (in the US) openly don't exercise the level of concern for your own security that 4-wheel drivers have for themselves, and yet you expect the world (4+ wheel drivers) to magically bend to your will.

Its a 500
And it runs bitch
Fight me cunt

This is wrong and you should feel bad.
But at least I've decided to move you to a 4/10 because I've replied twice now.

I swear to god every one of my friends made fun of it already.
Ive heard to 2homos jokes too.
>but i agree its 100% phallic.

Ayy it's the dude with the corolla and juke.
You should by a car that doesn't scream "transgendered hairdresser"

You've yet to communicate why what I've said is wrong and why I should feel bad, but I appreciate the 2x increase, up from 2/10.

I'll keep my eyes extra-peeled for bikers though, given you're the lambs of the automotive world.0

Then why do they do it?
Every time i ride at least 1 car will cut me off at a T intersection, they look, they sometimes even wave to you with a big shit eating grin on their face while i have to slam my brakes on to avoid hitting them.

The best one was a dickhead at 6am who "didnt see me" coming from the opposite direction on a road with no other traffic...
Fucking bullshit, he saw me and decided i could slow down for him and know how i know this?
he fucking admitted it when i pulled over to talk with him "i thought i had enough time i am so sorry"

Again, if they did not see me they did not look and if i was driving my semi they would be dead.

>You've yet to communicate why what I've said is wrong and why I should feel bad
Because bikers aren't "playing victim" 99% of the time, we are the victim.
Most of us wear gear, and ride safely.
But that doesnt stop stacey from running a light in her moms grand Cherokee and tboning a bike at 50mph because she forgot to text steve that she left her panties at his place and doesnt want his gf to find them.

Ive almost been hit a handful of times, which ive avoided because i was looking ahead and expecting the worst.
Some scenarios will be unavoidable for the rider, but can be prevented if people like you put the phone down and drive your car for what it is, a 4,000lb brick weapon.

And you should buy a personality that doesnt scream 'daddy raped me an i take my anger out on everyone with nice things'

Some of you have a weird way of over-explaining things.

most of us are autistic.

I'm still not sure if you're in the UK (or otherwise) or the States, where the traffic patterns differ.

If you're pressing hard on the clueless drivers, I'd gladly stipulate that you're referring to experiences in the States.

>why don't they see me
Sorry, but you're not noticeable. It's simple physics of light bouncing off of things. Humans while driving always have to categorize the world around them, make involuntary decisions, etc... and you on a bike as a fleck in a mirror does not make a significant impact.

When I'm driving my 4-wheel vehicle and I encounter a clueless person who *never* sees me, I steer clear of them (change lanes, choose other route). I certainly don't expect them to suddenly start following the laws of the road.

Why do you bikers think they suddenly would?

I think they're stupid, so do you. I get away from them, but you don't. Why is that?

How do I mount a GoPro without looking like a total fag?

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little squid? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the MSF, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on gsxr.net, and I have over 300 confirmed wheelies. I am trained in clutchless shifting and I’m the top stunter in the entire street. You are nothing to me but just another squid. I will wipe you the fuck out with revbombs the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of revzilla across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, squid. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can race you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my a2 license. Not only am I extensively trained in hitting my rear brake too hard and making squeelie noises, but I have access to the entire arsenal of sv650's and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the touge, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn squid. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

Chin mount or side mount

And no, if i can spot a bike coming up behind my semi why can't you spot a bike coming up beside your 4x4?

And you know we have been talking about T intersections here right?
How do you avoid a car that pulls out in front of you unless you already assumed it was going to do so because they all fucking do it?

They can look straight at you, eye contact and all and they still do it.

You were asking why people hate hate car drivers in general that is why.

I never implied i seek them out i even stated i actively avoid them at all costs which is the only reason i have not had a major accident in the 5 years i have been riding motorcycles on the road.....

And you mean what by this?

That they pass people and disappear from their fired of view? Those assholes, not being in my way.

Now, dirt "bros". Terrible. They're too slow to leave so they hang out and rage like they're in a cage.

dirt bros you say?
why are you driving your car through a forest in the first place?
you mean motard bros?

>Because bikers aren't "playing victim" 99% of the time, we are the victim.
Your victimhood aside, you're missing the point.
In a physics and kinetic motion sort of way, you're voluntarily becoming the victim by being on an inherently unsafe and unstable vehicle, and when things go wrong, you launch on the internet and complain.
>Most of us wear gear, and ride safely.
Honestly this is my experience, too. Harley bikers are ultra cool and I let them pass all day.
>But that doesnt stop stacey from running a light in her moms grand Cherokee and tboning a bike at 50mph ...
Stacey's T-bone cars and trucks every day of the week, too.

So because motorcycles are vulnerable cars should have the right to annihilate them on the road due to not wanting to take the extra second it takes to check your blind spots/mirrors and the motorcycle riders should just be fine with that because its their own fault for riding a bike?

Unless they ride a Harley that is in which case they can be upset about being annihilated by stacy.


>2011 GSXR 1000

Should I pull the trigger?

I like you aussies but I can't answer for your people or your local gripes. I'm a burger, if it wasn't obvious.

>if i can spot a bike coming up behind my semi why can't you spot a bike coming up beside your 4x4?
Bikes look for other bikes, semi's look out for other semi's. It's a human-group (sociology) thing.

>How do you avoid a car that pulls out in front of you unless you already assumed it was going to do so because they all fucking do it?
That's realizing and driving defensively, which at least I/we car drives do all day?

> i have not had a major accident in the 5 years i have been riding motorcycles on the road.....
Good to hear. I''ve seen some videos of unpowered bikers in UK getting steered into by city busses, trade vans, etc... It's brutal out there, I know.

Nice informal fallacy. It did make me chuckle.

Harley's are riding for the ride of the (relatively) open road and aren't in any particular hurry. They give respect on the road, and I enjoy giving back.

Respect is earned? Respect is a two-way street?

>he's a closet cruisercuck trying to demonize sport bike riders
Explains everything.

As a cruiser rider I respectively request all non Harley cruiserfags not be put in the same category as those cunts.

Harley riders are bigger hoons than most sport bike riders i have ever come across, the difference being the sports bikes actually have the brakes to stop and the handling to avoid obstacles.

I don't like either of you, but I like Harley riders less, so that's fair.