Why are pushrods still being used if ohc offers more power with less weight?

Why are pushrods still being used if ohc offers more power with less weight?

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muh torque

Have you looked up the weights on a Audi 4.8 vs a alloy block LS?

Valvetrain isn't going to affect torque all that much. Don't respond to alphonse threads

OHC requires reworking and design. Some companies are struggling financially to the point they are dropping new production plants they have already invested a lot in. They simply can't afford the R&D to change to the better technology.

Have you looked at weights between a japanese lierbike engine and an old harley v-twin?

But Harley make shit engines unlike GM


DOHC won get over it

Well, on the Coyote, it is being used. GM tried, bless their heart. They designed and built the Northstar...

pushrods push gods yuros stay btfo

because gm is run by a bunch of boomers who will never accept small displacement ohc is superior to pushcuck engines.

Pushrods are significantly lighter and more compact. Some manufacturer have deemed the extra displacement available from the better packaging worth the RPM tradeoff

But you knew this already, so sage

muh displacement

Ford is run by a bunch of Boomers too. I think GM is just run by a bunch of retarded Boomers.

either way american cars are pigfat slow and can not into turning

In nations where displacement is not taxed, it is the easiest way to make more power cheaply (as a manufacturer). More fuel + more air = more power
Turbos and superchargers do the same thing, they effectively add displacement by cramming more fuel and air into an engine, but are more expensive to manufacture than a bigger motor


ooh yeah Toyota is run by edgy teens with attitude!

no matter how many times you say that meme, it doesn't make it any more true or you any less stupid.

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god the kiddys on this site theres no differance between pushrods and ohc besides complexity you can make the same horspower at the same rpm with either

There is no Audi 4.8, cunt.

CALTY is literally the cancer of the automotive world


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Are there any teens at all in Japan these days? Forget edgy teens, any teens at all?

Based on the porn they put out, quite a lot.


Cams are fucking expensive. I'd rather buy one cam for $500 than four for $2000

it can't be any more true than it already is because it is true, also your local bus isn't murrican muscle either.

no that's honda, dumbass

>GM engines
>not shit

wtf I love corvette now

Why are V8s still used if a turbo V6 offers more power with less weight?

Reliability, NA characteristics, no expensive turbo to replace if it ahits the bed, no excessive wear from high compression.

why not use a turbo V8? you can use larger turbos while spooling at the same speed, plus have more power and torque before you hit boost


Yes becuase analogizing a 40 year old design that a lazy ass company hasn't up dated, Vs a 40 year old design that a company has updated repeated is fair

i don't


>less weight

Get a load of this guy. LS engines are compact because the cam in in the block. It's not as efficient, but it doesn't require a fuckhuge set of cylinder heads like on a DOHC Ford V8

This guy is right. Pushrods allow for more displacement with better dimensions of the engine as a whole. So a 'smaller' engine can produce more power for its size.

ls still weighs more. the engine in the ariel atom v8 only weighs 180 lbs

You've been here a good while, why respond to an alphonse thread?




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OHC is OHV stop using camshafts to determine lift.

A turbo will get replaced with the rest of the engine when it is rebuild time.

It also makes 80ft/lbs of torque. You need torque in the real world.

Why respond to a shitpost thread?

autistic LS fangirls know no better

you can tell his autism is strong becaue he is quoting torque figures



>rotary fag mad all the FDs got swapped for drivetrains with more than 20 ft/lb torque that dont double as sauna heaters for the cabin

>late 20s mpg
>Over 400hp/400tq
>Flat as fuck power band
>Sounds good

Only reason to hate it, is when it's so good you have to be a crybaby and try to ban it from racing ,which they did, just like the rotary after lemons)
>One of the main advantages that the C7.R has over the rest of the pack is the pushrod design of its 5.5 liter V8 engine. As Corvette Racing program manager Doug Fehan told Car and Driver, pushrods allow for a smaller, simpler engine package, which in turn reduces weight and keeps the center of gravity of the engine low.
“I rue the day we would ever have to go to overhead cams. Bigger, heavier, giant heads. Cams in head, higher center of gravity, bigger package, in most cases more weight. All the additional parts like chains, pulleys, and gears—you just increase the opportunity for things to go wrong. Fuel-efficiency and emissions standards may at some point cause us to have to go that way, but when you look at the size and weight of our C7.R package, plus its power and reliability, there’s nothing that beats a two-valve engine,” Fehan said.
>“I sit on several FIA engine councils and it always comes up from our competitors. Whether it’s Porsche, Ferrari, or Aston Martin, they’re always complaining about what they perceive of as the advantages the two-valve engine has [over] their [designs], and want the two-valve engine penalized, said Fehan. “To that I say, ‘go back to the road car—if the two-valve engine is that much better for racing you ought to put it in your car.’ To which they have no answer.”

inferior to the 3.5l ecoboost


>loses to the ecoboost

nice try, but the fastest rx7s are rotary powered
>pushcucks being dumb as usual


those are trash???