Green cars

Why aren't green cars more popular?

It's a great color.

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god, they shouldve released this color. it looks so good

vag knows how to into color

Some greens look garbage but British Racing Green is god-tier

Manufacturers think it's a old color and it doesn't suit the wannabe futuristic styling of new cars like black and white.

In the 90s there were pretty bad shades of almost every color when metallic paints were the hype.





that's nice


Green is the normie repellent


Literally no one offers green cars anymore.


ayy lime green

Holy shit. That is perfection

And I'm not even a Porsche guy or interested in modern cars that much.

Turns out I need a widearse 991 in my life.


Green is best color, hardly any available on the second hand market...

I'm gonna get the Skoda Rapid Spaceback in green. It's a fucking nice color

>krautshit{1, 2, 3, 4}.jpg

Disgusting continentals. I can't wait for Ahmed to culturally enrich your families.

Based Nippon #1



audi looks pretty cool in ayylmao green


Looks like shit. The Lexus could be good if not two tone.


it looks repulsive because that's the color of the bug that scared me before

I don't like r8s much but it looks so good in this color

It's weird how dated a dam color looks




Green is my least favorite color but goddamn I love how these look.

And these.

Green looks good on some cars

some cars work green better than others

Fuck off, Kakyoin

>Impreza in anything but Subaru Blue and gold wheels

orange is the best non-normalfag colour

I saw this beautiful green NC miata a couple days ago

Green just looks stupid in general.

Dark green reminds me of baby shit, light green doesn't come off well on cars, and lime green is a meme color.

>2 cases of green cars being involved in fatal accidents, so it's green cars are bad luck
>in an era of motorsport when fatalaties are normal

lamest superstition ever

Regal Peacock Green is better though.

probably so they can save 2 cents a car by not having special formulation to make it green

pleb normie with no taste

History always repeats itself.

White paintjobs were really trendy a lot of times in the past but just as often were also completely dead a couple times.

The time of the green car will come again, there's no doubt.


Honestly I'm about to buy a type R. It just checks all my boxes so well.

How come green is not so popular lads?

I rarely see green cars outside.

Vag had the best green for regular cars


I didn't know I wanted this colour on a Ferrari until now

put a classic white stripe and I totally have sex with that car

Really like some of the Aston shades

Fuck this makes me diamonds. I LOVE dark green vehicles. I don't like GM, but I really give them a nod for bringing back that forest green colour. I've seen some Cruzes and Colorados in it, looks very nice.


There's someone on Veeky Forums who has a green late-model Mustang, it looks a little darker than that but it's dope AF.

This crosses the line IMO, it's "LOOK AT ME I'M A RICH ARAB - THE COLOUR"

Only certain vehicles can pull off the army/olive green. G-Wagons can do it. So can FJs.

That's almost turquoise. Still a cute little ute.

Ugh, fuck man...

>Guard Green


*chucks a fatass skid*


How's that vape taste?


Only old cars can get away with such colours and not seem pretentious.

I don't like R34's as much as the previous Skylines, but I gotta say, Millennium Jade is probably Nissan's best looking color.

Posting more green

Hey guise can I play

How does a military decide on the colour for its general duty vehicles? Everything I've seen in recent times (from America) is sand/tan. I get why they are doing it right now, but do they just assume they'll be fighting in dusty shitholes for the next 15 years, or the end of the service life for those vehicles? What if they have to invade North Korea? Seems like green would be a better colour.


I fuckin' love the color green. I also wish it were more common still.

you don't see many yellow or orange cars either.

most yellow cars look like ass too, when new. all yellow cars look like ass old if you don't keep it waxed and inside.

posting muh 90s green

It's manly as fuck.

Yellow makes for a hard re-sale, looks dirty all the time, and usually costs more because it's a custom/premium colour.

The only modern cars I've seen in yellow, that look really nice, are Mustang GTs. Some boomer blew me away at a stoplight the other day, had a yellow GT. Very nice, but I would never actually DD one in that colour.

Is this the best looking green production car in recent history? I think it might be.



>this is the range of colors offered on the car I want

just fucking kill me

It's styled after an old military truck. Makes sense that it looks best in sort-of-army-green.

>tfw this will never see production EVER

Why don't the new miatas come in green?

you can probably make that yourself with just a few custom CFRP panels

>paint the bodywork green
>this somehow makes your car green

Fucking combustion plebs. When will they learn?

My car is green, both literally and metaphorically.

>"combustion plebs"

>posts a hybrid with a combustion engine

this is my dream m5

There is a conversion kit, but it probably costs a billion dollars.

God, I love green Scoobaroos

>TFW you long to have a screamin' yellow FD3S RX7, and a '97 Viper GTS with the black stripes that you loved since you were a wee lad, and a Lancia Delta HF, and a 993 Porsche, and a Nee-san GTR R33, and an Alpine A310, and...

>want new corolla
>no green corolla anywhere near me

>want new mustang
>filter down to green mustang
>they are all blue

>only has atomic vomit green

green pea baby shit green only

>honda fit
>no green offered

>no green cadillacs

>mfw no green cars to buy

Grandma color. Sorry but its just the truth. Most cars of that color that I see out on the road are Buick's driven by an old person.

i don thtink ive ever seen a buick in any color but white silver or gold

When I think "grandma color" I go for some shade of Champagne

That, or Bordeaux

It's a French thing, it seems

>Captcha: Paris court

Not having green is a tactic to make people miss it, and then bring it back as a premium $5k painjob option

Because green is shit and nobody seems to do it right. Either shit color like OP or retarded lime.

It's never leaf green or something like that.

In addition to green, brown is another color that's pretty rare now.


British racing green has always been my favourite colour on cars. I really like this "Jungle Green" HSV GTS though. They really ticked all the boxes with the VF; shame that they couldn't have done something similar earlier.

You can still get brown metallic with a lot of manufacturers, in fact I'd argue that in metallic it's even made a bit of a comeback, it's just that plain brown literally looks like shit.

Absolutely ghastly. Every car ITT is fucking ruined

Jaguar doesn't make british racing green anymore.

Brown has definitely made a comeback.

I noticed a new V6 accord in kona covefefe the other day in direct sunlight. Very striking in person. I think Acura also sells a slightly lighter variation of this color, as my boss has a new 17 MDX in a similar color.

MB, audi, Jag, Benz, etc all have really nice Browns right now. I'm sure I've see a nice brown Infiniti Q50 recently as well,

I really think that brown is all over the place ATM. It's not quite the new "silver" of the 2000's, or dark metallic grey / anthracite of late 2000's early 2010's, but it is all over.

I see a lot of hope Ti return to the 90's colors like teals etc here. I think you guys asking for this are onto something. While automakers have brought out some awesome paints over the last decade, they really are all just a bunch of dark boring colors for the most part.

That is because he Poos own it.

It will just come in brown. Maybe have a few red dots on it, and some wagon wheels.