Traction control off

>traction control off

>having traction control

>I like letting computers drive for me

I wouldn't mind airbags and maybe ABS, but I have neither.
Even power steering would be nice.

>being poor

Yeah I wanna have abs too, I'm up to like 40 situps now

Why look for a 6pack when you already have a keg?

>having traction

That's what I need to start telling people

>mfw watching traction control cucks struggle with icy 10% hills while I casually skid my way up in my old fwd winter beater

>Having tyres

>Having a car

>having a life

being alive

>liking 3d cars


>traction control off
>check traction control system
>check stability system

>no abs and tcs

>any brand new global/3rd world SUV have tcs
>lelelelel poor people dunno wat is tz xdddd


>having traction at all