Post a car that gives more bang for your buck

Post a car that gives more bang for your buck.
Protip: You can't.

If you know nothing about cars sure, that's the best value


>litrally any pre-owned muscle car


Pre-owned doesn't count because it will break down.

Nissan and Infinit are driven by POC (mostly niggers) typically.

They're shit. Shit brand just for that.

Would never drive a GT-R just on the sole basis it's now a nigger brand.

>buy for 2500
>spent 2500 on repairs in 3 years
still better than spending 14k on a versa. and it's better built too.

>pathetic beta can't maintain a used car
>can't work on old simple as fuck engines
you don't belong here.

>spending 14k on a versa

>10yo Altima best to shit
>bubbled old tint
>paint patchy and sun bleached
>$4000 rims on finance
Every nigger in Houston


enjoy a shit $11k car

i drove a versa for about 4 years and it was pretty boring. It was pretty reliable and got me from point A to point B well, but it really wasn't a "fun" car to drive at all.

7 series for 3k

I almost got one of these but then I remembered never buy anything new. You could get a used accord for that price.

Yeah 11k for the basic bitch trim

Manual locks, windows, and transmission is better retard.

>muh trim
good goy


>plastic hubs
>shitty old stereo
>cheap nasty plastic
>looks like shit
>worst possible engine

Or you could buy a preowned car that's 10x better for less money.

But you can't, because you're not a man. You're a child who can't do basic maintaine.

Men have better things to do than fuck with a shitbox all day getting it to work. Only a manchild would be proud of that.

>used cars are automatically unreliable and have to be fucked with constantly
sure buddy. my civic starts every time and has 197k miles and i drive 88 miles a day and i'm never worried. man the fuck up and learn how to pick a car.

>assblasted because you can't do what any man can do
I'm sorry your father failed you user

>Alexander isn't a real man
>Napoleon isn't a real man
>Themistocles isn't a real man

Only a manchild would be proud of spending money he doesn't have for a car that's only superficially any better than a used one that would've been half the price (or less).

>money he doesn't have

Well, I guess that was an assumption, but I know plenty of people who spend hundreds a month on car payments living paycheck to paycheck. My point still stands though, buying a new car as a status symbol (especially such an average one) is just dumb unless it's an actually nice car.

nobody is buying a versa as a status symbol m8. they are buying it because it gets 40mpg and so someone else can be responsible for it if it breaks.

I think a used car is more likely to be bought as a status symbol than a versa, literally cheapest new car in America.

>making a thread like this to try to stave off the buyer's remorse
O I am laffin

>admits any modern man who can't do simple maintaince isn't a man
>has to use napolion
Holy shit you're assblasted!!!

What's it like knowing your wife thinks you're a beta cuck??

Enjoy watching her eye up the man who fixes your overpriced shitbox you can't fix??

>stopped him replying
>can't even defend against the truth bomb
He was writing his latest payment as he made this thread, then eating noodles because it's all he could afford after his nigger car on 'special financing' for nigger trash

I usually don't bother replying to dumb posts like that.
>eating noodles because I bought a versa
How poor do you think I am?

I buy cars to drive, not kitchen appliances. If your favorite color is biege, you made the correct choice, OP.

Mid 90's Toyota Camry. I see a ton of these things still rolling around, and they're usually being driven by boarderline homeless people, so you know no money is being put into maintenance. But despite this, these things seem to last.

Well you're crying on Veeky Forums to stave off your buyers remorse. You have zero skills and can't even do basic repair so you're clearly a failure at life. And your 'new car' is a awful ecobox.

So I'm guessing very poor.

no its not and you can get a superior fully loaded sonic for less than 10k

Since when is posting crying?
>So I'm guessing very poor.
Guess again.
Enjoy your mystery miles.

will do m8

40k miles of some woman probably thrashing the clutch, but i dont give a fuck since im going to ditch the car well before 100k miles to buy another car anyways (which i damn well that cars rarely have serious issues before 100k since i used to drive 300$ shitboxes with over 180k on them)

>claims not to be poor
>has zero skills
>drives a base model versa
Sure you're not poor faggot.

I'd be amazed if you take home more than $80k a year you poorfag loser.

I'll even lower the cutoff to 'poorfag' to $70k since you're obviously so pathetic

I consider anyone with a fulltime job not a poorfag by Veeky Forums standards. I don't care if you are a Wendy's chef making $8.75 an hour at least you're not a fucking NEET.

So that's a 'yes' to being a poorfag?

Anything under 100k is pathetic. Under 70k is poorfag KYS zone.

No wonder you're such an assblasted loser

They're everywhere.

I had no clue that Nissan was mostly driven by nigs until I stopped to look. Seriously guys, go look at that shit.

Same thing with how Kia and Hyundai are primarily driven by white trash.

Nissan viral marketing, or a shitposter?

>buy a 10 year old Civic Si for 1/4 the price on a new versa
>2 years and 25k miles later, I've spent $0 on non-maintenance work

>t. NEET

I'm above that.
Less safe.

I got a 2012 stripper i bought new.
tl:dr Boring, slow, ugly but reliable - 70k miles now, not a speck of trouble


This fucker goes up for auction in an hour. Starting at $730

Not him but sorry. Lol no woman is eyeing some grease monkey making $10 an hour who is 40k in debt because the tool truck snap on meme rapes him every month. I think your confusing a car mechanic / lube tech with fire fighter. BTW I can and do actually work on my cars. But let's not get carried away here lol.

Is it because Nissan will literally give a loan to anyone. This is what I heard. No matter credit etc. But the nig meme is true I agree.

>post something that gives more bang for my buck

Your mom

Is the rear door tall enough for a motorcycle?

>under $2000 AUD used
>powerful enough
>can carry a fair bit of stuff
>rwd so fun for hooning in

Only the rider